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HOW MESSAGES INTENDED TO INFLUENCE THE BEHAVIOR OF LARGE AUDIENCES ARE SELECTED, CRAFTED, AND DELIVERED Messages aimed at influencing the public are becoming more diverse and more difficult to associate with the term «creativity.» The war that book between sociocultural and commercial graphic remains a real problem in the world of graphic design and advertising, but now he must work quickly, no place for art and creation, everything must be readable and effective.


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How people are portrayed and represented visually Models chosen to represent a brand, should give a positive image, and beautify the product identity. so it makes sense for artistic directors found patterns of perfection in terms of appearance, and spend more time to modify imperfections software rather than shooting photography.

How raw materials for designed objects (such as the paper for this lesson) are consumed Equipment used by designers have always given an image advertising as bad for the environment, and destructive in terms of ecology. it is with the new shares made ​​today for the environment «eat less», «recycle your waste,» partly by associations such as green peace, little by little the studios react with the use recycled, biodegradable paper bag, the majority of printed material becomes an example in terms of consumption and lead to a wide audience conducted voluntarily or not a particular attention to our natural environment.

Stephanie Cavazza