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Daniel Coogan 2-10-11 Treatment Inside the cleanest police department in the State of New York, a young, determined, clumsy, and Jewish chief detective Israel Goldstein. Continuously and embarrassingly failing at cleaning the filthy suburban streets of East Meadow, Long Island, Israel’s boss threatens to fire him. Looking for crime solving inspiration, Israel watches his childhood favorite movie, Shaft. On the short ride to the local East Meadows hotspot for drug dealers Israel convinces his partner in crime fighting, Chao Peng, that the duo must use the same bad muther****** attitude Shaft used to sniff out and crush the streets most dangerous criminals. Dangerous drug busts and ending violent gang wars become the norm, and Israel’s new confident attitude gets noticed by NYPD. The most well-known police enforcement team in America has convinced Israel and his partner to come on board to catch New York City’s most infamous drug dealer, who refers to himself as the Visible Mirage. During the warm summer months of gathering leads on the suspect, Israel discovers a new talent he has picked up from his idol. Confidence with the ladies. His newfound ability to get more women than Bob Barker slows Israel down momentarily, but he’s too concerned with ending the largest drug movement in the history of the city to let women get in his way. In the observatory of the tallest building in the United States of America, Israel and Chao corner the Visible Mirage and challenge him to an old fashion fist-fight. He and his posse vs. Israel and Chao, no guns, knives or weapons allowed. An intense melee ensues as Israel and Chao take down nearly Visible Mirage’s entire posse. A final lengthy battle between the drug dealer and the once pee-on detective takes place. Blow after blow each man gets more and more exhausted until Israel channels his inner “Shaft” and kicks Visible Mirage out of the 95th story window.


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