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• Avoid products with Vinyl a.k.a ‘the toxic plastic.’ Younger children are vulnerable to its negative effects. • Water Conservation = Energy Reductions = Saving $$$$$ • Just because you recycle, doesn’t mean that you are ‘Green’ but you cannot say you are if you don’t. • Celebrate your environmental contributions no matter how small they are, but know that more can be done to minimize waste maximize efficiency.

Green Home Evaluation Energy Efficiency Waste Reduction Indoor Air Quality

A GHE is cheaper than an Energy Audit.

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Whether you are looking for costeffective measures to save energy or are yearning to reduce your carbon footprint, a GHE is right for you.

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The Guru can be your personal shopper, finding the right products within your priorities and budget. Most of these products can be installed for you, if you choose.


Water Conservation Reducing Toxic Chemicals

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Green Home Evaluation

What you’ll get out of it • Learn about effective alternatives to phase out toxic chemicals

The Average American… • Uses 14,000 kWh per year ($1,540) and 20% of it is wasted

• Know about no-cost adjustments that can potentially save you $100s

• Has over 4000 chemicals in their home

• Get a personalized list of costeffective low cost investments

• Consumes 400 gallons of water per day • Generates 4.43 lbs of waste recycling (only 34.1%) • Contributes 20 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year The good news is that with some easy conscious decisions, you can significantly achieve beneficial results.

“The less we use today, the more resources we leave for future generation”

The ‘Guru’ with a leak detector device

About the GHE A Green Home Evaluation (GHE) is a comprehensive non-technical approach to inform and train you the homeowner how to live "Greener" and address the many small things that end up helping you operate more efficiently and saving you money as a result. As a Certified Green Specialist, "The Guru" can provide expert insight for you. Sustainability Guru Services provides a training session lasting about two hours, informing you how to have a less toxic and more efficient home on your own time frame and budget.

• In addition, Water Conservation, Waste Reduction, and improving your Indoor Air Quality will be discussed. • Households that clearly demonstrate “Green Living” can receive the “Greener Home Certification” from “The Guru”. • You’ll receive a “Free Green Home Conservation Kit” that’ll result in an annual savings of $200 1. Check out the Website: 2. Follow us on Facebook: /SustainabilityGuruServices 3. Learn more, e-mail ‘The Guru’ 4. Schedule a time: (847) 612-6616

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For the homeowner who wants his/her home "greener" and energy efficient.