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PDF professional - Merge Multiple PDF Files Into One document Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the most widely used formats because of many reasons. Most offices and workplaces make use of this format to ease storing and sharing of data and classified information. They might as well need to combine multiple PDF files into one, so many times, and for that they need a Professional PDF Converter. This software is really helpful in converting, creating and merging PDF documents with ease. Below-mentioned are the steps to use this software to merge multiple PDF documents into a single file1. Open the setup file, and install the software. 2. Once it is installed, run the program. Then click on 'Merge PDF', and a pop-up will appear where you will have to select the files for combining by clicking on 'Browse'. 3. You can select multiple files at one time and also decide their positioning. You can use the arrows given on the right-hand side of the pop-up box to select the placement of the data in the merged file. 4. After that, click on 'Merge', and again, a pop-up will appear for you to select the destination folder to save your merged file. 5. You have to select the format as .pdf to save the merged file, and your files are merged into a single PDF document. 6. You can also remove the selected files or file if you want from the 'Remove' or 'Remove All' button. Merging PDF files is extremely easy with this software, and it is a matter of just a few clicks. Your files are merged into a single file within seconds. The advantage of using this software to merge your PDF documents is that the formatting and layout of your original documents will not be affected. The file that is created after merging two or more files will be the exact replica of your original files. All the properties will remain intact in the created file. You might need to merge multiple reports into a single documents many a times where PDF Converter software comes in very handy. The merging of two or more PDFs also makes your data more manageable, and you can save it all in one file. This also means that you will not have to open multiple PDF files in different tabs, as you will be able to view all the content of various files in a single file in one tab. Therefore, making use of PDF professional to merge various files to make them more functional is a must.

PDF professional - Merge Multiple PDF Files Into One document