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The Energetic EXECUTIVE

A one day programme for: Executives, CEOs and high performance workers – ideal for those who work more than 50 hours a week.

The Energetic EXECUTIVE

A revolutionary training programme designed to enable you to have it all The Energetic Executive is a training program designed to improve the performance and wellbeing for the city professional. Created to meet the needs of executives and CEOs working demanding hours while juggling multiple accountabilities, this program is ideal for executives and mangers who work in excess of 50 hours per week. In fact this course was created for investment bankers, lawyers and management consultants.

“A great experience. I started to see where my body stores stress and how to release it. By the end of the session I was feeling totally relaxed and peaceful and ready to face next week’s to do list with a clear head and positive frame of mind.” Mel Larsen – Marketing Consultant

The World of work has changed. • The speed of information has increased while at the same time organisations are under pressure to produce more with less resources. • People are working harder and longer than ever before, in fact over 30% of the British work force clock in more than 48 hours a week. • The consequences of working long hours is that people experience feeling too exhausted to do all the things they want to in life. • After prolonged periods of time people can feel physically, emotionally or mentally burnt out. • The impact on organisations is a lack of engagement, a diminution in productivity and an increase in employee turnover. • Given the competitive nature of most businesses this long hour culture is not likely to go away. • However there are practical solutions that can be taken to minimize the toll on wellbeing while improving performance. • The traditional methods of dealing with this, stress management courses or a well needed break, merely regulate a problem, they do not provide an effective solution.

The Energetic EXECUTIVE


When the duration of the working day goes into double digits hours, it becomes increasingly important to strike the balance between performance, wellbeing and quality of life.

HAVE YOU BEEN trying to do more with the same amount of time? It’s time to shift the focus to energy.

Do you feel as if it is impossible to achieve a sense of work life balance?

• We have limited time and busy schedules but often it is the available time that really makes a difference.

• When we work longer hours we obviously have less time for recovery and other things

• Having time when you are feeling exhausted is of little use to you.

• However work strategies employed by many executives exacerbate the problem and can lead to overwhelm and even burnout

• We get more work done when we are feeling fresh and energetic as opposed to when we are tired.

• Are you familiar with these practices? Constantly being connected to email, skipping lunch and not getting enough sleep?

• So it is the amount of energy we have that makes the difference, the more energy you have the more capacity you have to get things done.

• These practices are not consistent with the body’s natural biological rhythms and can cause stress. • With extreme cases we can be drawn into a cycle of stress, where performance, wellbeing and quality of life are impacted.

“It HAS helped me sleep a lot better and changed my whole perspective on the number of hours sleep I get. I used to think of myself as a late night person, and then converted myself into a morning person, and now what I get is that I am not restricted by either and its all my perception. – All in all, I loved it.”

• By learning to manage our energy we can increase our performance. • By focusing on renewing energy we can increase both our productivity and our available time - Time when you have energy to make the most of it. • Our capacity for energy can be increased and through training we can learn to develop your ability to renew our energy. THE ENERGETIC EXECUTIVE PROVIDES A UNIQUE SOLUTION IN THE WORLD OF ENERGY MANAGEMENT AND PERFORMANCE MANAGENT

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The Energetic EXECUTIVE

TheRE are 4 elements of performance Mastering one of these will have a significant impact on performance, and wellbeing. the mastery of all of these will increase YOUR available time.





Managing Energy • Using simple techniques including, breathing, body mindfulness and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) you will discover how you can tap into and increase your energy at will.

Productivity Strategies • Is it clear that getting things done effectively improves performance. • Using the latest scientific research on how the mind and body works at its most optimum, we have developed strategies to enable you to increase your performance where it is critical. • We use proven research on how the brain works to increase the absorption of information and the ability to focus and concentrate hence increasing productivity.

De-Stress • Everyone gets stressed whether they notice it or not. Stress impacts our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, and influences our productivity. Stress reduces our capacity for energy. By learning to reduce our stress we can increase our energy levels. Based in biological and neuro scientific research, you will learn how to control your natural stress response to facilitate de-stressing.

Recovery • Elite athletes do not train at 100% all the time they know the value of recovery. However often corporate workers will work harder without adequate rest breaks. By incorporating adequate recovery periods in your daily, weekly and monthly schedule you can improve your performance and sense of wellbeing. • In this module we teach you how you can improve your ability to recover in line with the body’s natural cycle.

“This really helps when you actually are in a high pressure situation with a lot on the line - For a recent major deadline I took on the recommendations for thriving on less sleep with more to do, rather than suffering through it. I took on using and directing the energy that this big deadline was generating to my advantage. Whereas before, quite a lot of time would have gone on coping mechanisms, using the techniques in this book I was better able to direct my energy where it was needed - at getting the job done. This meant I got the job done better in less time, and still had time to do other things as well. I never once went into running on empty mode during a two month intense stretch, a zone I would normally inhabit for at least a month!” KEVIN WILLIAMS – COUNSEL INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM

The Energetic EXECUTIVE

Based on the book The Energy EquatioN The Energy Equation – More energy, more time and more ways to get more done. • 30% of us work more than 48 hours per week. As we try to pack more things into our day, we become increasingly stressed, overworked and tired. • Most people finish their working day too exhausted to do anything much more than eat, watch TV and fall in to bed. It’s hardly a recipe for fulfilment and it’s something that everyone wishes they could change. • The Energy Equation explains how we all have the potential to get 15-19 hours of fully-energised waking hours from our day, and shows us just how to achieve it. • The opportunity for more productive, industrious and efficient waking hours is a persuasive promise and will resonate with the thousands of people wishing they had more energy and more time to get more done.

Designed by a former investment banker for investment bankers, strategy consultants and city lawyers. • Daniel Browne is an author and director of City Performance Coaching. • A former investment banker and strategy consultant, Daniel created this unique energy management program after a career in banking working 70+ hour weeks. • Initially looking for a way to become more productive and sleep less, Daniel studied many eastern techniques as well as neuroscience to create a course that balances the need for performance but also recovery and balance. • This program comes from first hand experience of working in “the trenches”.

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The Energetic EXECUTIVE

The program benefits individuals as well as the team The Energetic Executive course is designed for individuals and teams and will bring benefits to both the individual and the organisation. Benefit to Individuals • Greater resilience to stressful situations. • More energy and improved performance at work. • More time and a better quality of life. • Feeling more rested and less frazzled.

Benefit to Organisations

Taught in one day these practices are designed to fit into an already packed schedule. • The course was designed for people with no time to spare - even if you are working 18 hours a day you can still do the practices which can be done in between the gaps in your day. • The course is modular in design so can be taught over one day or several modules on different days. • The Energetic Executive can also be tailored for individuals and teams.

• Improved employee engagement.

• Supported by multimedia resources that you can use outside of the classroom.

• A reduction in stress related illnesses.

• Optional follow up executive coaching support.

• Increased peformance.

“Daniel Browne’s book is a must read for anyone who has ever felt tired of being tired. Through compelling examples, practical exercises and a multimedia support system, the Energy Equation is the kickstart to living your life with passion!” Steven D’Souza, former organisation and development manager Merrill Lynch

The Energetic EXECUTIVE

The Energetic Executive IN Summary Who is it for? • High performance executives and managers looking to better manage their performance and wellbeing. • CEOs and managing directors. • Anyone working in excess of 50 hours a week.


Taught in one day or 1/4 day modules.

• Optional follow up sessions. • Classroom in-house or external location.

Created to meet the needs of executives and CEOs working in demanding JOBS juggling multiple accountabilities

• Groups of up to 20 people. • Can be taught as one-to-one coaching sessions.

Is this course right for you? • Do you work more than 50 hours a week? • Are you a high performance worker looking to better manage your performance and wellbeing? • Would you like to have more time for activities outside of work, e.g family and fun?. • Are you looking to maintain your performance and avoid burnout?

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The Energetic Executive Brochure  

Brochure on the Energetic Executive course run by City Performance Coaching

The Energetic Executive Brochure  

Brochure on the Energetic Executive course run by City Performance Coaching