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German | native language English | fluently Italian | basic Japanese | basic

2013 - 2014 | Internship at Hilti AG Liechtenstein; six months practicle term; inhouse agency in corporate design for tools and packaging

2012 - present | Scholarship holder Konrad Adenauer Foundation

SKILLS Adobe Photoshop | Illustrator InDesign | Autodesk Alias Maya | Rhinoceros Solid Works | Keyshot

2008 - 2012 | Foundation of my own company; Daniel Daum Sculptor; Sculpturing natural stones; free small business

2011 - present | University of Applied Arts Pforzheim (BA) Industrial Design

2006 | Internship Romano Bianchi, Scultore di alabastro, Volterra, Italia our months internship in sculpturing and art based on a scholarship (Badenw端rttemberg-Stipendium)

2008 - 2009 | Series of seminars handling with customers and fellow men, employee management

2002 - 2011 | Employee in craft; Stone manifacturing with the main focus on sculpturing; primary model building and sculpturing; Last position: Foreman

ABOUT ME As student in the fifth term I am studying Industrial Design (BA) at the University of Applied Arts in Pforzheim, Germany. I see myself as a positive, happy and hard working person. I am purposeful, ambicious and in regard to my future I am curious and full of anticipation. Currently I am completing an internship at Hilti AG in Schaan, Liechtenstein and would like to apply for the course in the forthcoming semester of 2014 for another internship. On this way I can gather more impressions and experiences and learn about different work processes. I would be delighted to get the chance to support your university and be able to implement my ideas under the guidance of your professors.


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Mia Seeger Award 2013

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RIPOL SUBWOOFER t h g i r e h For t a e s t a t Bea



The challenge for this eight week lasting project was:


a loudspeaker system following the Ripol-principle for a freely selected clientele“ Well, what is the Ripol-principle? According to Dipl. Ing.

Axel Ridtahler, inventor and patent owner of the threechamber subwoofer system, <Winstead of the usual spherical shape the Ripol radiates low frequency directed sound waves. One in the front and with different intensity by 180 degrees rotated phase to the rear. This was now the foundation stone for the project.

With the initial concept phase, I began to analyze profiles of different people. Which type of man has which requests of furnishings? What type of car does a successful entrepreneur buy? Would a Ripol speaker fit into this type of car? Would it fit in a private jet, or even on a yacht? The sailing yacht BAVARIA Vision Fourty-Six was the solution.

Ripol subwoofer system and Speaker on the deck of the yacht provides rich sound everytime and everywhere Instead of the usual spherical shape of the ripol, the low frequencies radiate directed sound. Two in the front and one in the back

RIPOL SUBWOOFER In cooperation with:



j RIPOL-SUBWOOFER The heart of the system, the subwoofer, can be inserted and removed at will

k FULL-RANGE-SPEAKER The speakers emit music in both directions and the desired sound fade can be  adjusted to ones needs 


CASE l COVERING the teak wood paneled case serves in a modular way for equipped with various speakers

the montage Instructions for fitting / removing the subwoofer


RIPOL SUBWOOFER In cooperation with:


RIPOL SUBWOOFER In cooperation with:


ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH from Sketch to CAD model







Dentists recommend toothbrushing time to be at least two minutes to ensure a thorough cleaning. This however can not be read simply from the display of current toothbrushes, as the straight form a direct view hardly permits it.

Many electric toothbrushes are characterized by a simple, medical design. Visually they are quickly lost sight of among other products in the bathroom.

The use of water and toothpaste often leaves unsightly leftovers on the surface over time, which are generally very difficult to remove.

Long, straight handles and gripping positions cause unfavourable holding situations while toothbrushing and put a strain on the wrists.

the problem TOOTHBRUSH


the solution





The arched shape of the case allows for an ideal angle of the display for the consumer during usage.

The dynamic and peaceful form, as well as the horizontal deposition function give the electric toothbrush a higher status among the range of toiletries on the vanity.

The soft component of the toothbrush, which surrounds the casing, is easy to remove and can be cleaned with ease.

By optimizing the angle of the hand while using the toothbrush, the resulting natural position and the corresponding motion relive the wrist.

Transparent body


Time Display

Das Gehäuse besteht aus einem translazenten Hartkunststoff, der einen gewollt dezenten Blick in das Innenleben der Zahnbürste zulässt.

Das weiche und griffige Cover um Gerät herum sorgt für Sicherheit und einen angenehmen Halt. Es ist austauschbar und leicht zu reinigen.

Nur bei Benützung der Zahnbürste ist das Display sichtbar. Kurze Zeit nach Benutzung erlischt es und schenkt die Aufmerksamkeit wieder dem........

j TRANSPARENT CASING The casing consists of a transparent hard plastic, in a deliberately decent view it allows to see the Inner workings of the toothbrush.

k SURFACE The soft and grippy cover around the unit ensures security and a pleasant stop. It is replaceable and easy to clean.

l TIME DISPLAY Only when using the toothbrush, the display is visible. Shortly after it goes out it gives the attention back to the reduced form of the surface.






PC-SPEAKER Antonio Vivaldi „four seasons„



the concept

The challenge for this eight week lasting project was:

I decidet to use a classical piece of music:

“Conceptualize a PC speaker to match a selected piece of music“

“Four seasons“ by Antonio Vivaldi

With the ambition to integrate the feelings and statements of a music composition into a physical body,

In this case I focused myself to the part of „Winter“. Divided into three sets this work explains the contrast between unpleasant whipping winds, cold rain and dis-

the modeling

The front of the speaker is made of solid mahogany wood, all surfaces are slightly convex

In the picture you can see the bare alabaster blocks that have already received their form and the finished wood elements.

comfort. On the other hand it reflects the comfort of a fireplace, the dangerous winter and still recurring annual anticipation. I opted for the visual communiction of the loudspeaker to work with the contrasts of heat and cold, as with elegance and pureness.

The speaker, which is now cabled with the tweeter, Crossover and the terminals

Mood Board - warmth - bleakness - beauty - shudder - elegance - pourness PC SPEAKER


The result

As a result of this project originated a pair of speakers made â&#x20AC;&#x2039;â&#x20AC;&#x2039;of fine mahogany, which is coated with high-gloss violin varnish on convex taut surfaces and combined with cool natural stone. This defines slightly transparent with straight edges and undefined, icy gray grains the cold sound body of the speaker. The housing is keeping with the natural description of the music composition exclusively from naturally grown raw materials.

MAHAGONY WOOD The front element is made of Mahogany wood, the surface is convex spanned and acts by its color and shape light and warm.

SPEAKER Due to the separation of frequential of dome tweeter and full-range speakers, the closed housing construction is ideally used.

NATURAL STONE The main body is made of Italian â&#x20AC;&#x153;Alabasterâ&#x20AC;&#x153; natural stone which has the optimal Sound illustration properties. The surface is smooth, constructive and slightly concave. Thus the element acts cold and heavy.



MULTI TOOL 5-day project designer meets engineer



the process

Material Research

Design function


Deviced concepts

Design form Moodboards



Market analysis

Interdisciplinary project between designers and engineers

Day 2

Day 1 Analysis and problem recognition

▶ Arrangement functions

▶ Grouping

- Profile of requirements

2 Ingineers 2 Designers

onents onents mp co - Combination matrix ic on ktr ele m gra - Block dia - Sketches Casing

▶ Planning variation comp

▶ Creating time shedule ▶ User analysis

Target audience: home

Concept several solution statements


▶ Collection information,

after reaserch - Mood of user - Requirements list - First concept sketches


▶ Define possible compos


▶ Group evaluation variatio ▶ Cost analysis ▶ Presentation Concept

Images/ renderings

Define materials


Final Design

Mock up

Day 3 Concepts in favour of problem solving ▶ Concept sketches true

to scale

▶ Mock up true to scale ▶

Assessment Models

Fixing final concept

Day 5

Day 4

▶ Expense budgeting € - Market price: 220,00 8,20 € 14 n ctio du pro - Cost of € - Profit/ piece 30,00 - Quantity 27.500 Stck.

d Elaboration concept an visualization ▶

timizing Elaburation details, op ation min - Localised working illu - Footprint casing - Suspension motor in casing) of ion rat vib (reduction

▶ Visualization

tion - CAD model construc oscillation solution) , ion iss (motor, transm - CAD model casing s - Sideview 2D rendering

Presentation ▶ Technology

- Composition inner life - Definition Capabilities

▶ Design

- Composition casing - Assignment material - Assignment color

▶ Calkulation

calculation - Particulars of complete ring ctu nifa ma - Effort/ Art of











Can be exchanged quickly by analog grinding, sawing and polishing tools

While working the LED light illuminate the complete workplace around the tool.





The large scaled switch ensures ease of use and security

The hard plastic shell of the housing is in the grip area covered with an impact resistant, soft casing



The flat bead on the end of the housing design ensures a firm stand at the placing of the machine




“AXIS“ THE GAME Community game for kids and adults



“AXIS“ THE GAME Good social behavior is of immense importance, from a young age. Already among children should be ensured their social behavior, because who can not abide by the rules in a group, will have it very difficult in later life. True to the motto „Playing together is fun“ This project involves the concept for a game, that will teaches the togetherness to the children. It is based on an idea by the mathematician and inventor Paul Schatz. An „invertible cube“. A geometric shape that through rotating, sliding and tilting constantly reinventing itself. This toy is a modular construction system that can be connected both indoors and outdoors to larger forms. Due to its special shape caused by connecting, separating and everting of many parts exciting shapes. It is to be regarded as a learning game and urges and promotes the spatial imagination, learning of geometrical shapes and the social behavior of children and adolescents.

As a modular construction system, it arouses curiosity and fun and inspired by the diverse forms that results from experiments. The form, made up of six elements, are light, soft and grippy. Even if a child can move it effortlessly, it requires the help of the other children to reposition it, hold and connecting it with other elements. Both infants and adults can determine the goal of the game in different ways. Where the little ones prefer climbing and experimenting, teenagers and adults planning team games for leisure time and events. In every respect one is dependent on the cooperation.

During a crucial learning period in their young lives, children are pointed into the right direction and taught about the importance of good social behavior and interaction.

The result of this idea are four 1:1 models in poly-urethane foam coated with a special colored impregnation and thus are resistance capable and hygienic. Initial tests in a kindergarten demonstrated that the factor curiosity and enthusiasm seems to be an integral part of these objects.

Educational game for children that promotes social behavior, requiring to help each other and act as a team.


Mia Seeger Award 2013

The problem

„Although it actually only consists of six identical parts, the kinematics are complicated. The designer embraces this paradox for a game that can be played both inside and outdoors and will keep any adults that want to join in on theyr toes too. Folding, twisting and inverting results in countless configurations, which are nevertheless limited by the fact that the parts are joined into a ring. It is this contrast that is so alluring. Almost incidentally, the eye is trained in static and dynamic geometry too. The sections are soft and light, thus posing no hazard to safety. Their size, together with the sturdy twisting joints encourages children to help one another as their play“

The solution

Together in a team even larger structures are easy to build

The comprising eight parts ball is 2.2 meters tall and can be changed in just 3 steps to a square

The experiment is the game. Countless combinations arouse the curiosity

The scenario

The concept is based on an idea by the mathematician Paul Schatz. An invertible cube. A geometric shape that constantly reinventing itself by rotating, sliding and tilting. Its inversion kinematics is surprising and is at Axis the joke of the game.



Test models in paper as a first attempt brought first Impressions for the movement of the mold

Other models connected in combination where first attempts of possibilities

▶ The finished models in the photo studio

Last step; The mounting of the rubber joints

Material samples and polyurethane coating

Finished elements which were provided with a highly elastic Polyurethane coating

◀ Work process:

from paper-model to prototype

▶ Production of the radii using the Elektrodremel

Original joints in colored natural rubber, reinforced with glass fiber fabric and epoxy resin brushed on both sides

▶ Bore of the connecting holes using a support apparatus

Delivered polyurethane elements

▶ ◀

Sampling of the joint elements as an attempt of mobility and stability

Thermoformed compounds from polystyrene plastic



The result: 100 children at on-road test



ACTIVE WHEELCHAIR For athletes with handicap



The project In the most current project I pursued academically, I focused on comprehensive research and various analyzes in order of fundamental and truth oriented knowledge to being able to live off. Starting with various wheelchair producers to its application areas, gathering users’ opinions and experiences quickly a number of significant shortcomings of wheelchairs was originated. In addition I found much potential, which I was able to work on. After a self-test, in which I was spending a day from morning untill evening in a wheelchair, in conjunction with all the analyzed data from the following catalog of tasks, originated this project:

Problem Analysis Hands pollute by being in permanent contact with the tire. This forces the user to wear gloves. Solution:

Pneumatic tires pose a risk for plates, therefore more forcing on caution limits the user’s freedom. Solution:



Tires standing straight; This leads to a lack of overview and assessment of the outer edge of the wheelchair; Risk of hands on door frames. Solution:


Conventionally wheelchairs offer no storage space and restrict the user therefore significantly in whose discretionary: Solution: INDIVIDUAL LUGGAGE RACK

THE AUDIENCE The sense of helplessness and indigence mediates a variety of conventional wheelchairs, the conspicuous Active Wheelchair counteracts deliberately and embodies a confident and strong voice. People with disabilities often have the desire for fun and adventure and seek a way to pursue it. Wheelchairs restrict many lives and deprive them from the feeling of freedom. After interviewing many young people with limited mobility, the subject of self-consciousness and self-awareness emerged as the key theme of this project.

No more compassion, through to enthusiasm Athletes, fun-lovers, adrenalineseekers and world explorers are the target audience of this work. Contrary to the wide product range of care wheelchairs, the active variant should be a new option in the direction of lifestyle products.



Freedom requires storage space !!! (1) store

STOWAGE As a modular, replaceable extra it can be changed easily and individually by the user and adapted to his requirements

STORE LUGGAGE Bags, backpacks, etc. can be set from the front or through the tire into the luggage net. If necessary, it can be secured thereon by means of two straps.

(2) save

SAVE LUGGAGE In order to preserve the bag in a safe position, or even to hide the empty nets, it can be easily lifted in the direction of the seat. It locks into place regularly and can be opened simply again by the train at the safety lever.




Through leather on top and bottom and a thin core of a plastic-metal braid the seat looks minimalistic and provides sufficient comfort.

The enlarged surface of the inside and the fixed position of the rim enables the abdonment of unsightly mud guards to prevent contact between the clothes and the rotating tire.

The on slide bearings running tires allows the â&#x20AC;&#x17E;openâ&#x20AC;&#x153; wheel to grip through. The advantages includes a lower injury potential and the substantially lighter and more minimalist look.



e e r f m a „I „ o t d e r u t p a c t o n m ‘ because I „ t i n g i s e d n a c I reality, Paul Watzlavick



FREE STUFF sketches / sculptur



Polychromo and pencil drawings from the third semester. Elaboration with Adobe Photoshop CS5; On display are headphones, cleaning bottle concepts and a concept of an Electric Scooter



Left: Sports shoe concept, the result of a short project Right: Show robot; costume which is operated manually by a person inside and is booked for exhibitions and events.



Left: Sculptures of Greek marble, southern German limestone and Italian alabaster which originated in the years 2006 to 2010 Right: Sculpture from the third semester made of alabaster stone, Ureol plastic, soft and hard wood, and copper



Contact details DANIEL DAUM

Industrial Design 5 University of applied arts Pforzheim, Germany

Postfach 1203 Maximilianstr. 52 88102 Lindau (Bodensee) +49(0)151 19436073





Industrial Design Portfolio Daniel Daum  

Univerity of Applied Arts Pforzheim

Industrial Design Portfolio Daniel Daum  

Univerity of Applied Arts Pforzheim