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Don’t just do good design ... do good !

1/ In a simple way, easy and accurate. They are expressed by slogans, phrases ready do. They say what’s cool and what did not, all this to make people buy their product. They do so in a specific graphic charter. For me, the messages should be free, it will lead to a positive evolution of the product to clients.

2/ In good shape, smiling, short, idealized. They must give the idea that the consumer will be like them if they purchase the product in advertising. Again, they will not represented by Whites Anglo-Saxon Protestant. The only problem is they are still represented by women for household products. I would to do advertisements that are not in the stereotype, and especially terminate publicity where they destroy brains of consumers and take them openly for fools.


3/ They are quickly consumed and discarded from use. They are discarded and they pollute the planet. The idea is mainly based on the profit. The product is created not to last in time, they work properly but after some time it breaks. The easiest way would be to change the mindset of society, turn to an economic system that wastes less and recycling.


Rodrigue de Lauris