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PLATFORM The Sanggunian can only be responsive and relevant as much as it is trusted by the constituency from which it draws its mandate of leadership. Thus, I am offering a covenant for focus, stability and growth in building the Sanggunian.

Focused to the vision •

Setting of triple thrusts: environmental protection, engaged citizenship formation and scholarships. All Sanggunian efforts will contribute to the advocacy of environmental protection, culture-building for engaged citizenship and pro-active political involvement and raising enough funds for an endowment fund for one Sanggunian scholar as a response to the commitments of the previous Sanggunian to these efforts especially in light of Typhoon Ondoy.

Stability in institutionalization •

Overhaul of consultation, mobilization and program implementation systems. The Sanggunian must overhaul its entire consultation and information dissemination systems by instituting a block/course representative-first policy and creative data-gathering methods via the setting up of the Department for Data-Gathering. A mobilization team composed of members of various units will also be formally created. A shift from mandate-based to competency-based programs for the School Boards will be instituted.

Strengthen existing departments. The Sanggunian will call for the expansion of services of both the Department of Student Welfare and Services and the Department for Student Leadership Development to reach a bigger part of the student body.

Growth and expansion •

Establishment of skill-based departments. The Sanggunian will open a new avenue for leadership in the student government via the creation of four new skill-based departments to respond to the growing needs of governing the 8,000 students of the Loyola Schools. These departments are: Department for External Affairs; Department for Internal Affairs (with Human Resources and Documentation arms); Department for Communications and Marketing; and Department for Data-gathering.

Strengthening leadership positions in local, regional and national associations. The Sanggunian will seek leadership positions in its current affiliations such as the Union of Catholic Student Councils (UCSC), Buklod Atenista and Student Councils Association of the Philippines (SCAP) and encourage organizations and sectors to do the same in their own fields and disciplines. This is to provide Ateneo with agenda-setting capability and strengthening the role of student organizations beyond the Loyola Schools.

MY COVENANT Vision-oriented leadership toward the triple thrusts. Technocratic, skill-based governance. Maximum student formation and participation. YOUR PART Trust YOUR Sanggunian. Be part of YOUR Sanggunian.

Rob Roque Platform  

Rob Roque Platform

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