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Lymphatic Drainage Massage A Great Way to Control Your Lymphedema

Lymphatic drainage massage is a great therapy to supplement any other methods you are currently using to get relief from your lymphedema symptoms. It can be done in the home or another professional setting, and does not require anything but hands and a little knowledge of the lymphatic system. Though there are massage therapists who specialize in the correct ways to do the treatment, you may find that you can get enough relief from a self-massage. If you choose to do the drainage massage yourself, it's important to find out the correct method of massage.

Drainage massage is different than a normal massage, because it's specifically used to help increase the flow of lymph fluids in the sites where the person is suffering. A special technique is used when massaging the sites to prevent damage to the skin and promote the drainage of the collected lymph fluids. Light pressure is applied to sites where the lymph is to be moved rather than the hard pressure of a deep tissue massage, and then the massage therapist will gently work the lymph out of the affected areas. The technique of the lymphatic drainage massage is different than a normal massage, so it's important to take caution when trying to perform it yourself.

In manual drainage massage, lighter pressure is put on the lymph vessels to push the collected fluids out of the areas where they are collecting. A therapist with a certification in manual drainage massage will be able to perform the massage so that it's most effective. Using the correct amount of pressure is important because too much pressure can negatively disrupt the effectiveness of the lymph vessels you are trying to move the fluid through. If you have not been instructed on the correct method of massage, it may be better to find a massage therapist who has been certified on the correct way.

First, light pressure is applied to the areas where you intend for the lymph to move to. Preparation of the areas will help the collected fluids to drain easier. Then gentle, circular pressure is applied to the affected sites to promote the flow of the lymph fluids out of the body. When done correctly, the fluid should be drained out affected areas to the new vessels, relieving some of the symptoms associated with lymphedema.

Lymphatic drainage massage is a great method to consider as a treatment for your lymphedema if you are currently only using wraps or bandages. It can be used in addition to other methods since it is a gentle way of helping to clear fluid from the affected areas. The wraps and bandages are removed briefly so that the massage can be done, and then they are replaced. Talk to your doctor about using massage as a supplement to other methods of treatment.


Lymphatic drainage massage- a great way to control your lymphedema  
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