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Do Good Design The messages intended to influence the target are always thought in a way to have an impact on them and remember it to consume more and more. Messages are selected by how they could touch or not a large amount of person. they don’t care if it has nothing to transmit more than just a little song that stay in our mind for days. Messages are made to pummel people until it goes right through their unconscious and thus orientating universal thought in the wrong way. the principal problem is that almost all the messages are chosen by their capacity to sell despite their capacity to rise. It is certainly due to our capitalist system which place the profit high above human and earth value. Most of the time messages are crafted to fit a certain standards in order to be published on all kings of surface. nowadays communication supports are multiplied due to the advent of multimedia (screen, internet, phone, computer‌)

Images are chosen in order that we would be attracted by it. In terms of showing people it is always a problem, industries want to attract people by showing them good looking men or women which are not representative of the audience. In a way they are creating standards that are not fitted to the community. There is really a gap between target audience and people used in advertising. By their actions they are creating new thought, new envy, more distraction and more inequality in our world. To me do good design pass by several points that are really important, if we want to act responsibly overlook of the nature and the humanity. Doing good design is about finding the best way of communicating on a product, a notion or just information, by letting the target audience have the possibility of making their own ideas by creating visuals that allowed them to think about it, not

just impose an idea which is just made to sell. Our Earth is being surrounded by trashes. Most of it is due to mass waste. Good design would create packagings that have the lowest impact on the environment, avoid waste and maybe use natural ink. To do good design we have to take conscience that we are responsible for the thing we create even if it is not made for us. we have the possibility of having a great impact on everything that is important these days ; our world, our bonds and our future. so for me doing good design is to take his responsibility and always create in order to respect nature and participate in the elevation of human kind .

ÂŤeco friendly trashÂť


Do good design? How about we do good AND practical design? We want to install the notion of eco responsability in our school and stop wasting all that paper.

Due to the large quantity of wasted paper everyday at school, we think it would be a nice idea to introduce the notion of recycling among our fellow futur designers and set a good example.

We thought about having a green trash in every class room in order to enable recycling, limit our carbon foot print and be responsible.

Aristote Truffaut  

The messages intended to influence the target are always thought in a way to have an impact on them and remember it to consume more and more...