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Your Journey Starts Here

Motique Momentums is

a transition services company that

combines high energy, inspiration, motivation, entertainment and creativity with practical seminars, consulting, media, coaching, special events and transition solutions that will propel your dreams and empower you to engage in your purpose on a LARGE scale right where you are. Motique Momentums helps you get out of your own way, identify your strengths, override your weaknesses and present yourself, business or organization in a BIG way. We believe that you were created to go BIG in everything you do. You don’t have to wait to go BIG, our company helps you transition into the greatness you were designed with the tools and resources you already have. The company is comprised of four transition departments: • Lifestyle Transitions • Professional Transitions • Business & Brand Transitions • Massive Impact Ministry Transitions    

GO BIG!   Everyone  has  a  big  dream,   big  idea,  and  big  goal  inside   that  they  just  need  the   courage  to  pursue  it.  

© 2013 Daniela Gabrielle and Motiqe Momentums All Rights Reserved

How We Serve You Lifestyle Transitions by Motique


Every person has the RIGHT to live a life without limitations. Lifestyle Transitions by Motique Momentums specializes in helping you find the courage cross over into the life you love. No matter what your personal goals are the services that Lifestyle Transitions provide the roadmap and motivation needed to create the life of your dreams. Group Programs Zumba ® by Motique Momentums Supersize your fitness goals with a high-energy motivation fused Zumba dance party by Motique Mometums. Are you ready sweat sexy, build your confidence and meet your fitness goals? Zumba Dance Parties with Motique Momentum kick-off with our Movement Mometum Pep Rally and end with an inspirational message that will keep you moving towards your lifestyle goals. New students receive a lifestyle transition confession that they can read and meditate on to stay focused on their fitness goals and boast their self-esteem. Zumba ® House Parties by Motique Momentums Grab a group of your favorite friends for a “night in” with Daniela Gabrielle for our special Zumba ® House Party! At these house parties we bring the fun to your home or neighborhood clubhouse and you provide the guests. Parties include a full Zumba ® dance work out, Latin inspired dance games, ice breakers activities, infused water mocktails and a group photo. Parties are $10/per guest with an guest minimum for booking. GOAL Get It: Group Coaching Sessions Do you have goals that you are trying to achieve? Our group coaching sessions allows you to identify, set and move forward with your lifestyle goals while enjoying the support of other like-mind goal getters focused on transitioning into a life they love. From weight loss to finishing school to organizing your home to reigniting your spiritual life, this group-coaching program uses a standard roadmap to achieve any personal goal (Group coaching sessions are held bi-weekly via Google Hangouts) Individual Programs Expand Your Life: 90-Day Life Organization Program © 2013 Daniela Gabrielle and Motiqe Momentums All Rights Reserved

”Get Ready For Increase!” Have you ever heard those four powerful words? Our one on one coaching program will help you organize your mindset, thought-life, schedule and so forth to help you be ready to manage the new life your are working towards. It will help you define what your life should look like, identify what is standing in your way and establish a plan to blaze past those distractions and keep moving forward. This 90-day program is designed to boost your confidence in reaching your goals. 90-Day Goal Maintenance Program This program is designed to help establish healthy living habits based on the goals that you choose. The program focuses on three goals you choose that you will create a plan to execute with me as an accountability coach to help you navigate through hurdles you may encounter. Based on your goals, Motique Momentums will refer you to our partner professionals that can give you industry specific assistance in meeting the goals you've chosen (i.e. online personal trainer, nutritionist, board certified counselors ect) Each Individual Program Includes: • • • •

(6) 45-minute coaching sessions via telephone Foundational Workbook or Course Work Handouts Life Work (Assignments to enhance the coaching experience) E-mail and telephone access to your coach between sessions

Specialized Events FLY FREE Limitless Living Encounter This faith encounter will turbo charge your dreams and help you find the courage to move forward in the purpose designed for your life. Are you at a stand still in your life because your environment, relationships or mindset are telling you that you can’t? Learn how to break the fear barrier and pursue your goals while networking with like-minded people ready to break the limits off their life. Your life will never be the same. Lifestyle Makeover Luxury Weekend Getaways Ready to take your life to the next level? Gather your favorite friends and book a private Lifestyle Makeover party. Each guest arrives to receive complimentary gifts and a workbook where you will map out the life you love. This luxury getaway experience will stir your creativity and get you dreaming about your life on a brand new level while bonding with friends. Enjoy activities like limitless living exercises, morning meditation, Zumba dance party, lifestyle experts Q&A sessions, “dreamineering” vision boarding to map out your makeover and empowerment sessions to kick start your new life. Grab Your Favorite Ladies and Book Your Getaway TODAY!

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Professional Transitions by Motique


Our heart is to help young professionals define who they are professionally by identifying their passions, skills, experience and education to create a professional brand and working career roadmap that can help them remain integral to who they see themselves as a professional. We also provide leadership training for new leaders as well as training to establish young professionals as a sought out industry leaders with multiple streams of income within their industry.

Š 2013 Daniela Gabrielle and Motiqe Momentums All Rights Reserved

Business & Brand Transitions by

Motique Momentums

We help entrepreneurs go BIG with their business dreams by providing customized transition packages that help develop a business brand that competes with the forerunning competition, clearly speaks to your target market and adds value to your consumer. Our packages combine basic marketing, branding, PR and goal management and strategic coaching to keep entrepreneurs focused on healthy business growth from at 360-degree perspective. • • •

Brand Development Marketing Messaging Social Media Strategy

• • •

Advertising Graphic Design Leadership and Employee Trainings

Vision Development and Communication Sales Strategy and Implementation

my BUSINESS™ New Business Development Package ($2,500) Starting a new business doesn’t have to be difficult. Build a strong business brand with Daniela Gabrielle’s three phase process for an affordable convenient price. Payment plans are available. Phase 1: BRANDING -Brand Concept Development Description Positioning Statement Key Messages & Tone of Voice Brand Promise Mission Statement Tag Line Brand Services Brand Colors Brand Logo Company Elevator Speech Sell YourS.E.L.F.™ in 30 seconds (Registering the brand will be the responsibility of client)

Phase 2: PLANNING - Buyer Persona & Research (Identifying target market, their challenges and how the company solves those challenges based on market research) -Business Launch Strategy & Plan (Introducing Your Brand to your Target Market) -Social Media Content Marketing Plan

© 2013 Daniela Gabrielle and Motiqe Momentums All Rights Reserved

- First quarter Sell YourS.E.L.F.™ Marketing Campaign & Promotional Calendar (90-day strategy to stay connected and engaged with your target market)

Phase 3: INDENTIFYING -Business Card Design -Letterhead Design - Media Kit (Company Overview, Biography, Publications, Testimonials and other key information for those interested in booking Quentin Cox and the God’s Money, God’s Way) -Website Copy - Basic Website Artwork (as needed) - Choice of Three Social Media Accounts Set-up: FB, Twitter, YouTube Account, UStream based on research and recommendations -Web banner -Customized Social Media Icons


Monthly Marketing Management Package (starting at

$150/mo based on company size and need) Managing your company’s marketing plan doesn’t have to be as tedious as it sounds. Instead of hiring a marketing position, avoid paying employment taxes, benefits, vacation, sick leave and more by contracting your basic marketing management needs. With


Daniela Gabrielle becomes your company’s marketing

manager offering three basic services throughout the month. Packages can be tailored to meet the needs of your company. Service 1: MARKETING PLAN MANAGEMENT -Executes monthly marketing initiatives based on company marketing plan and promotional calendars Service 2: SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT -Monitors, mediates and maintains up to three social media accounts Service 3: REVENUE GROWTH MANAGEMENT -Monitors revenue growth, quantifies promotions for best practices and updates marketing plans to achieve financial goals


Company Elevation Package ($3,000-5,000)

The key to a good business is always staying in front of the power curve. Strong business owners and entrepreneurs don’t just anticipate change they chart change. With Daniela Gabrielle on your team, become an industry standard instead of maintaining your industry’s standard. Chart change, revenue growth, company turnaround and more with a package designed to elevate your company.



© 2013 Daniela Gabrielle and Motiqe Momentums All Rights Reserved

powerful stages of change in one comprehensive package that will set your company apart from the rest.

Stage 1: MARKET CONSULTATION - Market Research - Competitor Analysis - Brand / Marketing Audit - Innovation Opportunity Research Stage 2: ELEVATION CONSULTATION - Comprehensive Elevation Plan with recommendations based on research Stage 3: TEAM CONSULTATION - Hands on coaching from Daniela Gabrielle with management team to help the team understand, on-board and execute the Comprehensive Elevation Plan -Professional presentation developed and given by Daniela Gabrielle to unveil the company’s elevation to company employees and key stakeholders


Publicity Package ($500 + printing/production fees)

Don’t merely build a good brand; build a positive image that establishes your company as a pillar in the company and/or a standard of excellence on the web. Image is everything. Build your company’s image with

my IMAGE™ and create purposeful publicity

Media Kit Publicity Planner Publicity Coaching

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Sample Artwork & Identities By Daniela  Gabrielle  

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Ministry Transitions by Motique


At Motique Momentums, Daniela Gabrielle can relate to the struggles pastors have to grow their ministry after working as an associate pastor for over ten years. We offer a merging of church branding and marketing, leadership development and business coaching to help churches establish a real, relatable and relevant ministry brands that increase church membership and their personal growth and development in implementable phases. We believe that you should have the freedom to focus on your ministry vision and empower other skilled professionals to handle the other parts of running a ministry. We offer leadership development for church leaders to help your leaders effectively run the sub-ministries of the church. From how to incorporate the church vision into your ministry’s vision to how to get you volunteers motivated to work, we are committed to helping empower the leaders within your church to help grow you vision. Life Skills Outsourcing Many churches have a vision for a life skills center within their ministry; let us help you bring that vision to pass. We offer Zumba Ž classes, lifestyle makeover events, professional development seminars and empowerment courses tailored for the community to give them the life skills necessary to experience abundant life.

Š 2013 Daniela Gabrielle and Motiqe Momentums All Rights Reserved

Called to Serve You

Daniela Gabrielle is an author, motivational speaker and transition coach that has a unique knack for helping others change, transition and emerge. With almost 15 years in marketing, media and change management, she has developed Motique Momentums, a transition services company to help people shift into the lives they’ve always dreamed of. As a United States Air Force veteran released from duty for medical reasons, she took the core values, technical expertise and experiences of her military career to build a civilian career that would allow her to continue to “Aim High” while empowering those around her to do the same. On a mission to help one million people transition in education, entrepreneurship, and ending mundane lives, Daniela Gabriele is dedicated to being a resource to the nation, especially as we embrace the challenges to overcome our current economic climate. Her high-energy motivation is released at every seminar, conference, and teleconference she leads. It’s hard to leave her presence without feeling energized and inspired for change. © 2013 Daniela Gabrielle and Motiqe Momentums All Rights Reserved

What Others Are Saying “Daniela Gabrielle has been through so much and yet pursues destiny. Not only that, she's bringing others up with her. She finds the value in others and encourages them to reach their maximum potential. She is going to blow up and help others blow up. If you are stuck or need a different perspective on your situation, Daniela Gabrielle can help. If your business is stuck, she can help you shift to a higher level! She is amazingly creative beyond measure. She is my business consultant, motivator and idea shifter.” Camari Carter, CEO of Cameeshee Enterprises “Daniela Gabrielle is an amazing woman who clearly sees her vision when it comes to making it happen and getting things done. I am excited about her latest project, Fly Free and I know it will be warmly received by everyone. Do yourself a favor and follow this wonderful lady as she takes over the world. Read her work, Learn from her and embrace her experiences to take you to the next level”. Terry Moorer, The Hottest Disabled Speaker in America, Relationship Marketing Expert & founder of “Daniela-Gabrielle is truly a master coach. She helped me through my transition from traditional employee to emerging entrepreneur. A few months into starting my new business I felt overwhelmed and sought her expertise. She helped me to focus my priorities, manage my emotions and create a measurable plan for success. I liked that she listened to my concerns and was able to repeat everything I said back to her. Through her common sense exercises, humor and energy I learned how to handle my business like a seasoned professional. I highly recommend her; she will help you focus your vision and cheer you on at every turn!” Robyn F. Johnson, Professional Writing Consultant and Author

© 2013 Daniela Gabrielle and Motiqe Momentums All Rights Reserved

Now Let’s Begin Dear “Transitioner,” I am so elated that you are interested in how we can serve your greater purpose and destiny. Thank you for considering Motique Momentum as a viable source in your personal, professional and/or business growth. We are a boutique-style transition services company empowering young professionals with BIG dreams to achieve the life they love. There’s no one size fits all approach to transition, we provide personalized roadmaps to help catapult your life, career or business.

Let’s Begin! To start the journey with Motique Momentums we want to get an idea of your vision, goals and get to know you better. This will help facilitate our initial conversation and consultation. Please fill out the attached Client Profile form and e-mail it to prior to our scheduled consultation. I love forward to connecting and growing with you in living a life that you love. Sincerely,

Daniela Gabrielle Founder & CEO of Motique Momentums

© 2013 Daniela Gabrielle and Motiqe Momentums All Rights Reserved

Propelling Foward with Motique Momentums by Daniela Gabrielle  

Get your life, career, business or ministry makeover in motion with Motique Momentums by Daniela Gabrielle. Learn more about the transition...

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