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Recycle: Do Your Part To Help The Earth Have you heard the phrase, "Go Green" or "Green Energy" or heard things referred to as "Green"? Currently, everyone seems to be concerned about good things for our planet. And can you blame them? Anyone can play a part in going "green" and you are no exception. One of the easiest things you can do to show your concern is recycling. Recycling is simple and it does not cost a thing. The following article will discuss some of the items that you can recycle.

If you want to recycle in your home, you can set up a recycling area. It does not have to be a huge, fancy space. You can use any area of your home, yard or garage you like and set up bins for each material you plan to recycle. Label each of these bins so all of your family members are aware of what to put where. Labels are also helpful for guests. Some trash companies will pick up your recycling and sometimes you will need to bring the materials to a local

Plastic is one material that you can recycle. Many different items come in plastic. Some drinks come in plastic bottles; laundry detergent, salad dressing, jelly, shampoo, body wash and many other items come in recyclable plastic bottles or containers. Each container will have a number on it if it can be recycled. Before putting all your plastic together in a bin, see what numbers your area recycles and find out if it needs to be separated.

Another form of plastic you can recycle is plastic bags. Many stores put the products you purchase in a plastic bag. Many stores now will take these bags back and recycle them.

Many different metals can be recycled. You may even be able to make a little bit of money off metals that you no longer need. Look in your area to see if there is a place that takes scrap metal. If there is, they pay a certain amount per pound. If there is no place nearby, you can recycle metal at local recycling centers.

Batteries and electronics are also recyclable. A lot of electronic stores will take these items and recycle them for you. Your local recycle center may take them, too, but check with them first because not all of them are able to.

Some areas recycle glass, but some do not. If you use a lot of glass, check in your area to see if glass is something that is recycled near you.

Another item that we use a lot of and that can be recycled is paper products. You probably use a lot more paper than you realize and just about all of it can be recycled. Do you get junk mail? Recycle it. If you buy groceries and use anything that comes in a paper box, it, too, can be recycled. Some areas want paper and cardboard, which is also a paper product, separated. Check with your area and see what they prefer.

Recycling is an easy act you can preform to help out the planet you live on. It is an easy gesture to show that you care. Click here for more information

Recycle_ Do Your Part To Help The Earth  

laundry detergent, salad dressing, jelly, shampoo, body wash and many other items

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