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A little information about anti virus software. If you're going to be online it is very important to have some type of anti virus software on your computer. As computers and the internet becomes faster these computer programs are essential to keeping your computer safe. And you will be surprised to find that you can find a good anti virus for free with a simple search of your favorite search engine. As we move more into a digital age it is becoming more essential to protect yourself from these types of malicious software or you could have a lifetime of digital images destroyed or even have your identity stolen. While most viruses are not that sinister, almost all will cause your computer to become unstable. Another thing that viruses could do is send themselves to your loved ones or coworkers. The way an anti virus works is by scanning your file system and your ram image for known virus signatures. These are a small portion of a virus's code that is unique to it. Anti virus authors work hard to get samples of new viruses as soon as they can so that they can put detection in there updates and stop potential virus epidemics before they even start. Another great feature that you will want to make sure your antivirus has is what is called heuristic scanning. This is a method for detecting new viruses before they are even considered n the wild. The way it works is they look for common virus functions; such as self-replication, mass mailing, and scanning the internet for hosts to spread to. This is a great way to stop a hacker attack; as many times a virus can be custom designed for your computer or environment and will not be detected. If you're going to be online you will need an anti virus as well as a good firewall to keep yourself and your business safe from threats.

Anti Virus Software