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Stan Meyer Vic coils Style 2 Rebuild Guide Sections ● What does it do exactly ● Design Drawings ● Sources of Parts or pcs ready made ● Part List ● Part Specs ● How to build methods or techniques ● Measuring of finished part prior to install ● Tools required for this part. ● Buying complete ready made parts. ● Q&A

he Input signal to the primary of the VIC transformer will be a 50% duty cycle pulse DC square wave.How ever at resonance in the LC circuit this square wave will turn into a high voltage sine wave.Due to L1 and L2 chokes being connected out of phase, the output sine waves will also be 180 degrees out of phase. When these two signals reach the plates/tubes , you will have a constant pulling force on the water molecule with each pulse.Each Sine wave at resonance measures 2.5KHz,but to the out of phase voltage you will have frequency doubling.I will explain this more in the following images.Tony Woodside. What happens is there is s a parallel resonance that will occur between the L1 & L2 chokes and this will cause a high impedance to current flow while increasing the magnetic field. I learned this while testing the 8XA circuit. You have a series resonance between the L1 and Cell and then a parallel resonance between L1 & L2 coils. 2.5khz is just the frequency the LC circuit resonants at...Its also the same frequency that Stan says it should be.

Resonant signal using my VIC Circuit & VIC Transformer. This is what the resonant signal should look like. Based on my research, this signal serves two specific purposes. 1) The smaller AM signals are to match the resonance of the electrons of the molecule. 2) The larger and slower AM signal modulates the smaller AM signals and what this does is setup the resonance of the Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation (NMR) cycle of the proton water. I just now need to tune the chokes to the correct frequencies :)

The purpose of giving the coils of different values is to pulsed the inner and outer tube pair with different frequency`s. The coil with the higher value will lower the pulsed frequency and the coil with the lower value will higher the pulsed frequency. When you pulse the LC circuit at a given frequency, the different value inductors will change the frequency to give rise to an AM wave like I have shown in one of my videos. For example, if the circuit is pulsed at the resonant frequency of the L1 & Cell value, the frequency between L1 & the cell will be the same as the pulsed frequency. The frequency between L2 & Cell will be a different frequency from the pulsed frequency!!! Q&A 1..What will the difference of inductance do to the frequency that is being pulsed to the chokes?

2.Why would you want two different frequencies? I thought the whole point was to keep both the anode and cathode as close as possible in frequency. What am I missing? The veritable choke is to compensate for the resonant frequency of the inner and outer tubes. David A.Puchta

Stan meyer vic coils style 2 rebuild guide  
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