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My name is Daniela Treija. Originally from Riga, Latvia & currently in Berlin. Working as an art director + designer, in the mediums of print, digital, object and illustration.

RIGA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2018 Creative direction, concept, visual identity design, illustration, scenography / 2018



BENJI KNEWMAN 8 —POST SOVIET MAN. A YEAR OF UNDERSTANDING Art Direction, Styling, Set design / 2018 Client : Benji Knewman

Photo series for Benji Knewman 8 article “Post Soviet Man. A year of understanding” illustrating a conversation between Benji Knewman Editor-in-Chief, Agnese Kleina, and Writer, Oleg Sivun about coming to terms with their post-soviet identities.

SURVIVAL KIT 9 — BECOMING AN APRICOT * AN APPLE * A CROW * A TREE * A COCKROACH * A GLACIER * A PLANT * A MUSHROOM * A SHELL * A BIRD * ALGAE Exhibition visual identity, Creative direction / 2017 Client : Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

ZUZEUM : THE EAR Creative direction, interior & set design / 2018 Client – Zuzeum

Whilst Zuzeum building is getting ready for transformations, Zuzeum : The Ear is already happening. Zuzeum : The Ear is a curated showroom/shop-movie place with a rooftop terrace. It is also the meeting point for the youth program Zuzeum 101. In collaboration with bookazine Benji Knewman and film project Spektrs, the space hosts film nights and other activities for the broader public, which will grow in regularity and scale after Zuzeum’s reconstruction is completed.

RIGA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2017 Creative direction, concept, visual identity design, illustration, scenography / 2017



BENJI KNEWMAN 7 — LATVIAN LESSONS Art Direction, Styling, Set design / 2017 Client : Benji Knewman

Benji Knewman ‘Latvian Lessons’ are constantly ongoing series of Latvian words being re-introduced to the reader. Ordinarily these series are published online, yet for the first time, due to the coming issue of Autumn 2017, it will be published in the printed magazine. I was invited to create my visual interpretation of each of the chosen expressions, to go hand in hand with the reinterpreted translations.

joga (n.) transforming into a pretzel

es tevi mÄŤlu (v.) I want to tag you in my life

rÄŤts (n.) snooze button championships

ZUZEUM IN FORMATION Creative direction, set design, exhibition design / 2017 Client – Zuzeum Art Centre

Right from the outset of the location search for their forthcoming art centre, Latvian art collectors Dina and Jānis Zuzāns knew that it had to be an abandoned building in the city centre. The choice was eventually made in favour of the former Cork Factory at Lāčplēša Street 101, built in 1911. The great hall of the former factory, with its seven-metre- high ceilings, will allow for the exhibition of large-scale works. Beside it will be the temporary exhibition hall. The project, designed by Zaiga Gaile, also envisages a vault for the Zuzāns Collection behind the old factory. While the building of the museum is just moments away from being started, an exhibition was set up to promote the vision behind the soon-to-be art centre. Taking the title “Zuzeum in formation” as the starting point, the exhibition space was designed in order to reflect the process of a new scenery being built, being in the formation state. The concept of progress.

FORM FOLLOWS FICTION I Concept, design, illustrations / 2015

Design fiction is a practice used as a guideline for possible future scenarios and design ideas, assuming that every fictional artifact - literary or cinematic - has the potential to become a valid design idea and a cornerstone for further speculations. Using narrative elements to envision new possibilities within the field of design. Throughout history there have been numerous examples of fictional predictions influencing the design industry, and designs that have lived only in imagination and fantasy take a tangible shape in the physical world. “Form follows fiction� is an attempt to revive and introduce you to imaginary designs and functions found in movies and books. An encyclopedia of the imaginary. A reference manual on how to use fiction in reality and your guide to design speculation.

Part I of my graduation project at the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

FORM FOLLOWS FICTION II Concept, production design, styling, photography / 2015

“An attempt to revive and give a shape to imaginary designs and functions that have been found within literature and cinema and never have been given a chance to exist in reality. A room dividing hat that comes from the movie ‘Brazil’; a breadknife that cuts and toasts simultaneously, originating from ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’; and a bottomless bag that belongs to ‘Mary Poppins’. Daniela Treija has translated these imaginary inventions from books and films into real-life designs. And these are only three examples that she has worked out, from a total of 83 sketches in her inspirational guidebook ‘Form follows Fiction’.”

Part I of my graduation project at the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The Bottomless Bag, Mary Poppins (film), 1964

Personal room divider, Brazil (film), 1985

Cut & toast knife, The Hitchhiker’s guide to galaxy (film), 2005

FIN! www.danielatreija.com

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