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Welcome to Medellin “Thanks to the people of Colombia for the extraordinary hospitality in the beautiful city of Cartagena. We are having a wonderful time and usually when I take these summit trips part of my job is to scout out where I may want to bring Michelle back later for vacation. So we will make sure to come back in the near future”. Barack Obama- Summit of the Americas

Welcome to our country: Colombia Colombia, with privileged geographical position in the northwestern corner of South America, is considered a diverse country given its culture, geography and rich history making it a unique and genuine travel destination. Traveling there can be an experience like straight out of a novel where you will be captivated and dazzled by the contrast of its colonial architecture and modern cities, the richness of its native communities, the incredible natural biodiversity, the traditional fairs and festivals that display the traditions and not to mention the exquisite and peculiar cuisine from its different regions. Thanks to their modern and entrepreneurial spirit, Colombian cities have become the permanent seat of countless national and international events. To carry out a congress or event in a Colombian city is an excellent decision and, undoubtedly, will render the success of your meeting. If you are looking to fall in love with a country where every day is a magical experience, the answer is Colombia.

Medellin, a city for life and events Medellin, a city tucked between mountains, is home to major businesses mostly from the textile, apparel, telecommunications and automotive industries. It is nicknamed "THE CITY OF ETERNAL SPRING” for its privileged climate throughout the year. Medellin is a city of contrasts. It is a rapidly developing metropolis immersed in nature that foments social transformation while safeguarding its traditions. Witnessing the sign of progress, social transformation, development and innovation, the city has established itself as a modern capital. Medellin is the perfect place for academic, commercial, cultural and social activities as well as for hosting events. Our competitive infrastructure and integrated transportation system, the endless leisure possibilities and thriving nightlife and, last but not least, the smiles of service oriented and cheerful people, make Medellin a top destination to host the GEC 2015. MEDELLIN: The most innovative City in the world 2012 On March 1st, 2013 Medellin was awarded by Citibank, Wall Street Journal and the Urban Land Institute as the most innovative city in the world 2012 out of 199 cities including New York and Tel Aviv. It’s a recognition to all of the innovative formulas and the creative and accurate attempts to design comprehensive and inclusive solutions for its inhabitants.

Welcome to Medellin Why Medellin? • It is an ecologically-minded city surrounded by nature and mountains. • It is medium sized city with easy mobility due to its integrated transportation system.

• Medellin has excellent infrastructure with a modern and functional convention centers and professional tourism service providers specialized in events. • Plaza Mayor Convention and Exhibition center is conveniently located so that attendees can focus their attention on their academic activities instead of leisure ones. • Competitive costs. • Because its social, cultural and urban transformation.

• Medellin is a city of opportunities. It is prosperous, safe and reliable for doing business. • Medellin guarantees security for its citizens and visitors.

Medellín´s awards 2013, Best Business Destination in South America, Business Destinations Travel Awards 2013, City of The Year, Citi Group, Urban Land Institute and Wall Street Journel 2012, ITDP, Sustainable Transport Award 2011, AHCIET, Ibero American Digital Cities Award 2010, UN Habitat, Scroll of Honour Award 2010, LivCom Awards, LivCom Awards-Special Whole City Award We have the experience Medellín has become a world gathering hub that stands out as an excellent place for carrying out national and international events. Over the past years, the following meetings stand out: XXXVIII Regular Session of the Organization of American States (OAS) General Assembly (2008)

• Entertainment and amusement: City Tours, Shopping Tours, Gastronomic Tours, nightlife, day trips to surrounding regions of Antioquia.

50th Annual Meeting of Governors of the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) (2009)

• Friendly and dynamic people, committed to providing excellent service.

Ibero-American Congress of Culture (2010)

IX South American Games (2010)

Some representative events planned in the city for the next months and years ahead: XIV International - Virtual Educa, 2013, 600 people13th International Assembly of the Latin American Banking Federation FELABAN 2014, 1, 000 people World Urban Forum 2014, 7,000 people

Our connectivity


Medellin has two airports that make access friendlier to all of our visitors. We have 97 international weekly frequencies with 11 cities around the world and more than 600 domestic weekly frequencies including 264 with Bogota, the capital of Colombia.

There is no nationality restriction for entering Colombia. A visa is not required for the following countries who stay up to 90 days in Colombia for tourist purposes: Argentina, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain , United States, Finland, France, Great Britain, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela and foreign residents of Canada and United States.

For further information please consult the following link:

International Airport Jose Mar铆a C贸rdova

Welcome to Medellin Venue: Plaza Mayor Convention and Exhibition Center.

Fair & Events District

Different scenarios of excellent design and architectural structure, with the latest technology, generate economic dynamism and constitute an important platform for the implementation of national and international events in the city.

For the Global Entrepreneurship Congress we propose Plaza Mayor Convention and Exhibition center as the headquarters for the Global Entrepreneurship Congress GEC 2015.

Plaza Mayor Convention

About the venue:  Strategic location with easy access  Total area of 22,000 m2 (236,800 ft2), it has 21 meeting rooms.  A Great Hall: With capacity for 3,000 people in auditorium arrangement (2,616 m2 or 28,160 ft2),  9 Additional Meeting Rooms: additional capacities ranging from 20 to 300 people

areas with


 Access and Registration points, Press Room, VIP room, Business Center and offices for Operators of events  All meeting rooms have state of the art sound, light and audiovisual equipment along with a permanent technical team.  Plaza mayor counts with a wide range of logistic and catering suppliers.

Venues for social events The city has several available areas for social events. Due to the city´s transformation it is possible to host events in amazing spaces like: Museum of Antioquia, Modern Art Museum, Explora Park, The Botanical Garden, El Castillo Museum, more than 9 Library Parks, Cultural houses, among others.

EPM Library

Welcome to Medellin Hotels Medellin has 3 areas where you can find hotels for all tastes and budgets, hotels with comfortable infrastructure and excellent service. Some of this hotels have excellent spaces and areas to host event from 50 to 1,500 people. In the city we have a total of 5,617 rooms and 9,113 beds. With room rates from 44USD to 193 USD a night. Area

Category (☆ )

Average Rate


2 to 3

35 USD


3 to 5

60 USD


4 to 5

120 USD

Welcome to Medellin InterContinental Hotel MedellĂ­n Located in the residential sector of El Poblado, with a spectacular view of the city and its peaceful surroundings, the InterContinental Hotel is the most traditional hotel in Medellin. Within a country atmosphere, it is very close to commercial, industrial and business sectors of the city and to several major shopping centers. According to Latin Trade publication the hotel was considered as the best hotel in Medellin in 2009, the fourth in the Andean region and the Eighth in Latin America. Every year this hotel is awarded prizes as the best hotel in Medellin, according to different media sources. The hotel offers personalized service evident at unique places to have breakfast, a Happy-Hour and buffet type refreshments in the afternoon that make guests who choose to request the service feel different from everyone else at the hotel. Rooms: 294 rooms equipped with: King bed, two phone lines, voice mail, Internet access, hair dryer, direct dial, mini- bar, electronic safe, work desk, air conditioning, television with 60 channels. Other Services: Business Center, access to high-speed Internet (broadband), wireless data connection, capacity for the implementation of video conferencing and data management, copier, fax, air conditioning in all meeting rooms, food service: snacks, dinner, lunch, etc. Convention Center: The hotel counts with 16 multifunctional meeting rooms that have been recently remodeled. Their capacities go from 10 until 1.200 pax. All rooms can be set for all kinds of setups with modern AV systems. Most of the rooms are located in the main floor of the hotel and have direct access to the parking lot at which 400 parking spaces can be found.

Welcome to Medellin InterContinental Hotel Proposal Category Room rental (Venue} Lodging rate Coffee Break Lunch Special Breakfast Coffee Station Welcoming Cocktail

Amount Day Night Unit Unit Unit Unit 150 pax

Cost COP $ 7,600,000 $ 304.300 $ 17.265 $ 49.500 $ 30.450 $ 5.800 $ 17.077.500

Cost USD $ 3.958,33 $ 158,49 $ 8,99 $ 25,78 $ 15,86 $ 3,02 $ 8.894,53

Exchange rate USD COP 1 1920

To take into account: • The lodging rate includes: Breakfast, Unlimited Wi-Fi, Taxes, Hotel insurance, use of recreational areas (swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, other wet areas). • The hotel count with 294 rooms, for events they can only block up to 200 rooms • The mounting, special linen and manage, and other additional costs will be take into consideration and should negotiated between the hotel and the event organizer. • Costs and rates can be vary each year according to the tax increases and national policies. • Some academic rooms where given as courtesy, other have 50% discount as long as there ir consumption in food and beverage. • The voluntary tip is of the 10%

Welcome to Medellin Dann Carlton Hotel Dann Carlton Medellin is located in the heart of “Milla de Oro”, an exclusive sector of the city that gathers the financial companies and is an outstanding area for nightlife and

shopping. The hotel is only 15 minutes away from Plaza MayorConvention Centre.

Rooms: The hotel counts with 200 rooms in distributions ranging from single (junior suite) to triple occupancy rooms. The hotel has 16 luxury suites. All rooms are equipped A/C, safe lock, minibar, voice mail, dinner, radio, and cable TV.

Other services: The facilities also offer nine (9) meeting rooms with capacity for up to 700 people, Italian restaurant, international cafeteria, lobby bar, rotating rooftop bar, and a French café. Also, within the hotel facilities, guests have access to travel agent, business center, lady’s boutique store, 24/7 financial services, pool, Jacuzzi, gym, saloon and barber.

Welcome to Medellin Dann Carlton Hotel Proposal Exchange rate Category Room rental (Venue} Lodging rate Special Luxury Room Lodgin Rate Special Luxury Double Coffee Break AM Confee Break PM Lunch Coffee Station

Amount Day Night Night Unit Unit Unit Unit

Cost COP $ 5.293.440 $ 416.640 $ 556.800 $ 23.040 $ 23.040 $ 63.360 $ 1.027.200

Cost USD $ 2.757,00 $ 217,00 $ 290,00 $ 12,00 $ 12,00 $ 33,00 $ 535,00


COP 1920

To take into account: • The lodging rate includes: Breakfast, Unlimited Wi-Fi, Taxes, Hotel insurance, Direct TV, use of recreational areas (swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, other wet areas). • The lodging rate does not include hotel insurance. • The hotel count with 200 rooms. • Mounting, markers, whiteboard, flags and waitress are include in all of the values • Costs and rates can be vary each year according to the tax increases and national policies. • Some academic rooms where given as courtesy, other have 50% discount as long as there ir consumption in food and beverage. • The voluntary tip is of the 10%

Transportation System




Medellin is the only city in Colombia with integrated transportation system, in place since 1995. It runs from north to south and from the center to the west of the city and vice-versa, transporting more than 480,000 passengers per day. Service hours are from 4:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

The city has two lines of metro cable, a cable propelled transit system, connected to the Metro. One of the lines is located in the northeastern part of the city and the second in the west. This transport system moves about 12,000 to 14,000 passengers per day.

There is a report of 19,000 registered vehicles. The hourly cost of a taxi service in Medellin is 12.00 USD and the minimum fare is USD 2.50.



METROPLUS Integrated to the Metro through 21 stations, it transports 164,000 passengers daily.


Welcome to Medellin Entertainment and amusement Medellin is a great place for shopping (National Capital of Fashion), with more than 40 shopping spots, several chain stores and large supermarkets for all customers and tastes. It has more than 72 cinemas, 27 theaters, and 10 museums. The city has numerous locations for night-time fun. It is worth to highlight the famous Parque Lleras, and recently cosmopolitan La Strada12 and modern Rio Sur13 sectors. Medellin nightlife offers a variety of atmospheres such as Rock, Salsa, Vallenato, Crossover, Bolero, Cuban Son, among many others. Entertainment is also possible for those are fond at traditional music as the tiple and the guitars. Entertainment businesses open their doors from 11:00 am, offering an exquisite international and local menu until 4:00 am‌

Flower Festival For ten days Medellin is a big stage for culture, joy and color, becomes the home of all tourists who visit the city and those whore turn to their land to live and enjoy the show more representative of the earth paisa the flower festival. Since 1957, the Fair is turning the streets of the "City of Eternal Spring� in a colorful garden. The Silleteros Parade, the most representative event of the show, recognized as Cultural Heritage of Colombia, celebrates the tenacity of paisas and shows the variety of flowers that has Medellin, with more than 500 farmers in the village of Santa Elena, exhibiting their colorful creations.

Flower Festival

Festival of Light During this fair, Medellin is a place to experience the magic of light with more than 15 million colored bulbs that light up the Christmas tradition in the Medellin River, the streets and parks of the city.

Myths & Legends Parade. Festival of Light

Festicamara MedellĂ­n Festicamara is the international Chamber Music Festival with a unique social, pedagogical and human mission which gives the students of the Network of Medellin Music School, a rare opportunity to expand their knowledge through master classes and concert performances with some of the best camber musicians of the world. The Festival brings together top-level musicians from around the world to MedellĂ­n. For twenty days, 21 eminent artists give master classes and work intensively with young Colombia musicians to present 5 free concerts to the city. International Tango Festival During the event each year, Medellin meet in groups, dancers and singers from national and international tango shocking scenarios, with massive public presence locally, regionally and


Turism in the Region


Antioquia, thousand treasures to discover...


Solidarity, cheerfulness, energy, enthusiasm, commitment, competitive human talent, entrepreneurship, dynamism, kindness, service, friendliness, passion, "good vibes", solidarity, cheerfulness, energy, enthusiasm, commitment, competitive human talent, entrepreneurship, dynamism, kindness, service, friendliness, passion, "good vibes", solidarity, cheerfulness, energy, enthusiasm, commitment, competitive human talent, entrepreneurship, dynamism, kindness, service, friendliness, passion, "good vibes" solidarity, cheerfulness, energy, enthusiasm, commitment, competitive human talent, entrepreneurship, dynamism, kindness, service, friendliness, passion, "good vibes", solidarity, cheerfulness, energy, enthusiasm, commitment, competitive human talent, entrepreneurship, dynamism, kindness, service, friendliness, passion, "good vibes", solidarity, cheerfulness, energy, enthusiasm, commitment, competitive human talent, entrepreneurship, dynamism, kindness, service, friendliness, passion, "good vibes

The subregions of Antioquia offer mountain landscapes, natural riches, picturesque villages, hot weather, cold and warm, and friendly people you can practice adventure, agritourism, ecotourism, cultural tourism and religious conduct, and many other activities that make the visit memorable.

Welcome to Medellin Our services The Medellin Convention and Visitors Bureau is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to Medellin City and Antioquia province’s promotion as tourism destinations for business and leisure. The prior is achieved by: 1. Attracting meetings, congress, conventions and incentive travel to the city-province. We bring together meeting organizers and service providers in order for them to carry out a successful event. 2. Nationally and internationally promoting, and logistically coordinating our City Fairs: Flower Fair, International Tango Festival and Christmas Party. 3. Positively enhancing the way Medellin-Colombia is perceived abroad. Our strategic financial partner is the Municipality of Medellin, other strategic partners: Medellin Chamber of Commerce for Antioquia, tourism cluster private companies (190 members), Pro-Export Colombia, among others. The entity has been member of the International Congress & Convention Association-ICCA since December 2,007, and ever since 52 ICCA-accepted events have been reported. Starting 2,008 at the 68th place within the American ICCA ranking, Medellin city has struggled to climb 40 positions and finally reached the 28th place in 2,010’s report. It is important to stress that Medellin-Colombia is the only city within the American top 30 that is not a capital city or a beachside destination, thus, proving even more our clear active intentions to grow our ranking in ICCA and raise awareness of our city’s interest to be a premium destination. Yearly, the Medellin CVB attends the world’s most representative industry Events, among them is the ICCA Latin American Client/Supplier Business Workshop, which our personnel has attended ever since 2,008 version in Santiago de Chile. This proves, once more, our interest in being active participants of the meetings industry, and thus feeling ready and able to be the hosts for this important event to be called 6th ICCA Latin American Client/Supplier Business Workshop 2012, Medellín-Colombia. Services: • Availability to check and choose the accurate location for the event • To put the organizers-planners in contact with the local service providers (competent partners) • Official bid books for Medellín or Power Point presentation • To arrange site inspections according to the clients requirements • Provide you as a planner and your delegates with free of charge promotional material such as brochures, videos, digital pictures and city maps • Publicize your event free of charge in the online Medellin convention& visitors calendar • Framework and accompanying programs • Pre- and post-meeting tours • Connection for supporting and cooperation with different city´s entities

Welcome to Medellin

The content of this document and / or its attachments are solely for the use by Medellin Convention & Visitors Bureau. It contains privileged information and cannot be used or disclosed by other people holding. Recording, using or disclosing it for any purpose is not allowed.

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