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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? I need to choose what kind of media institution might distribute my magazine and why they would do this providing their current situations being a magazine publisher and whether they have something similar to my magazine for them not to want to publish it or whether they could expand and build in this new magazine into their lines of publishing.

Bauer Media Group The Bauer media group is one of the biggest publishers of magazines so if I could get my magazine to be published by them it would be very beneficial to me but as it stands they already have a magazine very similar to mine called Kerrang! So chances are they would not want another music magazine like this as it would damage sales in the current one they have or will not even take off and be a failure.

Future Plc


Future Plc is another very big magazine publisher so if I get my magazine into their mix it would be part of a highly efficient magazine range. I think that Future Plc would be a good publisher to my m magazine as they do not have a music magazine at the minute and they have a broad range of magazines that cover a variety of subjects but not music the minute so it may be a very appropriate time to expand their range

Dennis Dennis would be a good publisher for my magazine as they are well established in the industry, however they do not have many magazines they publish that would go well with my steam punk music magazine. However it could still be a viable option as they could expand and implement my magazine. They currently have zero music magazines so the fact mine might be the first would give the brand a boost and give it some attention bring more sales for the new magazine to the block.

Condé Nast UK

Condé Nast UK is a very visably rich and more posh publsiher producing only a select few magazines but they wont just accept any magazine they mostly focus on style and fashion but they do have one technology magazine called Wired but this still gives off a very upper class and rich feeling of which I don’t think my magazine as it is only going to sell for £2.00 per copy where as most the ones sold by Condé Nast UK are sold for £5.00 and up.

Digital Distribution There is always the option for digital distribution only having my magazine available online which would be paid for by a yearly or monthly subscription. The benefits of this is that people do not have to go out of their way to buy the magazine as they could just sit down on any digital device and load up the website and order their copy of the magazine. In some ways this could be bad as many magazines that are digital do not take off as fast if not at all in some cases. As the target audience for my product is rather young from 15 year olds up to 40 I know they will all be able to use technology with relative ease and this should mean that using a digital distribution will be a lot more viable compared to 5 or 10 years ago.

Self-Publishing Self-publishing could be another option for me to publish my magazine as then I will not lose as much money to the media group that will distribute the magazine however I would have to spend some amount of money on promotion as I wouldn’t have a large media group behind me to help me on the way. This should also be easier as there are no contracts or third parties to talk through about

publishing as it would all be done internally and if you didn’t like how it was being published you could change it. The negatives of using this are that I would not get the same amount of publicity as if the magazine was put into a well-established media publisher. Self-publishing can be very good and a lot more profitable than being in a media institution however it can sometimes not take off and if there is a lot of the same products out on the market already it can be hard to penetrate and get into it in the first place to establish my brand.

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?  
What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?