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Let's start with the simple idea that advertising is everywhere, in the streets, in magazines and of course in the internet. But the thing is that those ads don’t end on our screens be chance nowadays we are precisely analyzed so we can be targeted and see ads that feats to our behavior. This fact is due to internet, by looking our researches and what kind of websites we see the most, they can guess our taste, our age, our habits, if we like to do sports or music etc. As a result with those informations they can show us what they want and what they want us to need. But this amount of information can confuse the user and most of people are not fooled. However the worse is to come, the future of advertising is the geolocation and the interactive design. There soon will be some shop fronts with a fake attractive young women on a screen that can catch people attention by changing appearance to look like a targeted consumer that walk by the shop. Here are the facts but what are we going to do, and what can we do? The designer is at the top of the "consumption chain" but he is not the big Lyon king. Nevertheless he has a power on the communication and on how to do it. Therefore he can change things and maybe make people more responsible about ecology, recycling, waste, mass consumption …

By the way, advertising sometimes encourages the waste. For instant in supermarket when there are special offers like buy 2 products and get one for free, it said, in a very simple language, that it's cheap. So the consumer is going to be attract by the offer. But with this kind of message the consumer buy more and increase its need and that creats waste because most of the time those special offers are set up since the product is soon to be expired. This facts is not due to the designer of course, it's the system that works like this and the designer is part of it. There are plenty other exemples of the same kind. In the field of design we know that we need to use paper that’s a fact and it’s not going to change for a long time but now that we are aware of this we need to find solutions to limit the waste and to recycle. Maybe use more recycle paper or at least suggest to clients that it can be a choice. And avoid to print to much when an e-mail can be enough. Otherwise in the everyday commercial that we can see all the time people are representing in a very common way. Advertisers don't take much risks to portrayed the housewife baking cookies or the healthy sporty man that sells us a pair of trainers. It made me think about a movie by John Carpenter called «They Live» a caracter steal a box full of sun glasses and hide them but he realises when he wears one of them, that he sees in black and white and on the streets on advertising boards there is no more images but just some messages in big bold letters like «OBEY» or «SLEED» on the bills it’s written «THIS IS YOUR GOD»... Nowadays advertising messages are getting poorer in meaning and even if in Carpenter’s movie it’s exagerated, we have to be carreful about what the society is becoming in the future. And the «do good» method can be a first step to get things better.

Claire Jerome  

Let's start with the simple idea that advertising is everywhere, in the streets, in magazines and of course in the internet. But the thing i...

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