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TELESTAIR Telescopic Ladder Certified as to EN 1147 „Portable Ladders for Fire Fighters“

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TELESTAIR Telescopic Ladder The Rosenbauer telescopic ladder TELESTAIR is very versatile and extremely simple to use. All rungs can be used at a maximum height of 4.10 m, however, the ladder can also be employed with any intermediate length.

• 2-person-rescue ladder according to EN 1147 • Ideal for small and fast vehicles, command cars and first responder because of its very small transport dimensions (900 x 520 x 105 mm): will fit in any tank or compartment • Universally deployable, for example in narrow stairwells during inside fire attacks, accidents involving buses, trains or trucks, and for reconnaissance and rescue operations Safety system: hands and fingers are protected against injury when the ladder is slid together. Safety gap: approx. 40 mm

Anodized rungs and stringers, rung holders of red, fiberglass-reinforced synthetic material, anti-slip rubber feet at lower end, rubber caps at tip.

Data Number of rungs


Transport dimensions

900 x 520 x 105 mm

Rung spacing

300 mm

Max. functional height

4100 mm

Intermediate height

900 bis 4100 mm

Transport length

900 mm


15 kg

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TELESTAIR TelescopicLadder CertifiedastoEN1147„Portable LaddersforFireFighters“


TELESTAIR TelescopicLadder CertifiedastoEN1147„Portable LaddersforFireFighters“