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Bob’s 6th  Birthday  

It was  Bob’s  6th  Birthday  and  he  got   lots  of  different  presents  like  puzzles,   books,  clothes  and  other  things.  

The last  present  that  he  opened  was  in   the  garage  and  it  was  a  bike.  When  he   saw  the  bike  he  was  as  excited  as  a    

Bob’s parents  told  him  “Don’t  ride   your  bike  unDl  aEer  breakfast.  Okay?”   “Yes  Mum  and  Dad,”  Bob  replied.  

Bob couldn’t  wait  unDl  aEer  breakfast   so  he  thought  that  he  would  ride   around  the  block.  

Bob put  his  thongs  on  and  went.  He   went  down  a  big  hill  and  SMASH!  

Bob fell  off  his  bike  and  lay  down  in   pain  with  blood  pouring  out  of  his   knee,  elbow  and  head.  

Meanwhile, at  Bob’s  house,  Bob’s   Mum  calls  out  that  breakfast  is  ready.   Bob’s  Dad  comes  but  Bob  didn’t  come.  

“Where is  Bob?”  muOered  Bob’s   parents,  "His  bike  is  missing  and  his   helmet  is  sDll  on  the  table.  He’s  gone   off  riding  his  bike.  

They looked  out  the  window  all   worried  and  they  decided  to  ride  their   own  bike  to  find  him.  

They rode  their  bikes  and  found  him   lying  on  the  ground  on  the  boOom  of  a   hill.  They  brought  him  home  safely  and   his  Mum  told  him,  ”Never  ride  his  bike   again  without  asking.”  

They also  said,  “Don’t  go  on  your  bike   without  a  helmet  and  don’t  wear   thongs  on  a  bike.  Wear  proper  closed   shoes.”  

They were  all  happy  and  Bob  learnt  his   lesson  to  never  ride  his  bike  without   his  parents  permission.  



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