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Document Protection with PDF Conversion: Password or Certificate Encryption? Wait before you send the newly created document whether it is a presentation, report, a spreadsheet or a confidential file if you are doubtful about the security of the content. Sure, that is one serious thought that may have struck you. Think again before you press that Enter button and place the document on a company server and share it on the internet because you should consider what would happen if the content is damaged? Or worse, what if an unauthorized person misuses the matter that you created with so much of hard work? One can use pdf converter to convert documents since portable document format is possibly the most secure of all the formats that could be utilized. It is with the means of encryption that data remains unreadable to all those who do not have the accessibility to it. The two forms of encryption that are utilized in such tools are password and certificate encryption. Read further to understand them better. Password encryption- This means that you activate a password to access the matter. The actions that are restricted if this is activated are: o Opening of the document. o Printing of the matter or altering resolution. o Alteration in the matter or make any form of comments upon the same along with the rest. Certificate encryption- It is with a digital certificate that you encrypt the document. This is an electronic message that is used to identify the sender uniquely. You would first need creating a digital ID and then exchange it with other users that are there on the trusted list. This is to grant permission to them so that they can access the matter in the document. Note: Inclusion of your own ID is necessary on the list or else you would not be able to access the data. There are definitely benefits of using it. One is that users with the access do not need password to open and view data. Sharing and copying of digital IDs is easy. There is no fear of forgetting and misplacing password. But alongside, there are a few downsides to it too. Advance notice is needed about who all would use the document. The application of this than password encryption is more complicated. Apart from these features, tools as well have other features to help you secure the data in your documents. One of them is digital signature and it is associated with digital ID. This works much like signatures on paper documents and is utilized to verify the signer of the document.

Document Protection with PDF Conversion: Password or Certificate Encryption?  

Since pdf is more secure, it has gained massive popularity which is the reason why a lot of people use it for the transfer of their importan...