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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Overview I have used a very wide variety of technologies to make my magazine and present it appropriately. Ranging from simple things I use on a daily basis to things I haven’t even heard of before like Prezi. Using technologies like I have has made my final product what it is today I would not have been able to create the magazine without such features available to me.

Photoshop First of all the program I spent the most time on editing and tweaking my magazine on was Adobe Photoshop CS6 this program was the program that brought all of my images that I took with my models all the way to just adding page numbers. The way you can change and manipulate different aspects and features of an image or just a simplistic text box is quite unbelievable. This was the platform that made all of the little components come together in the end to make my final product. I had used Photoshop before but along the way I learnt various tips and tricks to make it more accessible and quicker for me to tweak and change things how I just envisioned them to be like. For example I used drop shadow on some of my text to give it some boldness for it to stand out and be more defined so the audience could see the power behind each word as it leaps off the page . The advantages of using Photoshop were that it is a very powerful program that you can literally do anything you ever could imagine on as long as you have the know how to use it. Its also a very good applciation that can bring word documents, photos and information togetehr to make soemthing wonderful. The disadvantages are that if you have never used phtoshop before it can be very overwhelming and I could see that many people in my media class hadn’t before and they needed help to do simple tasks but it wasn’t their fault because this is a very complex program to use but when you get to grips with it can be a very easy and enjoyable experiance.


I had never used Flipsnack before now and I can safely say it is a very good tool that helps to show your work form a more visually pleasing perspective and gives the information shown on the page a more in depth feeling making it more interesting for the audience to read. I put my questionnaire results on Flipsnack so that people could flick through a book like aesthetic and look at all the graphs that my survey produced. The advantages of using Flipsnack are that it is very user friendly even to the novices how can hardly use a computer and makes work that may otherwise be boring into a magnificent work of art. The disadvantages of using Flipsnack are that it would be easier and less time consuming to just put the work you have done on your blog than to stick it in Flipsnack. Also you need to upload all your work and if you have a slow internet connection this can be a very slow process.

Blogger I used blogger for a lot of my media product and I have documented every step in my journey to produce this magazine using various different formats that compliment my work. Some of the data I have put on there is my drafts for my magazine along with a lot of research of my particular audience. Blogger is a place where they can see everything that I have posted on there all over the world. The benefits of using blogger are that I don’t have to individually send my work to people who want to see it instead I can just tell them to look on my blog. Blogger can be used on any device connected to the internet so even if someone didn’t have computer on them they could see my blog and comment on it. This enables my teacher to make sure I’m doing my work and the way it was implemented into my lessons was very good because the teacher didn’t have to come round every two seconds to make sure we are doing work but can check on his computer, therefore not interrupting us. The disadvantages of using blogger is that you need to know how to use it as it doesn’t have a tutorial or very good walkthroughs to use so the teacher had to go through the website for a couple of lessons to make sure we knew what we were doing.

Survey Monkey This is the website I used to get my questionnaire out to analyse the results and give me information about what my target audience would like from my magazine. Survey Monkey enabled me to send my questionnaire to everyone I wanted but kept it private so no one else out of my target audience could do it to prevent giving me inaccurate data. Not only does Survey monkey give a platform for the audience to complete this questionnaire on but also it logs the results and produces them into graphs to make it easier for me to analyse. The advantages of using Survey Monkey are that I could send my questionnaire anonymously and do it all electronically so I didn’t need to mess around with the results and making them into graphs on a piece of paper. Everyone is stored online so that I don’t have to worry about losing my questionnaire or the results produced from it.

The disadvantages of using Survey Monkey are that you can only make so many questionnaires before you have to start paying for the service and I’m not sure if I can justify the price for it to what it does although it is good I would not be prepared to pay for the luxury of using it. Also people have to have access to the internet to use such services although most people do there is still some who don’t we forget.

Prezi I used this to present what I had done in my magazine; the techniques, what conventions I had changed or not and where I had innovated in my magazine. This was a really good way of presenting this information and I could do it quickly and easily after searching around for a while to find out how to use it but tutorials were given so it wasn’t too bad. I then could save the end result by sharing it on any of the popular social network sites and even an embed link to put it on your website or any other web based network. The advantages of using Prezi were that I could easily zoom into particular parts of my magazine where I had innovated so I could explain why I innovated in that area and transition to the part of the magazine so that I could give an example. The bad points of Prezi are that it is not the easiest web based program to use by any stretch of imagination but that was greatly improved by the tutorials they provided but they still left out some key elements that could have helped if I knew it in the first place. The software also does not run on low end computers very well you need a pretty decent computer configuration to be able to run such a program.

Issuu I used this web based application to put one of my word documents into and make it more beautified and aesthetically pleasing for people to look at than just words on a page but to add a bit

of interactivity by changing the page with a simple pleasing click. This was one of the simplest programs I used and it showed when using it when certain functionalities weren’t there to use like in other programs. But it did what I wanted it to and this was very satisfactory just making my publications slightly more appealing to the eye. The advantages of using this program was that it was really simple to use and no tutorial was needed just some brief pointers here and there. The disadvantages of using this program is it doesn’t really add to much to the piece of work you put into it and I’m not sure if it was worth the time taken to convert it. You have to upload your documents to them before they can convert it and this can be a bit buggy so I had to try multiple times to use it.

Computers To do all of this magazine I have to use the time pretty much 100% on the computers at college and all the computers are college are Dell so they are of decent quality although they do tend to slow down sometimes which can be quite problematic but they were satisfactory for the task at hand even if I had a little trouble but they still got me to where I wanted to go in the end. The computers overall improved the experience and without them I don’t think it would have been possible. Advantages are that the computers enabled of this to happen in the first place and we had one each in the class most of the time so we could work independently and plod on thorough the work at our own pace. The disadvantages of using these computers are that they could have been faster to deal with multitasking with posting on my blog and being on Photoshop at the same time but they didn’t have enough ram to do both at the same time so I couldn’t work as fast or efficient as I should have been able to.

Photography / Digital SLR Camera I have used most cameras and SLR cameras before and know a lot about them but I had never been able to go into a media suite and take proper professional photos given the studio lights and right conditions to do so. It was a really fun experience and I wish I could have done more of it as there’s nothing I enjoy more than a great photo taken by myself. The advantages of using a digital SLR camera was that the photo quality was very high and looked really professional, providing you know how to click the shutter button. The disadvantages of using digital SLR cameras was that no everyone had taken photos before and couldn’t work the cameras as they are quite complicated if you don’t know how to use one.

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?  
What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?