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Interview with The Link, My Chemical Romance INTERVIEW WITH MYMissing CHEMICAL ROMANCE AND THEORY OF and A DEADMAN Theory of a Deadman


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New Band On The Block: The Missing Link


ROCK STAR BIG GIG Featuring Foo Fighters, The Script and The Killers @ Wembley



BLINK 182 return!

Funny Quotes over the week: “My dad looks like a teletubie, her dad looks like he had a fight with a walrus and won!” Find out who said this in the magazine.

THE MISSING LINK!!! Exclusive Interview!

Up close and personal with The Missing Link!

Left To Right: Double D, Khalifah and Ben. Page 6

“We met in school, we’ve been together as a band ever since and we’re not changing that!”


practised the song twice before and both times were us p*ssing about, but to have actually performed it to the quality we did was amazing” Ben said, “To this day I wasn’t expecting the song choice that muppet made but we earned positive reviews for it, we told Dan about the time of year which he already knew but never expected him to pick that song” Khalifah said. The band went onto stage wearing the wigs looking like Queen when they performed ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, the band only ended up finishing second. The band made a hit single “Kiss and Tell (Don’t Want To Lose You)” which is currently breaking records, the band a 3 piece like Blink 182 and The Script both influencing the band and their songs.

he Missing Link is the new band on the block! The band were formed in 2005 by guitarist and lead singer Daniel Davis AKA Double D, Bassist Ben Alsop and Drummer Khalifah Umar. Double D and Ben met in school and Double D met Khalifah in school after Double D hit his head against a post playing football for his local side and first day at school Double D just randomly started talking to him thinking he was someone else! The band revealed their first pub gig was at the recently closed Fordrough on a Tuesday night where the crowd consisted of 10 people, 4 to watch Birmingham City FC play Arsenal on Sky Sports, 3 teenagers hoping to get some booze and 3 non English speaking tourist who mistaken Double D for Q: Any funny moments on stage? the star of the Home Alone films Macaulay A: “When Dan was doing a guitar solo Culkin, despite that the guitarist still signed on stage, he decided to fling his guitar the autographs!


The group have been likened to punk bands Blink 182, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy and Good Charlotte. The band haven’t had it easy in November 2006 they entered Birmingham Battle Of The Bands only to have their chosen song “How You Remind Me” of Nickelback stolen by a rival band. “When I heard them playing that song I knew we had to get a new song put together, I didn’t have to think about what song to get us to perform, I just went into the costume department and stole three wigs and handed them out to the band” Double D said of the incident, “I thought he had lost it, we only

around his head and it came back and him in the face!” Q: How did you meet?

A: We met in school, we’ve been

together as a band ever since and we’re not changing that!” Q: Who are the bands inspirations?

A: Blink 182 of course, Good

Charlotte, Bowling for Soup and The Killers Q: Who writes the songs for the band?

A: “Double D mostly, he can spend

up to 3 hours on a single song, he gets them from personal experiences he says”

One of the first Missing LInk Gigs


The Missing Link Debut Album! Page: 7

The Missing Link Before Concert

Inside This Week

“Releasing our songs is what we dreamt about since forming” The Missing Link talks

6-7 Find out who Double D from The Missing Link Looks like and many others! page 8 Comical pictures from this week back page. Plus Top 40’s rock music chart


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