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Welcome to Video #3! Once you finish video #3, you’ll know that the biggest hurdle to growing any social media brand revolves around it’s marketing. It’s the 80/20 of the entire business. By understanding how to implement proven marketing tactics across your social media channels, you’ll be empowered to grow your audience size consistently by applying these methods. You also know the fundamentals to monetization and how there are 2 major pathways to create income from your online brand: by making more content and/or products for your audience, and by giving exposure to businesses. Whether you sell physical or digital products to your fans, you can make a fulltime income from a very small number of dedicated followers. Businesses will pay you for exposure towards advertising, product placement, or other marketing endeavors. There are several avenues of monetization available, which we will cover in this workbook. As mentioned in Video #3, we wanted to give you the entire Blueprint to Success, which outlines all the most important elements that must be completed in order to build a successful brand. You will find a high level overview of every aspect to begin creating your project, building a following, and monetizing your brand to get paid to travel the world.

5-Step Blueprint to Success: 1. Choose Your Niche • Brainstorm and group together your biggest passions and Interest • Create a Pool of Inspiration of other brands that are killing it in your niche • Decide if you will Create or Curate Content (curating is done by creating relationships with other content creators and sharing their work) 2. Branding • Outline what your Brand is about in detail • What is your Handle/Name, Logo/Profile Image, Description/Bio, Colors and Fonts, what is your overall Vibe and Voice? • How will you create consistency within your content? • How will you create congruency between your different platforms?

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3. Content • Will you be creating or curating content? • What social platforms will you focus on building first? (highly recommend focusing on only 1 or 2 to start) • Develop a content strategy - What kind of content will you post? How often will you post? How will you create engagement with the content and captions? • How will you build a connection with your audience? • What sets your content apart from the rest? • Who is your audience and how do you cater content to them? • How will you model off of existing successful content formats and strategies? • How will you capitalize on viral, evergreen, and socially proven content? 4. Marketing and Growth • Seeding content and getting shares – Create relationships with high profile blogs, forums, Facebook groups, curation pages, and other social media brands that are constantly looking for new content to share • Collaborating with similar niche influencers – Form relationships with others in your niche and create content to be shared on each other’s profiles

• Cross Promoting – Send traffic back and forth between other influential entities by exposing your brand and content to each other’s audiences • Interaction Groups – Organize groups of influencers to interact and engage with your content to increase its visibility and exposure immediately after posting • Mastermind Hub – Create a community of people on the same journey as you to share strategies, business opportunities, success stories, and support each other • Audience Engagement – Ask questions, give calls to action, create conversations with fans in your posts • Hyper Engagement – Train, promote, and incentivize your core followers 5. Monetization • 1000 True Fans – Kevin Kelly’s Theory • Create a Media Kit and Partnership Proposal • Go on the offense and get on a brand’s radar • Develop brand partnerships • Sell merchandise + digital products • Sell advertising space • Crowdfunding

Exercise - Customize Your Blueprint: 1. List 5 social media accounts that share content similar as yours:

2. List 5 creators and/or curators that you could collaborate or crosspromote with (similar size or ideally bigger, in your niche or potentially something similar):

3. List 3 product ideas you could sell to your audience:

4. List 3 brands you’d love to work with and how you could pitch them: Brand


Done! This Blueprint covers the most important foundations for creating a successful social media brand. As you can see, there are a TON of moving parts to this machine, and each one must be functioning correctly in order for the engine to run smoothly. • Above all: your content game must be dialled in. It doesn’t matter how much money or time you spend on marketing if those who discover your brand feel ‘meh’ about what they see. • On the flip side, your content can be incredible, but if you don’t have an understanding of your audience or a clear brand voice, it makes it confusing to know what you stand for, and thus becomes challenging to develop a loyal fan base. • Lastly, every niche and brand will yield different results with different marketing tactics. Some tactics may work a little bit, while others work insanely well. It’s important to test and refine various strategies in order to discover those which yield optimal results for your unique brand. That’s why, in Video #4, we show you exactly how to organize these bits and pieces to build your brand engine. We share exactly how to jumpstart this process into action and remove the guesswork that took us over 5 years to figure out on our own. This final Video #4 is the most important, and you will NOT want to miss it. We look forward to seeing you there!

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