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HOMEWORK FOR EASTER 1. The photocopy I gave you to revise Unit 7. 2. Reading the short story Dickon the Devil (Stories of Ghosts and Mystery) and doing the activities from the book. The exam will be right after holidays. Activities from the book: Page 4, num. 6; page 11, num. 1; page 23, num. 1; page 44, num. 1. 3. The following activities from the student’s book: Page 83, num. 1; page 84, num 1 and 2; Page 100, num. 1 and 3; Page 101, num 1 and 2. 4. Unit 7 from the Macmillan website.

You should have already done some of these activities, so it is not that much.

homework for easter  

homeworok for easter

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