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GoldenRetrieverTrainingTips.Net EPISODE 3 “How to Crate Train Your Golden Retriever”

Golden retrievers are not just one of  G ld ti tj t f the cutest  cutest but also one of the  but also one of the most  most intelligent  g breeds of dogs g

"Reward "Reward training" works  training works better with this  breed than  “ “Leash training." h "

The key to golden  retriever training lies in  t hi hi th basic teaching him the  commands. commands

Lead your puppy to the crate and  Lead your puppy to the crate and make him stay there.  make him stay there

Make him realize that his crate is his  M k hi li th t hi t i hi “home.” home.

It is advisable  to start with  ih the GO the GO  command.

Make sure you  Make sure you y g teach your dog the

STAY command  as soon as it gets  into the crate.

Follow up with commands such as LIE  or SLEEP. These should make him  SLEEP These should make him stay in the crate. 

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Golden Retriever training using simple commands Golden Retriever training can be best achieved by simple commands and rewards. this article...

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