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Hello, I want to tell to you that three weeks ago, my country (Fiumicino, Rome) was victim of the flooding of a river and also my home has been flooded. We had to throw almost all the furniture, my office, my desktop PC and my laptop.

Now I have to buy back all these things but unfortunately I have no money. I have always worked hard for this phone, to make it better and to make very beautiful every your experience. Each evening return from my work, I have dinner and I immediately start working to produce these beautiful Roms, for 6/7 hours, usually until 4 am. Then in the morning back to work. Are 6 months that i do many beautiful's Rom, the result of hard work and many sacrifices, yet I never received a donation. Now I need your help. If you believe that this is the right thing, if you appreciate my work, give me a donation of a few Euros / Dollars, also only 2/3 and I'll send you the link in your email to download the Rom

If, however, don't believe that this is the right thing, then write to me that you don't want make none donation to me, and I will send to you, anyway, the link to download the Rom. I don't trade in Rom .. this is just a request for help! To blame for some rude, I want to point that make to me a donation doesn't give to you any right on my life. If the Rom were to have a few small bugs, as always happens, I'm not obliged to intervene in aid as if I were the International Red Cross. I can listen to your requirements and if I've a solution I'll give to you, otherwise you keep the ROM as it is. Thank you in advance and I trust in your humanity. Daniela Oliviero (olidan) My Paypal account for donation:

Olivierodaniela@libero it  
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