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MARIST January 2010

Welcome On behalf of our Marist community we would like to welcome all new families to our College

Information for parents to assist your son starting Year 7

HERE ARE SOME STEPS YOU CAN TAKE TO HELP YOUR SON START HIGH SCHOOL ON A POSITIVE NOTE. 1. Be interested and enthusiastic about their move to high school Your encouragement will help your child to make a successful transition to high school. Listen to their experiences and expectations. Try not to dwell on your own experiences of school. 2. Attend the high school orientation day Your high school orientation day will be held towards the end of Year 6, and is designed to help Year 6 students and their parents prepare for starting high school. Being there will help you to better understand your child's experiences. Also keep a look out for other events at your child's prospective school which may help him or her learn about what high school is like. Our newsletter will provide more information on school activities. 3. Make sure travel arrangements to and from school are organised Organise travel passes. This will help to reduce any concern you may have about travel for your child. Talk about back-up travel arrangements – for example, what to do if your child misses a bus or train. 4. Discuss the changes every student will experience Emphasise that many people feel nervous about changing from a small primary school to a larger high school, and that there will be people at the school to help them adjust.


College Sacred Heart Each year at our Opening College Mass the names of every student and staff member is placed in the sacred heart to enjoy that that they are always prayed for during the year


5. Organise your child's uniform Well before the first day of school organise your son’s uniform. Having the new uniform will help your child feel a sense of belonging to the school from the first day.

for the following day. You will quickly encourage a good habit . 9. Discuss emergency and safety issues Talk about these issues – including crossing roads or taking essential 6. Learn about school routines medication – and timetables simply and without emotion. Allow your Talking to students already enrolled at child to contribute their views. Find out the school can be useful in finding out who the staff are at the school who can information about things such as help them on issues such as medication. sporting venues used by the school and school finishing times. Your school will 10. Let your child know that you trust also provide this sort of information to them and that they can trust you you at the orientation day and at the Keep communication open about all your beginning of the new school year. child's experiences, and make sure they know you're available if they need you. 7. Help your child to develop good Your child’s progress study habits Help your child to set aside a particular Reports play a vital role in telling you how time to study – somewhere private and your child is going at school. Student reports will be sent home to you at least quiet if possible. Work out a daily twice a year, usually at the end of terms 2 timetable that incorporates all your and 4, to give you a clear understanding of child's needs and interests. Regularly your child’s progress. The teachers and I viewed TV programs, club activities and will be more than happy to discuss your sport should all be part of the timetable. child’s progress with you. We we have an Ultimately they will need to manage their opportunity to discuss your sons progress own study and they can guide you in at our Interim report night in term 1. week ......encourage parents to telephone what is helpful for them. 8. Practise organisational skills In the first few weeks of high school you might want to check with your child that they have the right books and equipment

Sport Every Thrusday we have sport from 12.40 to 2.27 pm. After term 1 you will be able to try out for representative sport (MCS)Go ahead & try out for a team!

Year 7 Camp Meeting new friends


the school and speak to your sons year coordinatior if they wish to discuss any concerns or ideas they may have.

Keeping in touch with school activities Your child’s school will regularly send you newsletters, notes and invitations to school functions and parent meetings. Most of this information will be given to your child, with the expectation that they take it home to you.

makes it harder for them to keep up with lessons, and it also breaks their routine of learning. This can lead to your child losing confidence in class, and their level of achievement will quickly fall. If your child is absent please call our Absentee Hotline ..............and leave a message. Please note that if your need to take your Getting involved son away for a period of time you must Marist College Eastwood always welcome write to the Principal to seek his approval. parent involvement and support. The P & F Association provide a great opportunity to become involved in the life of the school . Writing school notes n If your child is absent, you need to write Meeting dates is published in the parent a note within seven days It must explain calendar of all meeting times. Getting why your child involved can be a great way to meet other missed school parents and school staff. Any help that you n Include how many days your child are able to offer will be appreciated. was away n Remember to include the date or dates Why get active in your school? n Place this in your sonʼs school bag Children feel better about school when they n Remind your son to give the note to see their parents getting to know their the teacher teachers and talking with them. Having n If your child is going to be away for more regular contact with your son;’s school will help to build a relationship to support your than three days please call the school to child’s learning. A positive home/school let the teacher know. You will still need relationship better allows your child’s needs to write a note when your son returns to be met Parents make many long-lasting to school friendships through school life. Being involved in the school community makes it Student support easier to find out information on where Your high school has a number of people particular resources may be found, Sharing and handy hints and helping your child to look programs in place that will help your child forward to high school make the move to high school. These include: Year Cooordinator, Attendance Attending school is compulsory. Please Homeroom teacher, Teachers, school make sure your child is not away from executive, school counsellors and school school unnecessarily, because this just


College ski and snowboard weekend Debating, Public Speaking & Marist Oratory Sociis mauris in integer, a dolor netus non dui aliquet, sagittis felis sodales, dolor sociis mauris, vel eu libero cras. Interdum at. Eget habitasse elementum est, ipsum purus pede class. Sodales nulla ante auctor excepturi wisi, dolor eros condimentum dis, sodales lacus nunc, at. In orci ligula suscipit.


Homework, a habit of study


administrative staff who are trained and available to help new students get adjusted to their new school. We suggest that you make a note of these people when you see them during the high school orientation program. n Special programs including: meetings and visits where primary school and high school staff get together to talk about students and teaching orientation programs in the high school at the start of Year 7 - student mentoring programs where Year 7 students are paired with older students for advice and support.

Each night boys will have homework, there is no such thing as no homework. Each boys is recommended to set aside time each day for study. in Year 7 this should be about 1 hour per day.

have a minor issue that you need to discuss, you may wish to speak to your child始s year coordinator or subject teacher in the first instance. If there is a bigger issue, or you believe that the original problem was not solved, please speak to the Assistant Principal. Depending on what the problem is, they may Great Male suggest that you speak to the school counsellor. Role models The school counsellor is an experienced person who has a degree in psychology and postgraduate qualifications in school counselling. They work with students, parents and teachers to help solve a range of problems ad assist students. Conversations between the counsellor and student is cofidential.

Problem solving If you are worried about something that affects your son and their schooling, or you






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In Year 7, your child will be introduced to some subjects they haven't experienced before and other subjects that may have a different approach and emphasis from primary school. They will also be expected to be more independent and self reliant than in primary school.

School Canteen & Uniform shop Our College is run by “Food Related� lunch orders can be done through the canteen. The Uniform shop is usually open on Tuesday from 12.00 - 3.00pm and Thursday from 9.00 - 12.30



Studying at Marist



graphics technology

In high school, subjects are typically

Food technology industrial technology

taught in 50 minute intervals called

information and software technology

‘periods’.Each subject will be taught for one or


two periods at a time. A class timetable will be

photographic and digital media

given to your child showing them when and

visual arts


where their subjects will be taught.The subjects offered at your public high school will

In Year 7, your child will be introduced to

depend on the number of students interested

some subjects they haven't experienced

in a particular subject and the expertise

before and other subjects that may have

available within the school. In order to be

a different approach and emphasis

eligible for their School Certificate at the end

from primary school. They will also be

of Year 10, students must study the following

expected to be more independent

subjects from Year 7:

and self reliant than in primary school.

Relifgion English Mathematics Science History Technology Mandatory Visual arts Music Personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE). Students in Year 7-10 may also be able to choose from the following elective subjects, most commonly offered in Years 9 and 10: Commerce

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College Diary Parents are asked to get to know your son’s diary. The Diary is the main communication with the teachers. Please make sure that you sign the diary each week.


Study & Homework


Timetables Some timetables may also be based on a ‘two week cycle’, with the lessons in Week 1 being different from those in Week 2. It's a good idea for your child to check their timetable when they get home every evening so they can be insure to pack their bag with everything they’ll need for the next day – such as books, writing materials, PE uniform and sporting equipment. Being prepared for the next school day cuts down on stress for both you and your child, especially when they're settling in. Try to spend some time each night in the first few weeks of school talking with them about school and going through their timetable with them, in preparation for the next day of work. Homework Your child will generally have homework set and as they move into more senior years the homework and study demands will increase. Homework reinforces work done in class and helps develop skills such as research and time management. It also helps to establish the habits of study, concentration and self discipline. You can help your child by: * taking an active interest in their homework * supporting them in setting aside time for homework * providing a dedicated place for homework and study if possible * assisting teachers to monitor homework by signing completed work if requested, and be aware of the amount of homework set * communicating any concerns to teacher about the nature of homework or your child's approach to homework * encouraging your child to read and take an interest in current events * alerting the school to any domestic circumstances or extracurricular activities which may need to be taken into consideration when homework is being set or marked.

Marist Old Boy’s Association Sociis mauris in integer, a dolor netus non dui aliquet, sagittis felis sodales, dolor sociis mauris, vel eu libero cras. Interdum at. Eget habitasse elementum est, ipsum purus pede class. Sodales nulla ante auctor excepturi wisi, dolor eros condimentum dis, sodales lacus nunc.

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EGESTA QUIS SET AHMET Malesuada eleifend, tortor molestie, a fusce a vel et. Aliquam amet est class. Each school develops its own homework policy in consultation with parents and carers. You can obtain a copy from your school. Remember, if problems occur or you have any questions about your child's learning, contact the school and arrange to talk with your child's teachers.

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Managing time Using time effectively is a very important skill for high school students. Time management doesn't only apply to serious work such as study. It can be applied to other lifestyle activities such as exercise, sporting activities, and even getting the most out of your leisure time. Encouraging your child to get into good habits now also lays the foundation for good habits later in life and work. It’s important to be realistic as new habits take time to develop. Basic time management includes drawing up a simple home timetable using a calendar to plan activities, study requirements, deadlines for assignments, listing of exam dates and other commitments. Setting a priority against each task is important to help them achieve goals, rather than being overwhelmed by what they have to do.

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Further Information

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For further information talk to your school

• • • •

principal, contact your regional office or go to

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MARIST COLLEGE EASTWOOD 44 Hillview Road Eastwood 2 Ph: Fax:

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