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Jicama and Orange Salad 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea 2 Tbs ½ tsp Ÿ tsp to taste

Large Jicama Orange Lime Small Diced Red Onion Chili Powder Sugar Salt & White Pepper

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Peel jicama and cut into matchstick size pieces. Peel orange and cut into small pieces. Squeeze limejuice over jicama and orange. Add the onion, sugar and salt & pepper and mix well.

Jicama is a tuberous vegetable that has a crisp sweet flavor. It goes well with fruit so feel free to add to this salad. It originated from Mexico and was taken to the Philippines by the Spaniards around the 17th century and then spread to other parts of the pacific and Asia. Only recently it has become popular her in the US. Jicama is very low in calories even though it is a starchy vegetable. Be creative, have fun and enjoy!


jicama y una receta

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