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Film Trailer - Evaluation. I had to make a film trailer based on the theme 'Gritty British Realism' . When planning this, I had an original idea however when it came down to the filming of it, I noticed that it was very complicated considering the amount of time the trailer had to be done, so I changed some bits of the trailer that suited the theme, but also was a bit easier to film and it also came with a clear message. I got an idea of what kind of trailer I wanted to make after watching the trailer for 'kidulthood'. This film trailer was perfect for gritty British realism, and it also came with a clear storyline. Comparing my film trailer to my preliminary film, I found the trailer much easier to make. This is because I already knew how to film various camera shots, angles and movements. Although I had to face obstacles such as filming in freezing temperatures and getting every shot I need perfect, I think it was all worth it in the end because my film trailer is definitely much better that my preliminary film. Another thing that made my job even easier was that when editing, instead of using iMovie like I used to edit my preliminary film, I used final cut pro and I found the editing much easier to do on final cut pro than I did on iMovie. The challenge I faced was the changing of my film. This is because I had to re-do my story board, dialogue script, shooting script and another paperwork needed in order to start filming again. Although this took some time, I managed to get everything done. When filming, I brought along a tripod, however I didn't use it. I think this was due to the theme of the trailer being gritty British realism, there was a lot of action involved in my film trailer, and the tripod wouldn't have been necessary in that case. In my film trailer, I was the main character. I was accompanied by 2 of my other classmates (Shaheb & Shamar) I had to make sure on the day we went out to film everyone was wearing the right outfits/costume. This also allowed my filming to progress faster than usual. When I went out to film, I needed to film various scenes etc. I had to make sure that I filmed the same scene various times, but in different camera shot, angles and movements. I did this because when it came down to the editing, it game me more variety of shots to choose and which one looked better. For me to create a shooting script, I had to create a storyboard. In my storyboard, I stated various camera shots and the purpose of them as well as drawing the scene out in order so I refer to it when filming. After my storyboard was done, I then moved on to my shooting script, which has to include different camera shots angles and movements and any other information needed such as costumes or props etc.

I used Mise-en-scene such as real gritty estates, to SSshow how some Londoners live and also to prove a point that that's how the real London is, not the way its perceived; posh and big buildings, sky scrapers. Although I did get some of these iconic buildings in my film to show the contrast. Overall, I enjoyed making my preliminary film because I got to have an experience in filming. This allowed me to explore the various stages of making a film. Although there were challenges, I overcame them and came through in the end. I also enjoyed making my preliminary film because I got to work with other people. This was good because I learnt some good communication skills, and it also enabled me to work as a team.

Film Trailer - Evaluation  

The evaluation for my film trailer

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