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Viva San Pedro !

Friday’s Edition

Viva San Pedro

“Hay Pan” the Banana Bread Story ! You cant avoid it. If you are alive and in San Pedro, you will be offered “Pan de banano”. This tradition is as old as tourism in this town. The “bread ladies” as we call them wander the street looking for hungry customers that will let the temptation win, reach into their pocket and pay for a banana bread or a cinnamon bun to satisfy their momentary need. The bread ladies are good business women. Do not tell them “I’ll buy one tomorrow” if you have no intention to do so, because they will remember you. They will remember who you are and what you promised the day before. Don’t think you can fool them that easily. A couple of years ago, when business was a little better and tourists were more active, a hoard of kids also sold bread in the street. It was quite a challenge to not fall under their charm and indulge. I do not completely understand why, but they are not so active

anymore. Another trade in mutation I suppose. One of the most famous bread dealers, trying to develop a different market, has modified her product line to offer Chocolate Cake, Donuts and other pastries that she makes herself and distributes at night in the most active bars. Rosario is a friend to all bar owners and regulars because she is just as sweet as her pastries. She is welcome in every bar and restaurant, even if they have pastries on their own menu, because there is no way we can say no to Rosario. And the tradition is so old, none of the business owners would even think of putting an end to it. The bread ladies are here to stay! So, when your sweet tooth is asking you for some non diet food, just walk the street and wait for that special call : “hay pan”. Believe it or not, by paying a few quetzales for a homemade piece of cake, you’re actually feeding a local family. Wow, who knew helping the people could taste so good.

La PiscinaSan Pedro day See you Sun for the BBQ

Dont get bored, live on the edge If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much room! The brightly colored chicken bus, bursting with people and livestock backs up in order to have a second attempt at rounding the hairpin switchback on the mountain road. To your left a battered metal crash barrier between you and a 400ft drop towards the lake, to your right a family of locals clad in the colorful typical dress of the Mayan people. The family are oblivious to the danger you feel prickling your scalp. You clench your knuckles and shut your eyes.

cation the park is home to the longest and most daring zipline in Guatemala plus a rappel tower 2743m above sea level! After a breakfast of homemade bread and local coffee you will arrive at the park to be kited out in your helmet and harness. A short walk gives you a chance to take in the stunning scenery and to consider what you are about to do! The first zipline takes you through the tree canopy after which you ascend still further and then launch yourself across the tops of trees with the lake laid out far below you as you hurtle towards the landing platform.

After the hair-raising journey down the mountainside on a chicken bus you may think you’ve had your burst of adrenaline for the next week or so. Think again. San Pedro can be whatever you want it to be and if it’s thrills you’re after then they’re just waiting for you to test your courage! Take a trip with Atitlan Adventures to Chuiraxamolo national park. As well as offering environmental and cultural edu-

If you still want more Atitlan Adventures can take you to Santiago on the bandito road complete with police escort! For the first few kilometers of new tarmac road you may wonder why the escort is necessary but when the tarmac gives way to deeply rutted dirt and you can’t travel above 5km per hour, you will understand! Even the local transport in San Pedro can give you a rush of adrenaline. Take a tuck-tuck ride up any of the steep hills and hold your breath to see if you will make it; or be amazed you are still upright when your teenage driver dodges oncoming traffic and the enormous potholes in the road! On top of that you could take a pick-up around town, standing room only. Even a seemingly peaceful walk or horseback ride can be hair-raising when you have to avoid tuck-tucks, motorbikes and pushbikes!


Viva San Pedro

Whatever you choose to do you’re sure never to have a dull moment!

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2012: The end of an era What better place to start the last year of the Mayan calendar than right here in San Pedro La Laguna ! Some of you believe December 21st 2012 will be the end of the world. Some of you think it’s just the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. A better one. Some of you believe it’s just another irrelevant number, an insignificant mark in the unstoppable passing of time. Whatever you believe, lets have a little bit of fun with that prophetic date. Lets organize “doomsday parties” and activities. Lets live our life like we only have one year to live. And when we wake up, normally, on December 22nd 2012, we’ll have to laugh about the whole thing and be happy that we enjoyed the year the best way we could. Maybe we should have a huge Mayan ceremony with every Shaman of Guatemala to beg “Pacha Mama” (Mother Earth) to let us continue to exist. If we do survive, we’ll feel like we are responsible for that miracle. 2012 is a perfect year to make good resolutions. Plant some trees, stop smoking, be a

better person. But if you think it’s the end, you can also decide to act accordingly, sell the house, move to the forest, shave your head, become a Guru or a drunk. (Just be reasonable). So, lots of fun, lots of love, lots of friends and health... 2012, we’re not afraid of you !

Smokin’ Joes’


Viva San Pedro



Pool Boy Portfolio : See the beauty Its everywhere around us. It’s by looking at the sky when it’s time for the sun to set. It’s by looking in the grass for colorful animals. Sometimes, it makes me sad to know that some people are not aware of the beauty of the nature around us. Some people are looking to books or Gurus for happiness but can they enjoy the simple things? Can they feel something looking at a sunset ? I remember showing a great picture of an insect to a friend in spiritual quest. She look at me with a disgusted face and told me, “it’s a fuckin mosquito” Will she ever get really spiritual ?

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Viva San Pedro





Viva San Pedro

Smokin’ Joes’

Doctor doctor, give me the news! While travelling in a third world country, the last thing you want is to have to go to the doctor. Well, even in your own country it’s the last thing you want. (ok, maybe jail is worst). The stories about the hospitals in Guatemala are bad. Basically, you go to the hospital for a tetanic shot and you end up falling into a coma. Well, it’s not that bad but yes we know some horror stories. But there is other solutions. If what you need is to see a doctor, not for an emergency, know that there is 4 or 5 doctors with a private practise in San Pedro. On top of that, the church Primera Eglesia Bautista has a clinic run by two doctors from Spain. There is also a Centro de Salud where you can get medical attention 24 hours a day. At the Clinic Los Volcanes, they have one doctor also available 24 hours a day for emergency and a laboratory to make the needed test. If your sex life is crazy, don’t hesitate to visit the lab for a full STD testing for cheap.

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Friday : Fish Night

But furthermore, there is a wonderful place in Santiago call The Hospitalito. Partially financed by a American family and Starbucks, this hospital is brand new, so clean and so pretty, you almost feel like you’re in a episode of Doctor House. Except that the doctors are nice. Some American doctors are working there for a couple of years and there is also some doctor from Guatemala. I was personally operated there by a Guatemalan surgeon who worked in the US for 30 years. It was perfect. The whole operation was a success and it cost me a huge $400. It would probably have been $10 000 in the US. Even better, the next visit for a follow up was... $2. Yes, you can see a American doctor at the Hospitalito for $2. Obviously, if you are satisfied with the service, you can do a donation. If I remember well Starbucks will match any donations. So if you give $20, that’s $40 for the Hospitalito. They also have an Emergency Room but don’t have all the equipment necessary. So, if you really need to get operated fast, you may have to consider specialised clinics in Guatemala City. Then the price is more serious, but when you need it, it’s no time to be a scrooge. Unless you have a death wish, that’s another story. Well, all thing being said, I hope you won’t have to see a doctor and that the worst thing that could happen to you is a hangover from all those Tequila shots... Take care and be healthy.

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Viva San Pedro


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Viva San Pedro Friday's Edition  

PDF Edition of Viva San Pedro, the daily Magazine of San Pedro La Laguana, Guatemala. San Pedro La Laguana is a touristic destination for tr...

Viva San Pedro Friday's Edition  

PDF Edition of Viva San Pedro, the daily Magazine of San Pedro La Laguana, Guatemala. San Pedro La Laguana is a touristic destination for tr...