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Pearson attended the 30th kfair TUYAP International Boo h 19t h 12t m fro l nbu Ista in 1. 201 ber Novem

Pearson sp Education E onsored ‘The World ntr first meetin epreneurs Society’s’ discussing co g which focussed on ntempo problems in rary education Turkey.

Turkey Middle East 9 x Caribbean titles gone to press including the updated bestseller ‘The Student Companion’.

30 VIP customers attended the Amazing Minds event in Morocco, North Africa.

Caribbean Edexcel Vocational exhibited at the UK Training/HR/Education Fair in Trinidad.

Pearson sponsored a teacher training event in Karmony District.

Africa Pearson participated in the 2nd BETT ME Conference in Abu Dhabi. This was a great opportunity to showcase all our products.... The Fronter and Bug Club demonstrations were a huge hit amongst students and teachers.

Sion Hill Pearson sponsored Vincent St nt, me na ur To Netball and the Grenadines.

Pearson sponso re of Education M d Ministry Numeracy Wee athematics/ k in St Vincent.

Teacher training in Karmony District. Pearson delivered 1.5m English textbooks in Ethiopia which covered 700 destinations in a month!

MEAC MEAC 2011 2011 Q4 Q3 -- AA snapshot snapshot view view

Pearson participated in Najah 2011 for the first tim e.

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Internal Communications 2