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Project Brief Target Audience

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PRODUCT: We are creating a chair that portrays sophistication, serenity, peacefulness, softness and femininity. Our chair transmits the empowering but femininity of a woman. At plain sight we see the softness and comfort that it portrays. TARGET: Our target audience are women in the ages of 33-45. They are metropolitan business women that have their life settled and are probably in a high position in their companies. They live in a high end and wealthy environment. Our target lives in big cities and are interested in fashion and they look for something classy and practical. Our typical woman appreciates the good things in life and she doesn't mind spending a little bit more in furniture. SPECIFIC TARGET: Gianna is a 38 year old fashion designer that lives in London. She has been working in the Fashion industry for almost 12 years now. She lives a busy life in between her work, clients and making sure she stays in shape. Gianna finds peace in her apartment in Soho, where she finds comfort making it her own style

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Blush Pink: The trend blush pink is a balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and shades of neutrals. These combinations reflect a connectionto wellness as well as a peaceful sense of order and light. This reflects a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity, relaxation and peace are some of the feelings evoked by these shades of color. When mixing these colors it gives the ambience a sense of comfort and sophistication.

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NCS S 2020 - Y990R

NCS S 0515 R

NCS S 2010 - Y90R

NCS S 0505 - Y90R

NCS S 1005 - G10Y

NCS S 3020 - Y80R Bibliography: 1.) “Blush Pink as a New Neutral.” Elle Decor, 23 June 2017, 2.) Hernandez, Arlyn. “The Color That Will Reign in 2017.” Apartment Therapy, 31 Mar. 2017, 3.) Mitchell, Nancy. “The New Neutral is... Pink?” Apartment Therapy, 5 July 2015,

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NCS S 30000-N

NCS S 0515-Y90R

NCS S 2030-Y90R

NCS S 5020-R30B

NCS S 2010-Y40R

NCS S 1510-Y50R

NCS S 1515-Y90R

NCS S 3020-R30B

NCS S 1515-Y80R

NCS S 9007-Y90R

NCS S 3010-R30B

NCS S 2020-Y80R

NCS S 2030-Y80R

*Palette selected for project. NCS S 3010-Y60R

NCS S 1005-R

NCS S 1010-Y60R

NCS S 3010-R

NCS S 2005 B50G

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NCS S 2010-Y60R

NCS S 1500-N

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Gentry G03










Final Product:



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Technical Info:

Component Description:

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1. Name:Waterborn 223 Company prod.:Kvadrat Typology: Upholstery Composition: 85% Poliestere 15%Poliuretano

2. Name: Fabric 01 Company prod.: Kvadrat Typology: Upholstry Composition: 100% Recycled polyester FR

3 3. Natural steel with brass painted finish

Description: A project whose origins lie in the search for meticulous and wellbalanced comfort, restrained yet with a nod to exaggeration. Gentry is about tradition, distinction and belonging but brave enough to gently poke fun at the negative connotations of ‘bourgeois’. Above all the sofa communicates a way-of-being, a sensitive approach to finding the right balance between discipline and freedom. The large independent seat- and back-cushions mean that the sofa is comfortable when the user sits up properly but that it is also great for lounging around on, and forgetting about “good manners”. page 1k

Technical Information: Armchair internal frame: Steel frame Armchair internal frame upholstery: Injected flame-retardant polyurethane foam and polyester fiber over internal steel frame. Swivel base-frame: Natural steel with brass painted finish Armchair ferrules: Natural steel with brass painted finish Cover: Name: Gentry G03 Company prod.: Moroso Textile 1: Name:Waterborn 223 Company prod.:Kvadrat Typology: Upholstery Composition: 85% Poliestere 15% Poliuretano Textile 2: Name: Fabric 01 Company prod.: Kvadrat Typology: Upholstry Composition: 100% Recycled polyester FR

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Product Scheme:

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*Real Samples Area

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Color Palette:

1. NCS S 2020-R 2. NCS S 1010-R 3. NCS S 1005-R

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Color Samples:

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