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Health & Wellness

ENZYMES Ninety-five million Americans suffer from digestive issues, and millions of dollars are spent annually on over-thecounter medications and dietary supplements to manage these conditions. According to the American Gastroenterological Association, GERD and

constipation are the top two most common outpatient care diagnoses among adults, and children under age 15 experience digestive issues at nearly as great a rate as people who are 65 years and older. Popular culture has embraced dietary modification and supplements as helpful allies on the path to better digestion. Many consumers are familiar with fermented dairy products and dietary supplements like probiotics, which contain healthy bacteria such as the acidophilus flora found in yogurt. While probiotics get a lot of press, enzymes prove to be a lesser known yet vital key to healthy digestion, healthy weight, and energy.

Enzymes Enhance Digestion

Enzymes are either made by our bodies or may be found in fresh whole-


some foods as well as dietary supplements, and they can enhance the digestion and absorption of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, sugars, and dairy lactose. Digestive enzymes allow the nutrients found in the foods consumed to be absorbed into the bloodstream and for waste to be discarded. Without enzymes, food cannot be broken down into nutrients, and waste will not be eliminated. Common symptoms of poor digestion can include occasional burning, bloating, and digestive discomfort. When functioning optimally, our bodies produce the enzymes we need for healthy digestion and assimilation. However, stress, medications, illness, processed foods, and environmental factors may result in a dangerously low capacity to produce enzymes and can lead to improper nutrition, impaired digestion, and eventually poor health. Fortunately, high quality supplemental enzymes can be found in health food stores for individuals who wish to maximize their own digestive processes and contribute to their optimal health. The most popular and effective supplements contain plant-based enzymes. These enzymes are grown on plants, are vegetarian/vegan, and are able to break down carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and fiber making them ideal for digestive aids. The best formulas contain protease (for proteins), amylase (for carbohydrates), lipase (for lipids or fats) and cellulase (for fiber). Other unique enzymes can be added to assist with challenging

foods: DPP-IV enzyme activity aids the digestion of proteins in gluten, lactase is specific to dairy lactose, and alphagalactosidase is particularly helpful for beans and the complex starches in vegetables. Of course, for the highest quality products, an individual should choose clean pure enzymes such as those which contain no fillers or binders.

Probiotics Promote Intestinal Wellness

Not to be forgotten, probiotics provide powerful digestive support when used in combination with digestive enzymes. Probiotics are live microorganisms that reside in the digestive tract. When in balance, these organisms support regularity, aid the immune system, produce vitamins like B and K, and fuel our digestion through their production of enzymes such as lactase, protease, and amylase. The enzymes, made by flora, work synergistically with our own inherent enzymes to support optimal wellbeing and digestive health. Since they are live microorganisms, supplemental probiotics must survive shelf life, stomach acid, and other digestive fluids in order to provide maximum benefit. The bacteria must also withstand various conditions prior to entering the gastrointestinal tract. As a result of this vulnerability, consumers are encouraged to seek out a targeted delivery system, one that ensures release in the alkaline pH of the lower intestine, guaranteeing potency, and delivering healthy bacteria into the digestive tract for optimal benefit.

Enzymes for Seasonal Support— Going Beyond Digestion

Proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzymes can also be taken therapeutically

Bobbi Elliott Proprietor

Healthy By Nature, Inc. 305 East Market Street Leesburg, VA 20176


each day for maintenance, to promote immune health. Supplemental proteolytic enzymes have an established history of therapeutic use for supporting immunity and promoting general wellbeing. When taken on an empty stomach proteases have been shown to be absorbed and carried into the bloodstream. Protease functions therapeutically by promoting cellular repair and recovery in addition to encouraging a healthy inflammatory response.1 Undesirable microorganisms including viruses, yeast, fungi, bacteria, and parasites contain a protective protein coating. Yet, when present in the blood stream, the protein-digesting enzyme is capable of digesting the microorganism’s protein coating therefore exposing the organism to degradation.2 Once digested, the body eliminates remains of the organism through its normal immune processes.

Health & Wellness

Common GI Problems: Volume 1.”The American College of Gastroenterology. The American College of Gastroenterology, n.d. Web. 30 Jul. 2010 <>. 1

National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS) and National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NHAMCS) (3-year average, 2003–2005), and Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project Nationwide Inpatient Sample (HCUP NIS). 2


Health & Wellness

Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Leg Swelling…Oh My! By Garth Rosenberg, MD, FACS More than 80 million women in the United States live with spider veins or varicose veins and their associated symptoms. Some veins are merely unsightly, however, some types of veins are linked to more sig-

nificant health concerns. Spider veins and telangectiasia are tiny red and dark purple surface veins that are feather like to ink pen line in appearance. The cause of spider veins is not fully understood, but they seem to be more prevalent if there is a family history or during hor-



monal variation such as pregnancy and perimenopause. Spider veins can be unsightly and often age the appearance of the legs or face, but are usually not a medical problem. Treatments like sclerotherapy, laser, and Vein Wave are all quick and effective, with little discomfort and no downtime. Varicose veins are typically larger blue veins that tend to bulge by the end of the day. These veins are a health concern and should be evaluated by a vascular specialist. The cause of varicose veins is venous insufficiency (backflow in leg veins due to non-working vein valves), which often leads to a variety of symptoms such as: aching, heaviness, swelling, cramping, burning, restless leg syndrome, skin discoloration, and even ulceration. Varicose veins can increase the risk of developing blood clots as well. The days of vein stripping, hospitalization, pain and remnant scars are gone! Treatments today are performed in the office with local anesthesia in less than 30 minutes. The gold standard treatment is VNUS Closure, which offers little discomfort, little to no down time, and no scarring. Most insurance companies recognize the medical consequences of varicose veins and do cover the cost of treatments. Capitol Vein & Laser is the region’s recognized leader in comprehensive vein care. Drs. Garth Rosenberg and Paul McNeill are board certified in Vascular Surgery and Phlebology (the medical specialty of venous disorders) and have treated over 10,000 patients to date with venous problems. Capitol Vein & Laser Center is your total vein care center and offers customized plans for your individual needs. Please visit our photo gallery at to see results of treatments to legs, faces and hands. Call us today for a free “quick-screen” appointment to learn more.

Schedule Your Appointment Now!

800.942.1829 6

Paul McNeill, MD, FACS Garth Rosenberg, MD, FACS Vein Specialists

Health & Wellness

Choosing a Qualified Orthodontist for Your Family Choosing a qualified orthodontist is an important decision. However, it has become more difficult with the variety of treatment options available and the increasing number of non-specialists offering treatment. You want to be happy with your decision years after the braces have been removed. Careful planning before you begin can help eliminate unnecessary aggravation and expense in the future and result in a beautiful straight smile. Here are a few things to consider: Orthodontist or Dentist? While dentists can legally provide orthodontic treatment, they are not specialists when it comes to straightening teeth. A certified orthodontist has had an additional 2 to 3 years of training exclusively in orthodontics and knows the proper way to align teeth and correct any jaw problems. Make sure the person you choose has been certified by an accredited program. Visiting the website of the American Association of Orthodontics is a great place to start looking ( Another good resource is The American Board of Orthodontics (ABO). Orthodontists who pursue board certification agree to have their clinical knowledge and competency evaluated throughout their career, and they must meet a certain level of excellence to retain their board certified status. If the orthodontist you choose is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, you can be fairly sure that he or she strives to maintain a high standard of excellence. Diagnosis and Treatment Plan Some orthodontists give you their treatment recommendation without taking the diagnostic tests that are necessary to plan treatment. There is no substitute for having all of the information these tests provide. You want to be sure your orthodontist always performs diagnostic tests such as: xrays, photos, and impressions of the teeth, before making any treatment recommendations. A good orthodontist doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take shortcuts. Ask Friends, Neighbors, and Your Dentist â&#x20AC;&#x153;Make sure the person you choose has been certified A great way to determine the kind of care an orthodontist by an accredited program. Visiting the website of the provides is by asking friends and neighbors who currently have or have recently had braces. Are they pleased with the reAmerican Association of Orthodontics is a great sult? Did they like the doctor and staff? How they were treated? Did they run into any problems during treatment? place to start looking:â&#x20AC;? Your dentist can also be a good source of information as he or she sees the treatment results of different orthodontists in the area. If they or their children have had braces, ask which orthodontist they used. One last piece of advice: the cost of having braces twice far exceeds the cost of well-planned, high-quality orthodontic treatment provided once. Dr. Markus Niepraschk is an experienced board-certified Excellent orthodontic treatment is a wise investment in your smile that will orthodontist practicing in Leesburg, Virginia. He and his staff are pay big dividends for years to come. happy to answer any questions you might have about orthodontic

treatment. Please visit his website at or call 703-777-8277 for a free consultation.


Health & Wellness

Non-invasive, Natural Way to Reduce Fat


ast edition I discussed liposuction. This month I will discuss a new innovative non-invasive form of fat reduction. CoolSculpting™ is a patented, non-invasive, clinically proven procedure to selectively reduce fat layers in problem areas using a patented cooling technology. It is a safe procedure cleared by the FDA that gently cools unwanted fat cells in the body to induce a natural, controlled elimination of fat cells. This reduces bulges in treated areas of the body without harming surrounding tissue. It involves no needles, surgery or downtime. ✔ Because the CoolSculpting procedure is non-invasive, patients can resume daily activities, including work and exercise, immediately following treatment. It’s easy. ✔ CoolSculpting patients can sit or lie comfortably and read, work on their laptop or even nap during the procedure. The procedure is performed in a medical office, under the supervision of a physician specializing in cosmetic procedures.

The CoolSculpting procedure is safe because the delivery of precise cooling affects only targeted fat cells, leaving adjacent tissue unharmed and intact. The CoolSculpting procedure developed by ZELTIQ is based on sound science called Cryolipolysis™. Cryolipolysis is the result of a groundbreaking discovery by Drs. Dieter Manstein and R. Rox Anderson of Harvard Medical School and the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Their initial work, first published in the peer-reviewed professional journal Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, proved that subcutaneous fat cells are naturally more vulnerable to the effects of cold than other surrounding tissue. These studies and other research from centers of excellence confirmed that fat cells, when exposed to precisely controlled cooling for a sustained period of time, undergo a gradual reduction and cell death through a process called “induced apoptosis.” CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ is not intended as a weight-reduction program for overweight individuals. The best candidates for the CoolSculpting procedure are people near their ideal body weight who eat well and exercise regularly and have pockets of fat that have not responded to a healthy lifestyle. They are seeking spot reduction for specific areas of fat but are not considering a surgical procedure.

It’s convenient. ✔ Procedures last about one to two hours, so treatment can easily be performed during a lunch hour or without major disruption to the day. The results are dramatic.

✔ Patients can expect an average 20-25% reduction. During the CoolSculpting procedure, a non-invasive applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling to the treatment area to specifically target underlying fat, leaving surface skin tissue unaffected. When fat cells are exposed to cold, a process of natural removal is triggered, which gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. The result is a visible reduction in fat bulges.

“CoolSculpting patients can sit or lie comfortably and read, work on their laptop or even nap during the procedure.” On average, each CoolSculpting procedure results in a 20-25% reduction of fat in the treated areas, and patients can start to see results as soon as three weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results occurring over a period of two to four months in most patients. Clinical studies involving hundreds of patients show that, for properly selected patients, the CoolSculpting procedure is an effective way to reduce fat without the pain, risk, and recovery time of surgical procedures. The result is noticeable, natural-looking fat reduction in the treated areas.


Health & Wellness

Natural Ingredients: The Key to Soft, Radiant, Healthy Skin “We use natural ingredients. No silicone! No additives! Just natural soap. Whatever the previous product was it was filled with artificial chemicals and additives!” It’s amazing to me that after years and years of marketing, most companies have just now decided that their customers need natural organic ingredients in their products. Why the move towards natural ingredients? Was it some consternation over not being able to pronounce the name of the ingredients on the label during customer complaints? Or was it seeing generations of women with flaky hair as a result of a silicone additive in shampoo? Whatever the reason, these companies are changing their product model to match an ever changing demographic of

educated, organic loving, earth saving, consumers. Companies like Organix profess to “indulge your hair the way nature intended.” All of a sudden, the market is open for products to use whipped yogurt

proteins to enrich and moisturize dry hair (I read that line right off of my shampoo bottle), but the purpose of these products goes no further than your softer, less flaky hair. SoapBox Soaps has a line of soaps that include natural ingredients which moisturize and soften your hands. This soap isn’t full of preservatives that keep it on shelves for weeks. It’s soft. Its ingredients come from plants that you find in nature, not ones grown in a laboratory, and each bar is made with 100% organic oils. With natural scents like lavender, oatmeal spice, and lemongrass, your bar of soap is a little piece of nature sitting right in your bathroom. Instead of catering to the profit margins of large corporations, your soap purchase goes to a good cause. Your purchase is an awesome gift

SoapBox Soaps has a line of soaps that include natural ingredients which moisturize and soften your hands. This soap isn’t full of preservatives that keep it on shelves for weeks. It’s soft. Its ingredients come from plants that you find in nature, not ones grown in a laboratory. for family and friends, but it is also an effective piece of legislation in action. The matching relief bar that is sent to organizations around the world is heat and temperature resistant, packaged for all environments, and can be used with any type of water. Organic can mean a lot of things; it can be a label put on products to cater to smarter consumers or, it can mean that its ingredients, similar to its customers are best handled with care and precision. Buying organic products can be a statement, but in the case of SoapBox Soaps, it enables you to take a stand and help people in need.


Interior Design

Eclectic “Having an eclectic design palette means that you are open to mixing different textures, fabrics, patterns, and styles of furniture all in one room.”



am always being asked to describe my personal decorating style. I feel like my answer can differ depending on the day, or my mood, or which room we would be referring to, etc. However, I have decided that in general, I have a bit of an eclectic taste these days. I like a combination of rustic and modern pieces mixed in with calming colors and textured accents. I think the idea of being eclectic was once thought of as ‘messy’ or ‘undecided,’ but to me the term means ‘variety’ of style and the bringing together of several different feelings. Having an eclectic design palette means that you are open to mixing different textures, fabrics, patterns, and styles of furniture all in one room. The benefit to doing this is that you get a unique and custom design that will actually be quite timeless. When done correctly, an eclectic room can be more pleasing over time since it tends to evoke more than one emotion. Therefore, you do not tend to tire of it as quickly. It also means that certain accessories, such as accent pillows or a clock or a vase, can all be changed out without having to completely redo the entire room.



Interior Design The tricky part to accomplishing a successful eclectic design plan is to make sure that the room does not feel like a mish mosh of things just thrown together. That means that a certain amount of ‘organized chaos’ is necessary to achieve an eclectic style. As a decorator, it is my job to create beautiful rooms that match my client’s needs and style. I usually try to get my clients to go outside of their comfort zone just a little bit on each project. This requires an element of trust and of course my expertise to happen. The same goes for creating an eclectic design plan. Knowing that it is okay to pair woven wood blinds,that tend to be more casual, with sleek silk panels or elegant embroidered panels as seen below, can be hard to visualize, but you can see how beautifully that look can come together. Looking at the bedroom on the left page, you can see a variety of styles that have come together to form one cohesive and fabulous feeling. The traditional bed is flanked with two contemporary mirrored side tables. The contemporary feeling is repeated in the chandelier, the shag rug, and the

sleek bench at the foot of the bed. The traditional elements remain in the bed, the dresser, and the bedding. The sleek mirrored side tables seem hard and cold, but when paired with a warm wall color, a rich woven wood blind, and a

accomplishing a successful eclectic design plan is to make sure that the room does not feel like a mish mosh of things just thrown together. That means that a certain amount of ‘organized chaos’ is necessary to achieve an eclectic style.”

after great embroidered drapery panel, the tables appear to fit in perfectly. Finding the right balance of textures in a room can make or break how harmonious it all feels. As you can see, creating a successful room with an eclectic style can be both challenging and rewarding. Whether your style is contemporary, traditional, or a mix of both, I can help guide you through your next decorating project. Call or email me today to get started!


My design philosophy is to marry beauty and function. I enjoy helping my clients to identify and achieve their own personal decorating style–decorating for themselves but not by themselves. I will work closely with you to determine your likes and dislikes and needs and desires. Then, together, we transform your space into a sophisticated design plan that reflects your taste, personality and lifestyle.

Lauren Riddiough Clement • Decorating Den Interiors • Owner/Decorator p. 877.583.0355 • f. 703.636.2663 • c. 571.330.6353 •

“The tricky part to

We at the Loudoun County Woman would like to congratulate Lauren and her family on the birth of their second daughter, Campbell Quinn Clement, born October 2, 2011!

We wish you all the best! 11

Fine Art Photography


Portraits for the Family


Fine Art Photography


orget those big box store pictures with the tacky backgrounds, go for reality, emotion and personality in your holiday pictures. There are fantastic locations all over Loudoun County including parks and historic mansions, that provide enough variety to create whatever mood you want for a family portrait session. Forget standing in line for your limited minutes in front of the camera (remember the movie “Christmas Story”), instead think about taking the time to make your family comfortable in your home or favorite stomping grounds and letting each member of the family express his/her personality. Let’s look for the thread that binds your family and center a portrait session surrounding that theme. Don’t forget the pets, even horses, they can be an effective part of the portrait session. Forget the 5x7 print in a cardboard folio; instead think about multimedia products that can include movie clips instead of traditional video, and a fusion of still photographic images, music, and audio. Many Hollywood type skills are now applied to producing a customized experience for family photography. Think about your favorite movie genre and how that might work for your portrait session. New products can be shared on Facebook, played on home theater systems, smart phones, and iPads, or emailed to relatives. We can create a wonderful story about your family. We have even added 3-D photography and videography to our product list and can create custom 3-D Christmas or holiday cards containing your family portrait. Think of a Christmas card that opens up into a 3-D viewer recalling the nostalgia of the early 1900’s. Contrast that nostalgia with our ability to create a look at the other end of the decorative spectrum. We produce very clean modern large metal enamel wall portraits as a single sheet or collage that stands off from the wall creating dimension. Besides metal, we also work in canvas and translucent Lucite. Visit The Edge and let us show you what’s new and why the images really are timeless records for you, your children and pets. Find out why The Edge is really the smart choice for your photography. Call us at (703) 669-1000 for a convenient appointment and tell us about your family. We can create a unique session that reflects your family, pets and all their personalities.

“Think about taking the time to make your family comfortable in your home or your favorite stomping grounds and letting each member of the family express his/her personality.”


Women in Profile


WOMEN IN PROFILE Bobbi Elliott Proprietor

Healthy By Nature, Inc. Herbal educator Bobbi Elliott grew up on a farm in upstate New York. It was there that she learned the value of a healthy lifestyle connected to natureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bounty. Although she worked hard to earn a degree in accounting, Elliott soon realized that corporate life was not for her. So, the mother of three took a part-time job working at a health food store. In 1996, she opened Healthy By Nature in Leesburg, turning her passion for herbs and supplements into a vocation. In addition to healthy eating, Elliott recommends an active lifestyle to her customers. For Elliott, this includes a regular fitness routine at the gym and outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking, swimming and canoeing. Her love of people also ensures a daily dose of laughter, which she freely shares with others.


Kristina Doll Publisher

Loudoun County Woman My desire to contribute to education inspired me to become the publisher of a womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s newspaper. I strive to make each issue of the Loudoun County Woman an educational and informative resource for our readers. I have enjoyed working with all of our contributors who are experts in their field and receiving feedback from everyone. In my spare time you can find me spending time with my rescued animals Theo, a 3 year old Chow Chow , and Meow Meow, a 5 year old tortoiseshell cat. I also really enjoy being with my friends and family, and am looking forward to the 2011 holiday season.














   doTERRA    ...........   Make and Liv e a Brilliant Lif e!  A Difference       Yummy events are  held regularly  at Frilly Frocks. 





clothing, saving hardearned dollars and naturally improv well-being.  It is our  desire to educate ing your health and and empower you on how you can t ake care of you and  ’ss health    possible.  your ur family’ in ways w  you nev er thought For more information visit our website at


















  Frilly Frocks is a locally owned, family  orientedcompany  that believes in looking and feeling your best   byrecycling 






  ointment  or an appointment app Call (703) 858-4940 ffor


technology to communicate directly               with your body. Readings are      analyzed and recorded in a simple  to underst and   repor t that  accurately         measures your   body’s responses.  Let        your body give you  a second opinion!      




OUR NEW N ZYT ZYTO COMPASS ASS  O COMP This hand scanner uses advanced






  Designer Brands at Prices Everyone can Afford 

Contemporary Consignment Boutique

66$9(WR $99( $ WR W R 

















Keeping the Wheels Turning


volunteer fire and rescue department is highly visible in times of crises. The uniforms, the helmets, the big yellow vehicles, the lights, and the sirens are hard to miss. The reassurance of calm and caring experts in a time of emergency is priceless. The time, training and commitment of the volunteer are exceptional. It is, however, only part of the story. Operational volunteers, the ones who actually show up at your emergency, are a vital piece and the most highly visible component of the equation that provide the quality care that you deserve. In the Ashburn Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department (AVFRD), the behind-the-scenes support team is called Administrative Members. With only one part-time paid employee, the “Admin” members are the force that “keeps the wheels turning.” Loring Dixon is a retired United Airlines flight attendant who settled in Ashburn after her globetrotting lifestyle. “I knew I needed something to get me out of the house.” she says laughingly. “I drove by and thought maybe they need some help with filing or something…. A misnomer a lot of people have when they hear administrative.” Her people skills found her a more unique niche in AVFRD. “I got pulled in so fast, my head was spinning.” Loring is the self-proclaimed “Mother Hen” and the official chair of the Membership committee for all new operational members, helping them process the application paperwork, as well as understand the commitment and responsibilities of becoming a firefighter or EMT. Community awareness and involvement, fund raising, creating partnerships with businesses, and above all public education are built into the admin activities. Each time a Girl/Boy Scout group tours the station; they, and their parents, are given a safety lesson about in-home fire drills. The sound of a smoke alarm can be terrifying if the child has never heard it before and does not know how to exit and where to find the “special family meeting place.” Most AVFRD community


Community events also include a lesson on how to call 911. Carolyn DelGrosso is an accountant. “I made the mistake of saying to a friend that I was looking for something new to do now that my PTA days were done.” Her friend happened to be the Vice President of AVFRD. Carolyn currently manages the coordination of community events. “The challenge is immense. The community has lots of needs/requests, and we want to be able to spread our safety and accident prevention to everyone.” Those needs have to be balanced against the availability of the volunteer firefighters / EMT’s. If that task were not enough (roughly 3-4 hours a week of home computer and telephone work), Carolyn has recently taken on Co-chair of the monthly pancake breakfast. “And my family thinks I can’t cook!” she laughs. Before the development of the administrative member designation, non-operational volunteers were part of what was known as the ladies auxiliary. This consisted primarily of the wives of members who organized turkey shoots and the legendary ham and oyster dinners. As the Ashburn community evolved from the corn fields and dairy farms to the suburbia it is today, so did the focus of the group and eventually the name. Admin members today organize, plan, and produce such diverse events as a Poker Run, Open House events, a “Safety Day” at our Lansdowne station, and monthly pancake breakfasts. The breakfasts, held the first Sunday of every month, have been featured by radio station WTOP. We were cited not just for good food but the “home town” community atmosphere that includes a kids’ activity table and fire trucks to tour. Ann Childress was a Medical Technologist while doing catering and event planning on the side. She had earned a second degree in Meeting, Event and Exhibition Management and uses all of those skills in managing the Sponsorship Committee. When a flyer about needing some volunteers to help plan events came her way, she decided to check it out. “Wow, I love it!” Ann is truly the ‘energizer bunny.’ She compares her experiences as a Marine Corps spouse to the camaraderie she sees in the fire department and dedication of the members to serve. “The people are great, the needs are pronounced, and there are boundless opportunities for involvement.” Ann recently completed work that helped to produce the AVFRD semi-annual Open House. “We featured four safety stops that taught families about fire safety. All of the safety stops and most of the other activities were sponsored by local businesses – a partnership that benefits everyone – especially the community.” Please consider getting involved with any of the 17 independent volunteer fire or rescue companies in Loudoun County. Visit our website at to view the many services and events provided as well as to learn more about becoming a volunteer. Take the opportunity to pursue one of the best jobs in the world!

Visit to get involved with volunteering for any of the 17 independent fire or rescue companies in Loudoun County.



Plato’s Closet Sets the Style for the Money Saving Trend Setters Have you heard about Plato’s Closet in Dulles Town Crossing in Sterling? If you haven’t, you’ve missed out on some of the best buys of the season. Plato’s Closet is a clothing “resale” store. Their focus is selling slightly used clothing Elaine Galzerano Singer for teens, young adult Owner of Plato’s Closet men and women, and in Loudoun County women age 25-45. Their concept is unique in that they will give you cash at the time they decide to purchase your clothes instead of putting your clothing on consignment. This means you get immediate value from the clothing in your wardrobe that you just don’t wear. Even better, you have the cash to spend on clothing that you do need.

shirt styles, wear them with tanks and skinnies. Rugged Boots-Worn with a pair of skinnies, these flat, lace-up or moto styles are casual, but cool. For a perfect subzero weather look, just add a little jacket or an oversized sweater. Open Front Sweater-Long sleeve, short sleeve, or no sleeves are all equally trendy. This versatile sweater looks good on everyone whether it is draped or belted. Oxfords-Trendy women have been mixing masculine and feminine pieces for a while now. These shoes are available in flat, heeled, studded versions, and with or without laces. Take a look at some of the clothing our models are wearing. These outfits were put together by the Plato’s staff at Plato’s Dulles for an upcoming cable television show. The idea was to create a look that a celebrity would wear.

So, what are the 10 “Must Haves “ for teens, young adults and rockin’ women 25-45 this winter season? Military Jackets-Military remains popular and more subtle than in previous seasons. Gone are the flashier looks from the past. Think functionality and utility. Clogs-Not convinced? Check out how many celebrities are rocking this trend. Peep toe, embellishments or back straps take them from the 70’s hippie to the coolest fashionista. Joggings-This has become the buzz word. This versatile item can be worn with comfy rugged boots, ballet flats, clogs, or sky high stilettos. Multiple jewelry pieces-Embellish your fingers, wrists, and neck in layers. Cargo Skinnies-An update to the Utilitarian trend, the cargo skinny is all about style. It can be worn with rugged boots or heels. Blossoms, Petals, and Rosettes-From petal and ditsy floral prints in darker jewel colors, to rosette embellishments, it’s all about being girly. Drop Shoulder Top-The 80’s remain an inspiration for this season’s look. In sweater or sweat-

How does it work? You bring in slightly used clothing from name brand stores such as Abercrombie and Fitch, or any popular mall store that caters to teens and young adults, as well as jeans from designers such as True Religion, Seven for All Mankind, and Rock and Republic, and others that would appeal to women and young adults. These clothes must have been in the shopping malls less than 18 months, be clean, in good condition, and free of stains. In other words, they have to be clothes you would purchase from Plato’s if you were a shopping customer. The Plato’s staff will then evaluate the clothing based on a series of steps they have learned from the Plato’s Buyer’s Guide.If they decide to purchase your clothing you will be offered one third of what Plato’s intends to charge for the clothes. You can then accept or reject the offer. It’s just that easy.


ets, Military jack elry multiple jew pieces and rugged boots e are among th hot items right now.

Come in and see us at: Plato’s Closet in Dulles Town Crossing, 45591 Dulles Eastern Plaza, Suite 138, Sterling, VA 20166. Or visit our website at:


Thanksgiving History Lesson Across 1. Number of other nations celebrating Thanksgiving 4. This author of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mary Had A Little Lambâ&#x20AC;? got Thanksgiving recognized as a national holiday 6. New York City store hosting the Thanksgiving Day Parade 7. Famous Indian at the first feast 10. The Korean harvest festival 12. Country celebrating Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October 14. The harvest festival began in the United Kingdom when this man invited people to a church in Cornwall 15. In 1621, Thanksgiving meals started as this feast 17. Thanksgiving is celebrated on this Thursday in November 19. The UK holds its celebration in this month close to the harvest moon 21. Indian tribe dining with the pilgrims at the first feast 22. Number of Pilgrims attending the first feast 23. Houston hosts this parade on Thanksgiving Day

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24. The name of Thanksgiving in India

Down 2. Thanksgiving in Germany 3. The biggest shopping day of the year 5. Number of Native Americans attending the first feast 6. Chief of the Wampanoags 8. Every president has pardoned a turkey since this one 9. In India Thanksgiving is mostly celebrated in this state 11. In Africa Thanksgiving is called the festival of this 13. The African festival is held late in this month 16. The meat served along with turkey at the first feast 18. The first governor to proclaim a day of Thanksgiving 20. Another name for corn






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Loudoun County Woman November/December 2011  

November/December 2011 issue of the Loudoun County Woman.

Loudoun County Woman November/December 2011  

November/December 2011 issue of the Loudoun County Woman.