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Various types of bay area hair extensions available You must have been baffled by the ever changing hairdos of well known celebrities of Bay area and wondering how they are able to sport so many different styles both long and short in such a short span of time; the secret is Bay area hair extensions! Now, you want to know all about hair extensions so that you too can benefit out of it! All about hair extensions Like everywhere else Bay area hair extensions too are made either of natural human hair or the synthetic man made fibers. The human hair variety surely costs more since it is real hair and very natural to look at and feel, last long and is easy to maintain and can be treated just like you would treat natural hair. You can wash, dry and style the human hair as you wish. The hair extensions are useful to add length or thickness to the existing hair and people who are facing severe hair fall or thinning are very happy to use extensions to enable them to have lovely hair of their choice in just minutes. Bay area hair extensions come in various colors and are numerically rated beginning from darkest to the lightest. These extensions are available in hairs of different textures and quality; good quality hairs are much expensive than the others. Bay area hair extensions use different techniques One is fusion extension that attaches the extensions with a hot glue gun and this stays good for about 3 months and requires the services of a licensed cosmetologist to maintain it. The second method of netting is commonly used in people with hair loss; here the technique involves braiding the existing hairs, a netted cap is placed over the scalp and the braids are pulled through this cap, finally the wefts are either sewed or glued on to the braids. Tracking is the third method utilized in cases where people have experienced extensive loss of hair. Tracking is more effective if the hair loss occurs in patches. Here the hair is braided in horizontal rows and the wefts sewn onto them. There are a lot of misconceptions in the minds of people regarding hair extensions and let us see some of the more common ones. Most people think that hair extensions are visible to other people, but this is not so they can be made to look extremely natural. Hair extensions will not stay in place; if it is done properly with a good adhesion method this will not occur.

Hair extensions are made out of cheap material; on the contrary they are made out of fine lace material just as in other hair pieces. There are many who think that hair extensions are completely DIY projects; this is not so, there are professionals who specialize in hair replacement and they are the best ones to go to for a professional job; they also guide you on how to maintain the extensions, when to wash and when to go for replacement, etc. If you are going in for Bay area hair extensions to overcome hair loss due to a medical condition, it is highly essential to consult your doctor to know if this is correct for you.

Bay area hair extensions  
Bay area hair extensions  

You must have been baffled by the ever changing hairdos of well known celebrities of Bay area and wondering how they are able to sport so ma...