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Instituto de Investigación y Enseñanza Iberoamericano, A. C. Alumna: Daniela Urbieta Carrillo

Lengua Extranjera I Profesora: Laura Veronica Briones Lima

Ciclo escolar: 2013 – 2014

Part 1 Months and seasons

The seasons

In the spring I see many flowers h

In the autumn I enjoy the weather

In the summer I’m going on h vacation with friends

Winter is my favorite season


In january, I celebrated the new year.

In february, he celebrated the day of friendship.

March at the St. Patrick’s Day. I saw all green.

The day I listening jazz music genere all day.

Mother’s Day I concent to my mom All day.

The day celebrates the cheese, as all Kinds of cheese!

July independence

In august as many hot

Labor day in

Day U.S.


I dress in halloween kittenish.

On Thanksgiving, we eat turkey.


At Christmas I enjoy my family.

Part 2 Daily routines

At the recreation center

Part 3 Likes and Dislikes

Likes and Dislikes

I like Taylor Swift because it is beautiful and sings beautiful. j

I like the Twilight Saga because it is wonderful, I love it!

I like reading books because I live history

I like Starbucks because I love coffee and all kinds of drinks they sell there

I like instagram because i enjoy sharing photographs.

I do not like the drugs, I feel it is very depressing

I do not like fluorescent clothing is very scandalous

I hate that the battery runs out, it makes me nervous.

I do not like the sun.. it makes me moody

I do not like to talk because my tastes are very simple

Part 4 Can and Can’t

Can/ Can’t

I can love Taylor Swift

I can go to the church

She can admire Taylor Swift

I can’t play the futbol

She can´t stay with out play bajo

They can’t win a soccer match

Can I kiss yoy?

Can we dance all night?

He can’t drive With caution

Conclusion! In this school year in my opinion was very good and the teacher became concerned and took care of everything we learned and knew that in a good way, the work assigned to us were very simple and I understood it very well. The first part we study the seasons and months of the year I really liked this issue and it was something I already knew but to investigate further. In the second part we study the routines, activities liked this part because I was more involved m'pas and it was a very productive way to teach. In the third part we study what we like and we digusta another topic that was taught in a very didactic way. And finally in the fourth study can and can not, as in the partial antreriores realixamos Likewise refresher in the portfolio.

In conclusion I'm very comfortable with what I learned and how I learned it.

Portafolio digital lengua extranjera  

Daniela Urbieta Carrillo - Iberoamericano

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