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The TV A problem for society By: Ana Paola Prado Ruiz Jorge André Tenorio Guzmán Daniel Domínguez Hernández Carlos Daniel Ruiz Sierra

Why do we like TV so much?

Ever since 1966 the human race has enjoyed the TV, watching it for hours nonstop. It´s odd how we also enjoy commercials and we are tricked by it´s lies.

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Area of interaction “Human ingenuity”.

TV as a toddler The more a toddler watches TV the more is the probability of having lots of problems.

Good facts TV can have good things depending on the way you use it in the daily life.

Aspects in our social life

Positive : it can get family together and you enjoy them. Negative: Change the way you think or some of your points of view.

TV in teenagers One of the effects of TV in teenagers is that the violence programs affect them. In the other hand it makes stereotypes of lots of things.

The following text is an 18 yearold´s opinion “I myself watch a lot of TV and online movies, but this is something that never concerned me. TV was always a good thing for me and I also watch a lot of violent shows like breaking bad.”


Conclusion It can affect us depending on the way we use it. But if we abuse of it, TV can give us lots of bad things.

 Jorge: TV as a teenager, good facts,  Daniel: TV as a toddler, conclusion, opinion  Carlos: Ibo profile, Thesis statement, social life,  Ana pao: Introduction, statement of porpoise  2 graphics each one

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