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childrens furniture

bambi production series


what is healthy for childrens furniture ? speak with them and build it in a special way. important for the prozess are some attributes. and there are planty of questions to solve. safty and manageability, scaling and colours ...

furniture facts and numbers a chair for small kids needs small sizes so the sitting hight is only 33 cm - 43 cm .the main hight is 72 cm so the piece of furniture is useable up to 12 - 14 years. the sitting width is 40 cm to allow the most comfortable time on it. the back rest defines the sitting position for the correct balance. and to enjoy the time a little bit more the outta surface is drawn with half-sintetic but fluffy fur. the mainstructure consist of different wood types for example pine, ash or oak.


bambi chair

furniture design

wood type - oak

pattern half-sintetic fur



create new styles and types of living, school or office furniture but do it with passion and well known informations and the costomer in this case the very young people of us. environmentally sustainable materials and colours is one of the main points of this project. simple design involves convenient prizes so you can get a price of 99,- for a production series of 1000 pc.


garden and pool area

terrace deck view

living room interior

aerial top view

material closeup casa de blanco to plan a small villa is not so difficult these days. if you follow some rules you will safe months of time and money you will get better flexibilitys and spaces. positions of walls, ceilings and structure ellemants are only a few things to consider. in 3 differents meetings arised a concept and drawing plan with 2 storeys and planty of space.

casa de blanco

small buildings

basement floor plan

smart house nana walls detail 1

1st floor

nana walls detail 2

space and materials

construction and tonnage

the villa is planed with a practical L form. the mainsize is approximatly 200 square meters with a 75 sqm terrace and a 150 sqm cellar. the pool area is about 75 sqm. the main material is polished concrete, the terrace material is planked oak and in the pool blue checkered italien tiles. in the basement there are polished dark concrete and asphalt. in the inside there is a dark pine glossy floor.

the construction way is following different rules. wallthickness depend on maximum hight and width of the building. so in this case 30 cm. the tonnage is made with a steel-concrete solution. the garage foundation is approx. 1,00m-1,50m. the outta shell consists of a aluminium-glass compound from nana walls.

2nd floor nana walls detail 3

facts and numbers total groundsize is about 350 sqm and a 150 sqm basement. you have a top floor with approx. 50 sqm. the surrounding area is about 1500 sqm. the total material planning and construction costs are 499.000,-

nana walls detail 4


modern holidays

facade closeup

cross section a-a indroduction the task was build an environmental frendly building. multistoreys building with a swimming pool area and nice green recreatoin areas in the parks beside the building.the special part are the green areas inside the 5 stars hotel.

elevation southside

cross section b-b

hotel belarus

longitudinal section a-a

large buildings

ground floor and pool area

aerial bird view concept and prozess to fit perfectly into the landscape the ground structure of the building depends on the landscape hight. the hotel design for the upper floors is based on a stack design. after that the green zones are cutting the hotel at some parts to make it more transparent and green. the complete prozess was created in autodesk revit 2013 for the most compatible way to plan your workflow.

standart floor type

interior foyer entrance

vacation and recreation

interior foyer ramp

top view aerial


main perspective street side

planning and concept what kind of building is useable and practical and nice too see for a world wide operating solar producer ? headquaters are complicate to plan cause you have to combine an office complex with a production area. in this case the decison was to make it flat and in every part useable. to show their products, the roof is green and also intended to be using. design and structure the office area is surrounding a courtyard in the middle. actually it is a recreation area for all employees. on the other side you have the producing hall. it is adjusted for different kinds of machines and for the import export transfers. the structure is based on a two way concept. light Steel structure combined with an armored concrete for the main building finalize the construction concept.


interior foyer entrance

office industrial buildings

exterior perspective entrance

Interior Perspective Calm Area

temparutre and distribution supply and exchanging system

window sections

floor plan office area and construction area

office section - sun directions heat producing - temparatures

ecotech discription the compression machines producing a lot of heat that is the engine for the exchanging system between the office and the production areas. aluminium based glass for a better sun protection in the offices and a lot of water reservoirs under the building and alongside to the complex.


explanations a way to make it less but efficient. the round shape is perfect for roof structures like this. a very light but strong triangle form made with rustproof steel. a maxiumum capacity of 72.000 peoples brings the stadium in a high range level of guest. the lower seats are under the base level to make the building overall lower. the outta surface is actually a cool surprice cause it’s moving with 200.000 pieces. you can simulate croudy people or some banners or even public announcement. the transparent facade allows also some peaks into the stadium. so they can feel and hear the atmospher better. with total costs of 125.000.000,- it is located in the lower range of building of this size.


aerial bird view introduction

design and concept

a new stadium for the fifa worldcup 2018 in russia. to plan a complete new stadium you have to think about the access points for the people and the vehicles. another important part is the capacity and the facade design. the third necessary part is the main structure and roof structure. fitting to russian cities.

the main idea was to make all access points in the basement and the seating area in the upper floors. a round shape cause it allows a higher frequens of seats. there is a pixalate outtashell it represants the incoming crowd of people. the 1m squares are rotateable 180 degrees so you can animate the hole facade.

moskow football stadium

complex buildings

materials and sizes armored concrete is the main material cause it can support the mass of weight for 72.000 people. the roofstructure is made with rustproof steel and covered with a polycarbonat surface. the pixelate facade is actually polycarbonat plates with a size of 1m by 1m and it is rotateable on the horizontal axes. the playfield size is an oficial fifa based rectangle. the mainsize on the longside is 320m and on the shortside 220m. the total hight is about 30-35m over sea level. street side perspective

entrance perspective

move in area

interior main stand 2

made In the complex shape and surface requires a good technique. otherwise you have no chance to produce such kind of building. to plan and design a stadium like this you have to use parametric design methods. in this case parametric design via grasshopper. after the planning process you can adjust easily different attributes of the building like the length the width the height the facade arrangements the seat positions and numbers and also a numeration of all structure and surface parts for the administrate companies. that is the most flexible way the build some complex parts.



exterior courtyard perspective

recreation garden area

aerial bird view introduction and mainconcept abu dhabi is a very fast growing city. the main task was to plan a reha center for vip costumers and a pediatric area in the middle of a high class area in the north of the city. the main concept is based on a 3 way system of hospitals. so you have actually 3 hospitals with different specifications. the first part is the main part with 2 areas connected with a stripe. the second and the third part are on the other side of the parcelle. they are surrounding a green garden for recreation and some therapies. in the innerside you have 2 wings and in the middle a big void so it is perfectly fitting for modern hospital bed concepts. a highlight in this architecture is the glass rose in the lobby. it was inspired by the famous middle east rose. the building complex have 8 access points for emergancy and customers. interior waiting area elevator perspective

interior lobby area perspective

abu dhabi medical reha center

hospital builings

explanations the three way system is useful cause the first part is for incoming patients the second one is for the vip clients and the third one is the pediatric clinic. the recreation zones are the best way to connect the buldings in a green way. main entrance elevation

constructions the mainstructure is made with a armored concrete with some steel construction parts in the roof areas and the delivery points. The foundation is between 1,50m and 3,00m. the stripe-point foundation is fitting to the earth ground mix. in the innerside you have acoustic light walls for every room.

east cross section materials armored concrete base material with a steel based roof. in the er rooms there are hygenic tiles and in the patient rooms hygenic pvc flooring and polyc. based wall ink. the facade plates are in aluminium, local sand and green tones. the floor of the recreation courtyard is made with a clean high polish palmtree timber.

south longitudinal section one wing example floor plan

medical workflow to optimize the workflow in the hospital you have to optimize the floor plans. short ways and hygenic areas are very important and the private ways to the patient rooms. the deliver and cleaning tasks are also important in a builing like this. they are located in the basement for flexible sceduleing.

south longitudinal elevation


wellness and spa poolarea intruduction a wellness and recreation area must be comfortable as possible. you need different kind of zones. there are many types of therapies with special needs. massage, swimming and sauna are only a few examples of the complex planning process. the main task was to make the different locations as logic as possible. design and locations in the case of the wellness and spa area, the positions of the roomtypes are simple. the fitting rooms and the toilets are in the middle located. around this block are the pool area with some windows into the courtyard and the massage and therapy rooms on the other side. a corridor in a L-form is connecting all zones.

wellness and spa building floor plan

wellness and spa pool area Ffoor plan

wellness spa reha care facility

interior design & fixtures

materials the main materials are black checkered tiles in a contrast to white mosaik tiles. so the floor and the walls compose a ying and yang. the ceilling is made of white laminated wooden planks. the interior furniture and the most fixtures is made of pine and oak wood. the sauna area is built with polished ash wood and white marble tiles.

interior design poolarea entrance

flavour and aroma therapy construction ways the complete planning was made in autodesk autocad 1013 and autocad mep 2013. digital design via autodesk 3ds max 2013. the 3rd party integration was not complicated. you can import mep construction plans and go directly into the building process.

interior design poolarea step in area wellness and massage therapy

relaxing and recovering moods and therapies in these days you need a complex recreation building. the pretense is make every customer happy and satisfied. you can accomplish this if you offer many kinds of healty ways to calm down and recover. the incoming costomers are in different conditions so the facility has to secure that all treatments are possible and save. heat and cold therapies oil and ayoveda therapies or just different kids of massages. there is the right care for the right person. keep the ideas from the design and use them for the right organisation of the facility so you can be more efficiant and sustainable. Isim dunt ip eros at interior design sauna area


aerial bird view from the racetrack and the main building building design the main concept of the building are planned with 3 separate parts. the entrance part, construction and indoortest part and the large flex. hall. the entrance building is in a l-form for a short-way system. the test and construction part is design as a long stripe as well the large hall. introduction a new testcomplex for audi was the task. the biggest part of the complex is the testtrack area. the calculated facts from the airtunnel can be directly tested at the racetrack. the mainbuidling is located on the eastside of the area. combine all of the different facilities in a practicle and sustainable way !

audi testtrack air tunnel complex

research buildings & landscape designs

test track design the main concept is based on a square. this was divided in 2 areas. one multifunctional area and one test area with different kinds of test corners high speed segments and planty of possible drive combinations. between these zones is a green part to conect it in the right landscape street compromise. interiordesign the entrance and the thinktanks are inspired by futurized architecure. minimalistic design and colours should be accent the mainwork from the audi manufacture team. interior design corridor and thinktank

interior design entrance hall

conclusion modern architecture with a minimal style is like the audi car collection. elegant and straight forward should be the device for coming industrial buildings.

front perspective main entrance

floor plan 1st floor


indroduction parametric design

1st step basicshape

a modern way to design and construct buildings or parts of buildings. the ability to use parameters for almost every single part of a building, is one the most powerful way to work with. this kind of architecture is very flexible and allows you to work in many useful ways. you can connect every part for example walls doors windows with other parts like ceillings roofs or interior structures. overall a very powerful tool to plan a structure or a building. you can change and readjust different attributs and you can see live the modifications. a very good way to try different styles of facades or stadium structures. important to say is also the workflow time saving because of the directly reacting model you have to build it, only one time.

3rd step combine scalations

how to use you can connect diff. parts of structure via attributs or parameters combined with all kind of modifiers and modification plugins. as an example you have to possibility to regulate the length height width of an building. or manipulate the thickness parameters of an complex structure. you can also connect hole parts of architecture so they can respond to each other. one of the most useable functions are the panneling tools. you can create complex architecture structure this is the only way to do it correctly, otherwise you can not handle the hole range of problems.

arena seating parametric model designing reversible inclined arena seating brings with it many variables to consider. among these are sight lines spacing front to back spacing side to side, clearance of moving parts and headroom below the structure. the parametric allowed for quick adjustments and testing providing instant feedback. also the model visuality communicates the movements of the structure more successfully than static images providing a better understanding of all the mechanisms within the seating. bend and twist shapes mathematicly

parametric design

modern technologies optimize workflow

2nd step connect phenotypes

4th step hight attractors

parametric string building function design

example you can imagine that the hole architecture is a long mathematical function. a string with a starting and ending point. you combine and connect all attributes piece per piece in a logical way. at first there are the basic parameters like the basic shapes and the basic sizes.

after that you can regulate detail parameters like the number of levels or a complex facade structure like in this example. you can adjust all attributs via number sliders or math. functions for fixed data. you have to solve a problem with the blending. to link the parts you need a parametric tree that allows you to

see where all of the parts are correctly located and linked in the right way. the last part of the function is the parametric structure. it is following the building shape correcty and. the surface is connected to a triangle voronoi with some attractor points for spacing. at the end you can see the result of this string.


folio flexibility





dpa portfolio  

dpa architecture and design

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