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Can I help you? You are either receiving this book because I feel it’s worth being viewed by your eyes... or it was a complete accident that you found it. So, if it was the latter, feel free to dispose of it via your favorite method of fiery demise.

*have a nice day! :)


About me. Illustrator & Graphic Designer. Hello, my name is Daniel Creel and I love big and bold colors. I have a huge obsession with sweets and an affinity for skateboard culture. These passions are a major influence in my love of playing with shapes, manipulating composition and typography, and making things move. Viewer and consumer investment are a huge focus for me, and I love expressing the goals of a project through visual solutions. I have a passion for editorial and publication illustration, as well as motion works and short animations. These things help me with my inability to sit still. I received my BFA in Illustration and Minor in Graphic Design from SCAD. (P.S. I really like shapes, a lot, and you should definitely hire me. )


*yup, all true. hire me?

*the beach is nice though 4 CREEL

My home. I’m from the insanely crowded city of Miami, Florida. I used to say I hated everything about it. Sounds about right.


My workspace. Right: an artist’s depiction of my physical workspace in its cleanest and most organized form (unrealistic). I’ll come here to waste my life and time on the internet, play video games, and, on rare occasions, actually do work of some kind.

*skrrt skrrt



*place Daniel butt here

*must fix alignment...

My tools. These are my tools of the trade. They help me in many different ways and approaches to get those pesky ideas out of my head and onto the blank page. Unfortunately sometimes they’ll form a worker’s union in agreement with my hands and refuse to make anything good without first receiving adequate compensation as a raise or sufficient vacation time. I don’t appreciate it.



*my art for comparison

My inspiration. I’ve been drawing, watching cartoons, and playing video games from birth. You can even call my mom and ask her yourself. Here’s her number: 305.984.2090 Go ahead. Maybe freak her out and tell her I’m in trouble, hehe. CREEL 11

Thumbnails. Starting an assignment is always the hardest part: searching for an original idea and composition that fits my visual identity and will surprise my client... I mean that in a good way, hopefully.


My process. After the thumbnails and comps get approved by the client I can finally get something done. I then create an unnecessarily detailed vector version of the image.


*fun fact: I am legally blind which means staring at a screen for a living won’t be fixing anything anytime soon.


Details. Or what my friend David likes to constantly tell me is unnecessary and a waste of my time. Do I need new friends? Feel free to e-mail me to apply for the position.


*tap the glass, feel the power



Then just give it a lame (insanely cool) name! Maybe something like...

Toucan Troubleshooting. CREEL 19

Client <3 Last year

Haha, omg thanks for taking the time to read my process book! I hope this was in any way helpful or successful in helping you to understand what makes me tick and how I get things done. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re the best and I just canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wait to work with you in the future ;)

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Profile for Daniel Creel

My blurry vision.  

An illustrated process book of Daniel Creel's illustration process.

My blurry vision.  

An illustrated process book of Daniel Creel's illustration process.