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Level: t e g r a T

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Welcome to your first Year 8 Humanities

Independent Study


Homework just got



Over the next year you will receive one piece of independent study work per term. Each piece of work will be a combined Humanities project with History, Geography and RE tasks based around a central theme. In each piece of work set you will be given a

success criteria for the task

and a diary to complete to help you organise your work. These pieces of work should take you about five hours to complete and will need about an hour per night once they have been set. The tasks set have been

carefully selected by your teachers so that they compliment the work that you are learning in lessons and develop your independent

learning skills.

Your work may be given a national curriculum level and will be both

self teacher assessed and


. Your teacher will give

quality feedback after each piece of work to help you

improve your Humanities skills.

All of the available resources and hyperlinks for the activities in this booklet can be found on the school website

Autumn Term Humanties I.S. Task Plains American Magazine Madness Your Project Your task is to design a magazine that includes at least three separate articles covering a different aspect of Plains American lifestyle and culture.

Hello! I am Great Humanity, editor-in-chief of a very important magazine. We’ve got a deadline to meet, time is money and Wakan Tanka grows impatient!

To be successful you must meet a strict criteria that covers both the content of your magazine (what’s in it!) and it’s presentation (what it looks like!). The best bit about this project is that what you write about in your articles is entirely up to you, don’t like buffalos, then don’t write about the hairy beasts! Lastly, the really amazing part is that on the next page Great Humanity has included a checklist for you to complete as you work on the task and a guide to how you can achieve different levels on this I.S. task.

Self assessment Does my magazine have a front cover? Have I thought of a relevant and catchy name for my magazine? Does my magazine include a contents page? Does my magazine make relevant use of pictures/ maps/diagrams? Does my magazine compare Native American life to western lifestyles? Does my magazine have a variety of articles that include elements of Geography, RE and History? Does my magazine tell me about more than 3 aspects of Native American life? Level

What I have to do


You have demonstrated a good all round knowledge of most aspects of Native American life but you have not gone into detail and depth with any of your work. Your work is reasonable in terms of presentation and you have used a variety of methods to present it


As with a Level 4 but you have shown a more in depth understanding of one aspect of Native American life, e.g. warfare


Level 6 work will use a variety of ways to display your knowledge, e.g. Pictures, text, diagrams, charts. Your work will show in depth knowledge of at least 3 aspects of Native American life. It should be interesting to read but also informative.


Level 7 work will do all of Level 6 but it will also be more analytical – this means it doesn't just describe what Native American life, it compares Native American life to other lifestyles and forms opinions about the lifestyle

Help! What will i have to write about in my articles? Lifestyle Articles

Problem page


Quiz, crosswords, competitions

Star of the week

Recipes Fashion Moral dilemmas

Interviews with famous Plains Americans

Travel reviews

It’s up to you but you must write at least three different articles!

Hey! I, Great Humanity, command you to use the websites below to assist you further!

estylerev1.shtml size/history/shp/americanwest/lif ns Americans live Good overview of where the Plai ligionrev1.shtml size/history/shp/americanwest/re Good for religion and values estylerev1.shtml size/history/shp/americanwest/lif Good for lifestyle tiveamericansrev1.shtml size/history/shp/americanwest/na Good for society

www.schoolhistor Loads of teaching resources on every aspect of Plains American life and culture A very detailed wikipedia overview A good overview of the Plains Americans but quite basic. Desig ned for younger children

Now remember, this is a magazine you are creating so you should really make a paper copy. The magazine should be A4 sized and made to look like a real magazine with pages that turn and stuff, so, if you need paper to make your magazine, see your teacher. and they will happily provide you with the resources needed. If preferred, you can produce your work electronically just remember to email it to your teacher, upload to the cloud or hand it in on a flash drive if printing is going to be an issue.

Good luck!

Use the diary to help organise your History I.S. Day

What you should be doing


Reading through project objectives. 1

Begin research Research themes for articles


Come up with name for magazine and ideas for layout 3

Begin write up of articles Continue write up


Adding pictures, leaflets, etc. Checking for accuracy. Finish write up and complete self assessment


I’ve done this bit we


I’ve done this bit ok

Organising and assessing your work

I could have done it better

While you are completing your I.S. you should check off when you have completed each part of the project. In this way you can keep on top of your work and meet the deadline for handing in set by your teacher. When you have finished your work, the first thing that you should do is self assess your work. You can do this by simply traffic lighting how you think you did for each part of the project in the table above. After this, look back at the level descriptors on the previous page and highlight any of the evidence that you think is seen in your work. Lastly complete the self assessment review on the next page.

N/C Level:

Things that I did well:

______ __________________ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __________ __________ __________________ __________________ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ______ __________________ __ __ __________________ __ __ __ __ __ __ ____ ______________ __________________ __ __________________ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ____________ ________ __________________ __________________ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ________ __________________

Things that i could do better next time:

___________________________ ___________________________ ______________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ______________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___ ___________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ______________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ______________

Things that I enjoyed:

_______________ __________________ _______________ __________________ _______________ __________________ _______________ __________________ _______________ __________________ _______________ __________________

Things that I am proud of:

___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ _ ___________ ___________ ___________ _ ___________ ___________ ___________ _ ___________ ___________ ___________ _ ___________ ___________ ___________ _ ___________ ___________ _

Your teacher will comment below after checking your work Excellent

Did you attempt all activities? Did you reach your target grade? Was the presentation acceptable? Was it handed in on time? How well did you assess your work? Comment:



Needs improvement

Year 8 Humanities IS  

It's about the Plains Americans

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