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With almost 40 vehicles at the INTERSCHUTZ 05, IVECO MAGIRUS displays a fireworks of news and improvements – from the innovative portable fire engine to the largest air crash tenders and aerial ladder platform vehicles. More details on the following pages.







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You also ? Then read page 5.

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See pages 2 and 3.

See page 4.

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„Your Vision is our Mission“




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New Fa Built for extreme operational use and a long fire


The new IVECO fire fighting chassis generation in the NEW FACE is characterized by a large number of practical benefits and advantages indispensable for everyday fire service operation. The new outfit featuring an air deflector system in the front area of the vehicle, white steel bumpers and anti-skid step grids, as well as the modern interior vehicle design with new upholstery fabrics and a clearly laid out cluster of instruments, both show that this new type of chassis has been developed in full compatibility with market and user requirements.

Above all, the effect of this is felt in the case of the new noise insulation in the interior. Radio communications and the information exchange among the crew are not detrimentally affected by loud driving and auxiliary noise. All control elements in the instrument panel area are arranged such that they are located in operationally ergonomic positions and can be operated even when wearing operating gloves; the new series standard BaseLine instrument panel display has been generously and clearly designed with non-dazzle illumination during night time operation.


ce service life

The low engine tunnel in the cab provides the unique possibility of a continuous 3-person-seat bench – and this whilst offering the most generous headroom possible! The crew cab has been completely designed as a full steel construction, primed in a cataphoresis full immersion bath for excellent corrosion protection and equipped with a large number of stowage locker options. The chassis option – on-road operation or four wheel drive (offroad operation) – can be selected according to requirements.

The 4x4 version features a permanent four-wheel drive, thus offering increased driving safety in all situations and an increased ground clearance due to the external planetary-drive axles. The 4x2 version features an ergonomically optimised chassis with optimised spring-anddamper unit agreement. And that, moreover, IVECO MAGIRUS fire service vehicles are simply good-looking is impressively demonstrated in this newsletter. 3

MultiTrailer A c l eve r c o m b i n a t i o n

Clever – pragmatic – economic – efficient Do not complain, act! This is a principle which MAGIRUS has always followed. In financially straitened times, economic and pragmatic concepts are required – for major budgets as well as minor budgets, for large as well as small fire service departments. Due to the introduction of the new EU driving license standard, the latter have additional problems as the class B / BE (formerly class 3) driving licenses no longer permit their holders to drive vehicles above 7.49 t. Against this background, our MultiTrailer concept was created. The combination of a four-door IVECO DAILY double cab vehicle, powered by 166 hp, with a single axle or two-axle semi-trailer that can be individually equipped has several advantages.

Superstructure variants


1. Can be driven with a class BE driving license (up to 8.75 t total permissible vehicle weight) 2. Modular loading options increase the operational versatility e.g.TSF-W module, oil pollution fight module, or technical assistance module 3. Increased payload for equipment and fire fighting means 4. Tactically flexible in operation and compatible with existing roll container systems 5. Crew relay team 1/5 6. Low cost alternative to the interchangeable body system The superstructure variants shown here are examples only and can be supplemented at any time by additional configurations. What is additionally conceivable is that

the MultiTrailer system is ideally implemented in combination with other local government facilities such as the municipal civil engineering department or municipal nursery.

IVECO Daily – Powerful shoulders to lean on 왘 3.5 t chassis with rear wheel drive 왘 Ultramodern common rail four cylinder series Diesel engine 왘 Motor variants from 136 – 166 hp

왘 5 or 6 gear ZF manual transmission fitted as standard 왘 Automated Daily AGile transmission with 6 gears and without a clutch pedal 왘 Electronic stability program ESP 8


DLK 23-12 CS GL-T (Telescope)


1,200 mm

The task before us was clear: to develop an even greater operational usefulness and benefit for the articulated arm turntable 4,700 mm ladder. The result is impressive: an increase in overhang, an increase in the rescue and working heights, an increase in the underfloor depth, an increase in operational possibilities. Briefly, the principle can be explained as follows. In the articulated section of the ladder set, there is mounted a telescoping 1,200 mm long ladder section that can be extended continuously by means of 2 hydraulic cylinders (including the telescope water pipe); in this way the telescope arm is extended to 4.7 m.

The MAGIRUS DLK 23-12 CS GL-T (= telescope) features all the advantages of the new MAGIRUS turntable ladder generation such as e.g. active vibration damping by means of CS technology. Memory control and continuous control via the main and cage control stations. Result:The new DLK 23-12 CS GL-T features an impressive increase in performance values. The rescue height is increased from 28.8 m to 30 m – the work height from 30.6 m to 32.00 m – the length of the articulated section from 3.5 m to 4.7 m – the underfloor depth from 7.3 m to 8.2 m. This large number of added values and operational advantages fully benefits the fire service departments in their daily operating tasks.

M AG I R U S A L P a e r i a l l a d d e r p l a t f o r m s : m o r e t h a n j u s t a n a l t e r n a t i ve f o r t u r n t a b l e l a d d e r s

A completely further developed aerial ladder platform series, modified in important details, is available to fire service departments with immediate effect. From 27 to 54 m rescue height, with or without fire fighting facilities, and with a wide range of equipment options, the MAGIRUS ALP (Aerial Ladder Platform) series also offers the latest control technology, proven in turntable ladder construction, and the greatest possible user friendliness and ergonomics. Chassis variants of 2 to 4 axles also provide for large platform superstructures and a wide range of special solutions. The rescue and work platform is equipped with 2 multi-function columns for the optional installation of stretcher mounting, lighting units, fans or lowering boom; the permanently fitted monitor is fed by a telescope water line.

A wheelchair compatible opening at the front end, memory control, and colour control display with a surface suitable for gloves illustrate the suitability of the conception of the MAGIRUS ALP series for practical operational requirements.


MAGIRUS hooks up JERG! What can be expressed so informally in the “interchangeable body language” signifies in concrete detail: MAGIRUS and the roll-off container specialist JERG, with a registered business address in the vicinity of Ulm, offer fire service departments with immediate effect not only the complete range of currently used roll-off containers and loading platforms but also the know-how and manufacturing competence for completely new configurations. Each roll-off container is produced precisely in accordance with the specifications and requirements of the customer and supplied in the highest processing quality. Well-known references at home and abroad provide ample proof that JERG is one of the very best in roll-off container construction.

FireFlex: Our response to impassable terrain. Operations away from made up roads, in steep terrain, on embankments, and in moors require a vehicle that is capable of perfect performance under these extreme conditions.The MAGIRUS FireFlex is extremely manoeuvrable on the one hand, with a top speed of up to 40 km / h and, due to good traction, an amazing capability to climb; on the other hand, it is a genuine universal all-round vehicle with a wading depth of up to 60 cm. The superstructure built up in the MAGIRUS AluFire system can be mounted or dismounted in module form, optionally usable as a fire fighting or emergency assistance module, with an optimum ergonomic adaptation to the handling characteristics of the vehicle. A fire extinguishing agent volume of up to 1000 l, a permanently installed pump for roof monitor and quick attack facilities (water and foam / CAFS) provide the FireFlex with the fire fighting capability for an efficient first attack; additional payloads such as breathing protection apparatus, fittings, and hose material round off the actual equipment load on the vehicle. The MAGIRUS FireFlex is produced in close cooperation with the offroad vehicle specialist Kässbohrer.

We h ave r e i nve n t e d t h e por table fire engine. The designation Portable Fire Engine (TS) is probably understood in literal terms by all firemen, thinking of the “portable” weight of just under 200 kg that they have to carry when using the device. All the more reason for us to develop an engine offering not only hitherto unreached performance values but at the same time reduces the weight of a standard TS 8-8 by approximately 50 kg (!) – with absolutely no reduction in performance, remember! The MAGIRUS 3 cylinder aluminium engine with an electronic fuel injection system, lambda control, and a capacity of 1.4 l delivers 72 hp at 4,150 revs/min. A special lubrication system guarantees that the engine is sufficiently supplied with lubricant at all times – even in the case of extreme inclination angles in impassable terrain. The new portable fire engine MAGIRUS FIRE 3000 is produced in a light construction design that has been proven in racing, and, in combination with the proven MAGIRUS pump components it becomes a high performance “pump power station” for “hot” situations.


NEWS FireDos ® / FireChief IVECO MAGIRUS now offers two excellent foam compound mixing systems. Whilst the permanently installed FireDos® system has been proven in many fire fighting vehicles, the mobile pressure mixing unit FD-DZ is a new product in the market and can be said to be a real novelty. It replaces or supplements the standard mixing systems Z 2, Z 4, and Z 8, and in particular eminently suitable for municipal fire service departments. Fire service departments with an increased operational requirement for fire extinguishing foam, such as e.g. in refineries or on airports, can use the FoamChiefSystem which – based on FireDos® technology – is capable of producing large quantities of various different types of foam with different mixing rates in parallel within the same system. The system is purely waterdriven and does not require an additional engine.

The time has come for new foam compound mixing systems

! W E N

Four letters, a single concept: All-in-One.

Fire – Rescue – Ambulance – Personnel, in short FRAP, is a vehicle concept with a wide range of different possibilities for first operations on the scene and fast attack capability in different emergency situations such as e.g. road traffic accident, minor fires, or first responder tasks. The FRAP is particularly suitable for fire service departments in rurally structured areas with long journeys to the scene and poor water supplies, as well as a combination vehicle in rescue operations for professional fire service departments. Additional operational uses can be airports, major industrial plants or disaster protection at home and abroad. In addition to technical fire service equipment payloads, the vehicle is also equipped with hydraulic rescue equipment and a separate medical compartment with medical emergency equipment and patient stretchers. The crew consists of max. 9 persons. What is new with FRAP is the power supply: a unit – comprising a generator and a gel battery – which provides for a full 230 V power supply (2,000 W) over a period of at least 2 hours even when the vehicle is not operational, e.g. when the engine is turned off.

The Formula 1 Feeling To sit at the wheel of a Formula 1 racing car just this once and to savour the sheer fascination of Formula 1 Racing ... DREAM NO LONGER – COME FORWARD ! At its trade fair stand, IVECO MAGIRUS offers you the opportunity to put your Formula 1 racing car through its paces by completing a few sizzling rounds on our simulator. Ask our staff for vouchers! And come quickly – demand is expected to be high!

Air supremacy for fire services or

3 safe routes to the top Daily at 10.00 hrs am, 13.00 hrs pm, and 15 hrs pm Stand FG 17 – IVECO MAGIRUS Free entry! Available space: extremely limited!


Our airport reception command The requirements demanded by the International Aviation Authority ICAO of air crash tenders are stringently high and based on definitions with worldwide applicability. Our air crash tenders cover the entire spectrum of fire fighting and fire protection and offer solutions of twin axle, triple axle and four axle vehicles with fire extinguishing agent volumes of up to 12,000 l. High performance roof monitors and front monitors for the use of water, foam, and powder. Self-protection fire fighting systems and pump units with a capacity of up to 10,000 l / min provide our air crash tenders with a very convincing effectiveness. The IVECO common rail Diesel engines, with their 1,000 hp, accelerate our fire fighting giants from 0 to 80 km / h in just 23 seconds; the excellent all terrain capability of the vehicles ensures that fires can be fought effectively and fast even away from made-up roads.

DLK 52 CC-S: Our largest ladder – now with folding cage


The largest turntable ladder by MAGIRUS, DLK 52 CC,

cage RK 270 S fitted permanently at the tip of the

is very much in demand worldwide due to its absolute

ladder.This again shortens the retooling periods.

reliability, and is ordered in ever larger quantities by

In future, the DLK 52 CC-S will be mounted on the

customers. A new feature is provided by the folding

new IVECO Trakker chassis.


FireFloh: Compact but gigantic!

Flexibility reigns supreme! Whether in offroad operations, in narrow objects, roads, and lanes, or even on water: the wide range of operational uses provided for by the FireFloh’ hardly knows any limits. The variable and mobile superstructure concept for the rear and front areas illustrate this impressively. Using a rapid changeover frame, a wide range of different mountings can be implemented at the rear end, e.g. with TS, loading platform, hose container, or grid boxes. In the front area also, individual solutions can be implemented that range from breathing protection apparatus via a fire extinguishing system up to the medical emergency case.When crewed by 2 persons, the FireFloh reaches a very considerable top speed of 90 km / h.


MAGIRUS Driving safety systems

The name says it all

An auxiliary rear axle steering increases the agility of the MultiStar.

What was a mere study many years ago is a reality today: lifting platform rescue vehicles and fire fighting or special vehicle all combined into a single vehicle. In operation, the new MAGIRUS MultiStar offers to fire service departments tactical and economic alternatives to the existing vehicle concepts and, in part, opens up completely new operational uses. Unique underfloor values of the telescope mast in combination with the immediate availability of fire fighting agents and technology are only one aspect that you should take into account when examining the vehicle exhibited at our trade fair stand. And if you wish to know whether the MultiStar has been proven under real operation conditions, we will be pleased to provide references.

ZF-Steyr / MAGIRUS ADM – Automatic Drive-train Management Fully automatic system for activating and deactivating the differential locks whilst the vehicle is in motion 왘 왘 왘 왘 왘

Increased driving safety Provides relief to the driver 100% physical traction available Material protection Maximum tensile force and mobility

Turns all drivers into a highly skilled professional force. Suitable for all IVECO MAGIRUS fire fighting chassis from 100 E 21 W

ZF-Sachs CDC – Continuous Dumping Control System for electronic chassis control and adaptation of the vehicle dampers to the respective driving situation.

왘 Increased driving safety in critical driving situations 왘 Improved economic efficiency by protecting the material and thus reducing maintenance costs Brings high performance safely onto the road. Suitable for all IVECO Stralis and Trakker chassis.


IVECO MAGIRUS tank pumper vehicles: Diversity instead of standard solutions IN THIS




According to the latest standard: TLF 20 / 40 with single tyres – also optimally suitable for offroad operations The IVECO MAGIRUS tank pumper vehicles are characterised by their wide range of different options for chassis and superstructure, type and volume of fire extinguishing agent, as well as the size of the crew and additional payloads. From the TLF 20 / 40, equipped with single tyres and water / foam monitors, extremely suitable for offroad operations, to the TLF 1000 based on a road chassis, IVECO MAGIRUS offers a wide range of variants for municipal and industrial use. Accordingly, there is also the option specifying individual requirements for equipment with all standard fire extinguishing agents such as water, foam, CAFS, powder, or CO2. Naturally, our “specialists” such as FireDos®, FoamChief or Callies are used here, always in combination with our high performance MAGIRUS low pressure or high pressure pump ranges.

Bavarian power plant model – Made by LOHR MAGIRUS

The Taufkirchen Fire Service Dept., in Taufkirchen near Munich, has just opted for a HLF 20/16 with very superior features: IVECO MAGIRUS 140 E 28 all terrain chassis, single tyres, with excellent offroad capability +++ Aluminium crew cab +++ cambered equipment locker superstructure in the AluFire system +++ rear end door instead of shutters +++ 2 swivelling single person reels +++ 2000 l water tank and 200 l foam tank +++ fully automatic MAGIRUS rear end pump MPN 10-2000 with CAN bus networked control panel +++ CAFS system +++ removable water / foam monitor +++ quick attack “air” by 25 m compressed air reel +++ pneumatic light mast 2 x 1,500 W +++ road traffic warning device at the rear end of the vehicle

Cavity Hohlrad

Planetary gear Planetenrad

Standard up to 100 E 21 W: permanent fourwheel drive with external planetary-wheel drive

Axle drive shaft Achswelle

Sun gear Sonnenrad


Any questions ? If so, we look forward to meeting you at our trade fair stand!


Three is best! As in all areas of fire service vehicle construction, more than ever before crew cabs are built to individual specifications. For decades now, IVECO MAGIRUS has been the sole manufacturer to offer his own complete cab, in a full steel design and construction, which is exclusively used on IVECO chassis. Primed in cataphoresis immersion baths and provided with a multicoat paint finish, these cabs are considered to be among the safest and best cabs in the world. As an alternative, we offer an aluminium cab which is docked onto the existing driver’s cab by means of a striking white connection element.These cabs are produced by LOHR MAGIRUS for all IVECO MAGIRUS vehicles including chassis by other manufacturers. The third option is the crew module within the equipment locker superstructure. Here, in addition to the standard doors – in analogy to the variants already described –, use is also made of modern bus doors with extensive window areas.The connection to the driver and vehicle captain is ensured by a flexible docking shroud.

LOHR MAGIRUS aluminium crew cab

MAGIRUS cab in full steel design

MAGIRUS integrated cab with roto-translating door

Daily Best News The IVECO Daily develops more and more into a vehicle which is highly popular with fire service departments. The reasons for this development are many and complex. On the one hand, the IVECO Daily series is optionally available with a Euro-4 compatible engine fitted as standard with a soot filter, natural gas powered engine, or a 166 hp HPT engine. On the other hand, the proven 6 gear transmission provides the driving comfort required by fire service departments. For those who require even more comfort, the new automatic transmission AGile is now available. In addition to the standard road chassis variant, an all terrain 4-wheel drive version with high ground clearance is available to fire and rescue services. Low consumption and emission values, extended service intervals, reliability, and a long service life are further reasons for selecting the Daily as a chassis for your fire service vehicles: this choice is simply best news for your cost centre! Whether as a compact fire fighting vehicle, or an advance equipment vehicle, as a crew transporter or command vehicle: you will not be disappointed by the IVECO Daily!


NEWS CONRADler shandy quenches your trade fair thirst! Ulm has not only been the first address for fire service vehicles over the past 140 years but it has also been the home of Gold Ochsen over the past 4 centuries, one of the major breweries in Southern Germany. It was more than natural therefore to offer our guests at the IVECO MAGIRUS trade fair stand a liquid refreshment coming from Ulm which is as refreshing as it is physically agreeable. Traditionally, there is nothing better than the “Radler” (so-called in Southern Germany) – a mixed drink consisting of beer and lemonade. And as the first name of the founder of MAGIRUS was Conrad, it practically suggested itself to call “our” shandy “CONRADler”. In this sense, it’s “Cheers” from us and we wish you a few happy hours at our trade fair stand!

The last word ...


If you wish to receive further information, please send this voucher to IVECO MAGIRUS, Magirusstraße 16, 89077 Ulm, Fax 07 31 / 4 08 24 10 or simply hand it in at our Stand P33, Open Area G17.


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