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Water is one of the main problems and sources of damage to a home and according to most home insurance companies, it is one of the most common reasons people are required to make claims on their home insurance. Water, if left without immediate repair, can cause serious problems to carpeting, walls, flooring, and framework and can make a home unlivable. However, a home that suffers water damage can be restored if treated and dried right away.

There are many causes of water damage but here are a few of the most common. Freezing temperatures at about ten degrees below zero can cause water pipes to freeze and then burst, causing severe flooding in many areas of the house. Another common cause happens to people with outdoor pools. A leak in the pool can cause flooding of the yard and flooding into the house as well. Heavy rainstorms can also be a source of severe water damage. Severe winds and rain can cause structural damage to your roof, which can impair the roof's ability to keep out water.

This will water to leak into your home, which can damage the walls and furniture and make electrical wiring a source of concern. Flash floods are also common. When a heavy rainstorm causes a lake or river to overflow its banks, homes located within the overflow area can be heavily damaged by water seepage. One of the more damaging events is when a sewer backs up and causes damage from water and other less desirable sources. Fortunately, most home restoration companies specialize in water removal and water damage restoration. Immediate action is the key to cleaning up water damage. Water causes the most trouble when left to sit.

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