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Portfolio Daniel Bassette

Daniel Luiz Franzin Bassette Padre Manoel da Nobrega, 395, apto14 Americana - São Paulo - Brasil 13466-321 +55 1998428209 Education UNIMEP - Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba Bacharel of Architecture and Urbanism 2009-Present Employment History Aquiles Nícolas Kílaris Office Trainee Dec 2010-Mar 2011 Engenharia Bassette Trainee Mar 2011-Present Computer Experience AutoCAD 4yrs Rhinoceros 3yrs Google SketchUp 2yrs CorelDRAW 2yrs Adobe Photoshop 1yr

youth center Developed in the discipline of Project V, it was intended to highlight the importance of designing a building for public use in the process of organization of urban space, and looking for alternative technology and building systems with attention to reproduction in several deployment scenarios. The area for the project is a public area of ​6.600m2 located next to the bus terminal Urban Vila União in Campinas. The area should count as a building for a youth center that would house the following activities: - Dance workshop (capoeira, hip hop, street dance); - Workshop painting (graffiti); - Workshops music (instrumental and singing). - Area for outdoor activities; - Toilets, support areas (storage, warehouse, etc.). - Appropriate standards of comfort, sustainability and accessibility for users. The creation of a module, the size of a container attended the program. Also, we developed a system that runs on wood louvers and light and ventilate the interior of the building apart to form different designs on its facade.






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module in the park This project was born during the discipline of Landscape Design. The idea was to create a large wooden deck that would be repeated in the area of a park in Santa Barbara Plant. He is projected at 0.7 m and has a structure to house toilets, cafeteria and warehouse. The deck is elevated to allow for both storage underneath while still letting kids run and play above on the curving and winding landscape.



triangular ladder This project was developed in the course of Building Techniques IV in order to create an object using the techniques and materials used during the semester. The idea was to create a ladder to give access to the academic center of the architecture course and would operate as a deck, for people to sit. The material used was wood Cumaru and the students made from the foundation to the finishing of the deck




campinas housing The construction of projective experience involving the ability to plan and design housing with quality attributes and constructability in a context of increasing urbanization and social inequalities, in search of housing formats most appropriate to the needs and aspirations of all segments society. The proposal of the discipline of Project IV it was to create a singlefamily and multifamily housing, focusing on the relationship between design and technology in projects for social housing. The site chosen was in the city of Hortolandia.




commercial + residential block Emphasize the importance of designing a building for public use in the process of organizing the environment inhabited in the combination and overlapping of uses (housing, leisure, culture, trade and services) was the objective of this work. Another goal was to design buildings that work together to promote the diversity of uses in dense concentrations and varied allowing the opportunity for the development of urban life. The land is in the old bus station in Campinas and the idea was building a generator of urban transformations.




gymnasium Design of buildings of public use of medium and large size. The relationship between drawing and the concept of industrialization of construction, aimed at solving technical structure for large spans. The gym has stimulated the development of understanding the relationship between architectural design and technology as well as integrated solutions to design appropriate structural and environmental. The area is located in the Jardim Santa Geneva in Campinas.



prototype Overall Objectives of the project: encourage creativity, dialectic and the repertoire of graphic representation / language, perspective, modeling, models, templates and virtual images and the instrumental computer; Develop applications of ergonomics, anthropometry and accessibility scales of the object, architecture and landscape design and urbanism; Develop knowledge of scales and applications of the concepts of design in architecture, urbanism and landscape. Also, the possible theoretical and experimental projectual knowledge area, covering the three major conceptual fields of the discipline: a) ergonomic / anthropometric / universal design b) design of the object / industrial design / interior design, and c) visual communication applied / product design; Delivering on the applicability of experimental and projectual vocational slant in the language proposed by the education project; 18


Portfolio Daniel Bassette  
Portfolio Daniel Bassette  

Daniel Bassette portfolio, a student of Architecture and Urbanism. Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba