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Presentation I’m a young artist born in Casablanca, Morocco (1986). Living between Paris, Casablanca and Tel Aviv. I’ve graduated photography school “Les Gobelins” in 2010 and “L’école des Beaux Arts de Paris” in 2012. I’ve been working as a freelancer since 2010. I’m working on projects dealing with questions about borders, territories and sacrality.

The praying mantis, Casablanca, 2004 Bar yta paper photograph 4x3






to conceive Designed for the exhibition space,

light installation emphasises the idea of border crossing from four cardinal this

points. This project faces the audience to a response, arounsing curiostity and putting the visitor into the situation of a traveller, crossing a space whose access had been

forbiden by a signalisation on the floor forcing the the visitor to transgress the space rules.

Red/Green Football team names, Casablanca, 2012


installation 2012, Beaux arts de Paris. courtesy of the artist

to falsify Photoshop skills. Creating digital false passports. Montage.

Blasphem, 2010, Republic of Morocco.

Jelazon refugee camp, West Bank, Septe

Iyad: “This is me now. I dont care about children.

I want to leave from here but its too expans I was injured by the army. Two bullets.”

He put a youtube video. A famous rabbi tal

Lebanon, in Syria. This Rabbi says that all u

the arabs will be walking, crossing the Gola

The mother of Iyad said she likes him. It wa

at the beginning. But then i understood tha

as something that will happen. They loved they wanted revenge, for the people killed,

We told them that they didn’t understood to fear israeli people. To make the israelis

about to invade Israel. To use fear in order would be threatened. The death logic.

Jelazon camp is a small city. A refugee ca Menora-hearted eagle, 2012, Passport digital montage.

Iyad is really good to us. He invited us for d

We talked, he put a youtube video where a p not here to get converted.

I talk with him about this one state idea. I

ember 2012

histor y. Me, my family, my

sive to get out of here.

lks about Arabs in Jordan, in

united, two millions he said,

an to march upon Israel.

as hard for me to understand

at it was seen as a prophecy,

d this stupid Rabbi because injured, jailed and harassed.

d that this Rabbi’s goal was beleive that the Arabs were

r to make Israel kill before it

amp is a city. With concrete.

dinner. Huge amount of food.

preacher talks. We say we’re

I ask him if he would be able

to imagine a state with no religion. “Who wants to go to the mosk, go to the mosk. Who.. temple.. go to temple.. Who… church.. go to the church… Who doesn’t want to go to pray, don’t pray.”

He said yes. He said he’s ready to live with the jews. Iyad mother had her brother killed. She doesn’t want to deal with the jews.

Me into this cab alive, breathing the air, aware of the countr y, happy to be with them, happy to be accepted ever ywhere i went, happy to be free, not to lie, to discover people, to say fuck to the racists, to live my life as someone who enjoys. It seemed the people of Palestine wanted to talk to me. Not to the american, not to the indian, not the other people that were with us. When i was in the knafe place the people were intrigated. They shook my hand, they called me, they came and told me their name, they wanted to know me as much as i wanted to know them, they invited me to their place, they gave me food, they put theirs ideas into me. I dreamed, i came to israel to tell the people. Ive been hanging out with beautiful people. I met a girl in Ramallah who was life itself and it frightened me. I thought i was unable to meet the people, not to frighten them, not to loose them, not to get their fear mirrored and be accepted.

extract from:

Toilet paper passport, 2011, Serigraphy on toilet paper x1000.

to reinvent Passport inventions. Inventivity on


items. Designing

Moroccan passport. Creating new identities using order to

desacralize the emblem.

new versions


comic caracters in

God, God, God, 2012, Passport digital montage.

Republique du Maroc, 2010 copper, afghan paper, egg. 60x40

to dream Personal work. Special color process.

Letter with stamps, 2010 20x30


to play Artworks. Inspired by existing moroccan political orgranisations.

Stamps for toilet paper, political parties hi jacking, 2012, 10x15

Womb, 2010 Toilet Paper, Bar yte paper print 4x3

Untitled, 2010 Toilet Paper, Bar yte paper print 4x3


Personal works and unexplored possibilities of installations, projects and performances.

After Paolo Ucelllo, St Georges and the dragon, 2011 Graphite on photographic paper, 2m80x1m120

The Republic, 2013 Exhibition view at Beaux-Arts, Paris.

The Republic, 2013 PEOPLE AND PLACES Exhibition view at Beaux-Arts, Paris. Draws, photographs, strings, rubber.

The Republic, 2013 CEMETARY Exhibition view at Beaux-Arts, Paris. Draws, photographs, strings, rubber, toilet paper.

The Republic, 2013 POST OFFICE Exhibition view at BeauxArts, Paris. Photographs, strings, rubber, draws, letter.

The Republic, 2013 SPY Exhibition view at Beaux-Arts, Paris. Photograph, rubber

The Republic, 2013 MINISTRY Exhibition view at Beaux-Arts, Paris. Draws, photographs, toilet paper, cigarette box, strings

The Republic, 2013 MARADJI’S OFFICAL PORTRAIT Exhibition view at Beaux-Arts, Paris. Drawing on paper

The Republic, 2013 FONDATION ACT + TEFILIN Exhibition view at Beaux-Arts, Paris. String

The Republic, 2013 TOMB Exhibition view at Beaux-Arts, Paris. Serigraphy on toilet paper, photograph.

The Republic, 2013 GOD’S VOICE Exhibition view at Beaux-Arts, Paris. Drawing on paper

The Republic, 2013 COUPLE Exhibition view at Beaux-Arts, Paris. Golden draw on paper.

The Republic, 2013 LOSS Exhibition view at Beaux-Arts, Paris. Strings





Casablanca, 2004 Bar yta paper photograph 4x3

to catch Reporting photography during demonstrations, documentaries and personal involvement into social issues for press agencies.

Science-po, Paris. 2010

Policeman, Morrocan februaries, 2012, Paris

Nicolas Sarkozy election day ’s riot, 2011, Paris

Nicolas Sarkozy election day ’s riot, 2011, Paris

Nicolas Sarkozy election day ’s riot, 2011, Paris 4x3

Morrocan februaries, 2012, Paris

Jean Marie le Pen, 2011, Paris

Hi, I’ m a photographer, 2012, Tel-Aviv 4x3

Untitled, 2012, Dead Sea abandonned hostel. 4x3

St-Sepulcre, 2012, Jerusalem 4x3

Break-dancers, Casablanca. photography, 2008

UMP militant, Paris, 2011 Kallytype on canson paper 12x15




french militants from main political parties. Images done with film cameras and processed with

alternative techniques and iron cristals.

printing using

kallytipe Using this technique emphasises the idea of a continuity into militantism thoughout times and at the same time vanity of militantism.

Untitled, 2009 Paris, Bar yte paper print 4x3

to steal

One moment, 2010 Paris, Bar yte paper print 4x3

Casablanca, 2010 Bar yte paper print 4x3





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