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May 2010 Vol. 31 Issue 5

Getting Married is Big Business Leadership Cover Photo by Studio Warner

Work In Progress

Ribbon Cuttings Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress 5.2010


David Boring

Julie Orona

Creative Director / President

Art Director / Vice President

Harold Avila

Donna Barker

Courtney Considine

Warren Groeschel

Marketing Director

Sales Manager & Media Strategist

bite off more than you can chew. The team at Never Boring has, once again, expanded so we can better serve

Sign Manager

Office Manager

Grant Boring Film & Multimedia Director

Ashley Flesuras Marketing Representative

our clients. Pretty soon, we're going to need a bigger building. We thought it was time to take stock of our team - the new addition of our Sales Manager/Media Strategist Warren Groeschel has us playing musical desks, again. Not that we're complaining.

Betty Gay

Aya Ueno

Ken Brown

Steve Caballlero

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

The more we grow, the more we can help you. Your advertising is a big job - let our team of communications experts help you with your portion control and take a little...or a lot - off your plate.

Over 200 national & international awards.

Katie Floyd

Amanda Boyer

Kristin Bowker

Yvette Marble

Sign Specialist

Advertising Representative

Advertising Representative

Office Assistant

Co ver Sto ry

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chairman Kathy Halsey, AT&T

Getting Married is Big Business


Chairman Elect Ralph Curtis, Curtis Legal Group

Co m m u ni ty D evel o pm en t

Immediate Past Chairman Gary McKinsey, Corporate College

Vice Chairman Finance Dennis Wann, Tim Colbert & Associates, Inc.

Vice Chairman of External Operations David Gianelli, Gianelli & Associates

Vice Chairman of Internal Operations Eric Benson, JS West & Company

Directors Patricia Gillum, Patricia A. Gillum, CPA

Doug Johnson, Reach Business Solutions

Leadership Modesto Announcements Awards and Achievements Chamber Calendar

14 16 18 26

Neal Khatri, Best Western Khatri Properties Sharon Likely, Kaiser Permanente Bill Moreno, Fire2Wire

Eco n o m i c D evel o pm en t

Ron Owen, Bank of the West

Karna Harrigfeld Petrulakis, Herum\Crabtree Jeremiah Williams, Oak Crafts by Jeremiah

Ex-Officio Bill Bassitt, The Alliance

George Boodrookas, Modesto Junior College

Melissa Heath, Warden’s Office Products Center

Chamber Staff Joy Madison, President/CEO

Nita Gruendeman, Membership Sales Manager Agnes Amerine, Retention Manager

Minnie Dodge, Administrative Manager Sharon Novotny, Accountant

New Member Profiles People On the Move Work In Progress Land of Opportunity

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Melanie Smith, Administrative Assistant

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844, Modesto, CA 95353. Editorial opinions are not necessarily those

of the Board of Directors or members of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce. Chamber members may submit news by contacting: Progress Editor, email, P.O. Box 844, Modesto, CA

95353, (209) 577-5757, fax (209) 577-2673. Inquiries about ad rates,

please contact Ashley Flesuras at (209) 526-9136. Deadline is the 10th of each month for news and advertisements for the following month’s publication (news published at the discretion of the Editor on a first come, first served, space available basis).


Business Before and After Hours Ribbon Cuttings New Chamber Members

19 22 23

Modesto Chamber of Commerce

(209) 577-5757 •

Graphic Design Never Boring Design Associates

(209) 526-9136 •

Photography Cory Warner, Studio Warner

(209) 544-6511 •

Printer Parks Printing

(209) 576-2568 •

Chamber Works For You


What would new business be like without the Modesto Chamber of Commerce? I

Parks Printing

(209) 576-2568

launched my career as a Financial Services Professional with MassMutual Financial

Advertising Sales Kristin Bowker

Group in August 2009. My second day on the job, I attended a new member

Never Boring Design Associates

orientation at the Chamber. I was fortunate enough to sit next to the Ambassador

(209) 526-9136 •

Modesto Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement

of the Year. She inspired me to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the

To promote the region’s economic strengths and vitality; identify and

promote services that are valuable to our members; advocate for public

policy that is advantageous to the business community; and fully participate and partner in activities to improve quality of life.

On the cover Jeff and Julia Orona

Photo by Cory Warner

Julia Mensinger

Chamber to network within the business community. As an Ambassador, I have met many local movers and shakers. It has been a good start. I actively attend Ribbon

Cutting ceremonies and Mixers. I am proud to work with MassMutual, bringing strength and expertise to the business community, with help from the Chamber. (209) 577-5100, CA Insurance License #0G65097


PROGRESS MAGAZINE 1114 J Street • Modesto, CA 95354 (209) 577-5757 • (209) 571-6480 • Fax (209) 577-2673 •

Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress 5.2010


L e ader s hi p


Chairman’s Corner

Call or visit our showroom to explore all the possibilities Classic has to offer.

Outside my office I keep a stack of voter registration forms

(209) 524-1966

so employees in my building always have easy access to

4623 McHenry Avenue Modesto, CA 95356

register to vote or change their information. The box that holds these forms simply states the following: “Mumble. Grumble. Complain. Wallow. Hope. Despair. Worry. Kathy Halsey

Vote. Just a reminder: the one at the bottom changes things a lot faster.”

I have always believed in the power of voting. It is one opportunity we are given

to truly speak up and be heard. It you don’t believe that your vote counts, then talk to Assembly member Tom Berryhill, who lost his first attempt at the assembly by 84 votes. Or speak to the supporters of Measure S, the Stanislaus County

transportation tax, which needed 67% of the vote to pass, but after more than 155,000 votes, fell just short at 66.42%. Better yet, talk to the citizens of Waterford

who had two election ties within three years, and the winning candidates were decided by a coin toss. Elections are won and lost by slim margins all the time, so if

you think your vote doesn’t count, you’re wrong. In 1850, California was admitted to the union by a margin of just one vote.

It is our right and privilege to vote. It is one thing that puts us all on equal grounds, because it doesn’t matter how much money you make, what you do for a living,

your race, or your gender, we all get one vote. I believe we are all responsible to be active in positive change, and voting is one way to influence change.

It’s important, however, that you are an educated voter. It’s frustrating to see people standing in the polling area reading the brief description of a measure or

candidate and then forming their opinion and making their vote on that smidgen of information. Ballot measures can be very complicated and unless you understand their detail and their overall impact, you may be voting completely opposite of your opinion on the issue.

Each election the Chamber’s Government Relations Council studies, debates and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on the ballot’s components. It’s

through this research that the Chamber becomes informed and makes decisions based on the impact to local business, which is then communicated to our membership through email and the Chamber’s website. We do this so we can

provide an opportunity for our membership to be better educated on business issues when they are voting.

Hundreds of thousand of your fellow American citizens serving in the Armed Forces have given their lives to preserve your freedom to vote. As the June 8th

election rolls around, please don’t sit around and mumble, grumble, complain and wallow, instead, vote. Vote because you want to add your voice. Vote because it is your right and privilege. Vote because you care about your community.


Progress 5.2010 Modesto Chamber of Commerce


Community Development



The Modesto Chamber has been your voice of business for

the last 98 years. As the economy shifted throughout the

decades, so has the business model on how the chamber

is contributed and donated by business. That includes lunches, curriculum and supplies.

does business. I’m often asked how we are doing. I’m often

The Chamber has morphed its Business-to-Business Trade Show as the event

The answer is what you expect. We are struggling.

marketing opportunity for member businesses. It started as an event for new

asked how chambers of commerce in general are doing. Joy Madison


grows in expectation and results. In its sixth year, the Trade Show creates a direct

members only. Existing members were vocal in their desire to showcase their

A year ago the Chamber Board redefined the way the Chamber would do business.

businesses. We’ve tried different venues and now have a volunteer event chairman,

and the economic hardships of others. The loss of membership investment in the

event for all Chamber members. Laura’s professional expertise is paying off in the

Membership in the Chamber has decreased due to the closure of some businesses

Laura Ward of Ward Promotional, helping us maximize the effectiveness of the

Modesto Chamber has stretched resources thinly. Our cash flow is significantly

vigorous interest members are showing for the Trade Show.

cannot carry out the mission of its membership unless it has cash.

Our newest events, the State of the City and State of the Region, have been

Chamber revenue comes from two main sources – membership and events. It

serve as models, the Chamber’s volunteer committee members are confident the

events didn’t make money, it used to be acceptable to the Chamber. No more.

State of the City replace the Chamber’s golf tournament. With so many other golf

of it. Sponsorships are the foundation of every event.

its member investors. State of the City and State of the Region create the opportunity

affected by past due memberships and sponsorships. Like you, the Chamber

welcomed additions by the business community. With two successful events to

used to be that membership was a bulk of the revenue and events were extra. If

events can grow to become not only valued, but expected. State of the Region and

Events are half of the Chamber’s revenue stream. Attendance at events is only part

events, the Chamber decided it needed to do something different – and respond to

Chamber events must fit into one of the five core business principals that chamber

to represent business before government.

members expect.

You might be surprised to learn that our largest fundraiser is Oktoberfest. It

1. Promote a strong local economy

event. Without volunteers it would not happen. Still, it is the most expensive event

3. Represent business before government

permits and police charges.

5. Networking and referrals.

At the direction of the Board, the Chamber developed sponsorship packages.

2. Encourage community development 4. Political advocacy

Some events stand the test of time, others shift, and some go away completely. You make that decision.

Ag Aware and Harvest Luncheon both stand the test of time. The events raise money for students, not the Chamber. For more than five decades th Chamber

has understood that encouraging youth is critical to the long term success of our community and the Chamber itself. It has been proven by members of the

Chamber who are working today because of the scholarships they received. There are members of the Ag Aware and Harvest Luncheon Committee that were

scholarship recipients and now organize the events. Chamber members and the

community-at-large are pleased with the purpose and outcome of our scholarship events. Each year, the volunteer committees work diligently to keep the events fresh, yet maintaining the tradition you have come to expect.

The success of Leadership Modesto, for example, absolutely depends upon

sponsorships for its existence. For ten months each year, for the last 28 years,

LEMO has provided the leadership training business demands. Tuition covers

only the bare essentials like the Asilomar retreat and bus transportation. The rest

requires our sponsors to provide product and services to underwrite much of the to present when you add in the costs of the venue, set up, entertainment, security,

Companies are using the sponsorship directory to choose and prioritize events

that would give them the most bang for their buck. The earlier the sponsorship, the quicker the Chamber can market your business.

The Chamber thanks all of its sponsors for events. We work hard to ensure the events are up to your standards. And we want the entire business community to know that you made a significant investment in the Chamber. We list our sponsors in the program, let the community know verbally, on the web, in emails and in

Progress. Sometimes we inadvertently miss a sponsor. That is devastating to us. Without sponsors we cannot produce events. If we forget, sponsors may not invest in the Chamber in the future. We made that mistake when we were thanking

sponsors for Leadership Modesto Healthcare Day. Memorial Hospital somehow got edited from the list of sponsors. We are very sorry. Memorial provided the

venue, lunch and experts that organized and delivered the curriculum for the day. I encourage you to check the Chamber calendar in Progress and online for a list

of events. Call us for a sponsorship directory. Invest in visible sponsorships that

fit your business. Come to events and maximize your membership. People do business with people they know and trust.


Joy Madison, President and CEO

Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress 5.2010


Getting Married


Big Business

Written by Heidi Howell Photo by Echo Media Productions


eddings are a $50 billion annual industry. Rain or shine, they occur in every economy and support local commerce. If you’re planning a wedding, family reunion or other event,

here are some resources you’ll want to know about. First, let’s consider venues. The Seasons Catering & Multi-Cultural Event Center on McHenry Avenue offers seven indoor and outdoor spaces for groups of 20 to 700. “A couple can be married outside, then continue the celebration inside,” says owner and CEO Youra Tarverdi.


Progress 5.2010 Modesto Chamber of Commerce

Available are a competitively-priced grand ballroom, covered patio with stage, bar and grill, a small boutique convention center, kitchens and more – all set in a natural, relaxed atmosphere. The patio and newly remodeled building entrance provide picturesque locales. Full turnkey services include catering by Cordon Bleu graduates, plus tables, seating, decorations, candelabras, flower-filled vases and more. “Our advanced conference center hosts many multicultural events for the social service community,” Tarverdi’s goal is to make The Seasons a haven for everyone from individuals to non-profit organizations. A media component is being added this year that will allow groups to broadcast events

C ov e r S t ory

on a closed-circuit channel. To learn more, visit

including bridal bouquets, corsages, reception flowers and church decorations,” he says.

Once you’ve selected a location, you’ll need equipment and accessories. General Manager Loren Marple says that with 35 U.S. locations, Classic Party Rentals is the world’s largest fullservice party rental company. “We specialize in event consultation, layout design and rental equipment for any occasion.”

FTD ranked Hart Floral in the top 150 from among 20,000 florists in the U.S. and Canada, and Hart Floral is a Modesto Bee Readers Choice “Best Florist.” Downing adds, “Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. We are committed to making it all you have dreamed of.” For details, visit

Classic Party Rentals on McHenry Avenue offers everything from tent tops to tabletops. “We have china, flatware, glassware, linens, catering equipment, convection ovens, stoves and refrigerators,” Marple notes. Also available are staging, dance floors, custom lighting

Focusing on handcrafted artisan truffles and special confections is Must Be Heaven Chocolat, a chocolate e-boutique and dessert caterer. “We provide you with a fine dining dessert experience in the comfort of your own home or office because we ship nationwide,” says Chelse

Photo by Hudson Photography

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. We are committed to making it all you have dreamed of. — Chris Downing, President Hart Floral and more. You can also purchase items at the adjacent 13,000-square foot Grand Events! retail party supply store and have them delivered in conjunction with your rental order. “We will help you create your dream,” Marple says. “Some clients walk in knowing exactly what they want to accomplish and others are looking for ideas. We will guide you through the process.” For more information, go to

Coleman, professional chocolatier and CEO. “We also offer gourmet toffee that is hand-dipped in our fine Belgian dark chocolate.” Coleman says Must Be Heaven Chocolat takes the guesswork out of selecting the perfect wedding favor. “Fine chocolate is not only loved by many, it also has many incredible health benefits. Our brief chocolate consultation allows brides and grooms to sample our superior chocolate, select their Custom Favor Box and leave the rest to us.”

Family owned and operated full-service florist Hart Floral on McHenry Avenue has served the Modesto area for more than 65 years. Available are fresh cut flowers, custom silk and dry arrangements, plants, gifts, balloons, gourmet baskets and more; all delivered locally or worldwide. “Although some of our flowers originate from as far away as Holland and Australia, we pride ourselves on locally grown flowers handpicked from the farm,” says Chris Downing, President.

The company’s chocolate tastings and wine & chocolate pairings are great additions to any bridal shower, bachelorette party, spa party or other event. Details are available at

When planning your wedding or other special occasion, enjoy a free personal consultation. “We coordinate all aspects of your wedding flowers,

“We know how important it is to stay ahead of the times with the latest in fashion and design, she says. “Our store has an extensive inventory

Try Ciccarelli Jewelers, one of many Chamber members offering fine jewelry. “We’re a familyowned jewelry store with Old World integrity, and that warm feeling of family,” says Carla Ciccarelli, co-owner with husband Greg.

Photo by Echo Media Productions


Photo by Mystic Images

Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress 5.2010


C ov e r S t ory

of fine jewelry, specializing in bridal jewelry, with hundreds of fabulous new engagement rings, featuring eight top designers. We have the newest, most stylish men’s rings in all the latest metals!” Carla Ciccarelli adds, “We are honored to be the important first step in a couple’s wedding plans. We help make choosing wedding rings a wonderful experience couples will always remember.” Services include custom jewelry design, professional appraisals, jewelry/ watch repair, pearl restringing and complimentary ring cleaning and inspection. This month, Ciccarelli Jewelers celebrates its 20th Anniversary. The Ciccarellis invite you to join the fun and festivities! Learn more at Look great with the right makeup and skin care products from Independent Beauty Consultant Karly Mariah Richey. “I build personal relationships with my customers,” Richey says. “They’re welcome to try the products before they buy, at their location or at my retail store on Coconut Palm Way in Modesto.” Richey also sells the Galvanic Spa System II from NuSkin, which is a face-lift treatment that prepares one for the Mary Kay experience. She also recently formed a full service team of wedding professionals to give couples time to relax together. Contact Richey for details. “I like being a personal skin specialist for my customers,” she says. “They receive individualized instruction in product usage, both before and after the sale, and my 100 percent money back guarantee.” Richey suggests that couples not wait too long before beginning the wedding planning process. “Give me a call soon so we can get started!” Visit Richey’s website at P

Photo by Echo Media Productions

Matrimonial facts: • Every year an average of 2.4 million weddings are performed in the U.S. • Today’s median age for first-time brides is 27 years. For grooms, it’s 29 years • $28,082 is the average amount spent on a traditional American wedding • 88 percent of Americans marry at least once in their lifetime • One-third of those getting married have been married previously


The companies mentioned in the article are just a few of the Chamber Member businesses you may contact for your wedding plans. The Chamber has numerous members who provide venues, gifts and services to enhance your wedding and make it the very best you can imagine. Please check Chamber Member listings at for a complete list of the many companies that can fulfill your plans.


Progress 5.2010 Modesto Chamber of Commerce

Photo by Echo Media Productions

representing business before government

U.S. Chamber Breakfast


The Modesto Chamber of Commerce hosted Dick


Castner, Western Regional Director for the US

Chamber of Commerce on April 14th. Joining the

Convenient location

dialogue were members of the Modesto Chamberâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Park-like setting

Board of Directors and its Governmental Relations

Indoor or outdoor

Dick Castner

Experienced staff

Council, members of the One Voice delegation that goes to Washington, DC and members of the

Turlock Chamber of Commerce and its CEO.

Professional catering

The discussion, very frank at times, centered on the current issues in Washington, DC and how they affect us at home. Whether the plans for your next event call for a small, informal gathering, an offsite business meeting, or the wedding of your dreams, the grounds and facilities of CSU Stanislaus offer everything you need to make your event memorable. Chartwells is proud to provide food service for VenU and CSU Stanislaus. Our culinary team specializes in creating enticing menus and unique presentations to complement any style from casual to elegant.

CSU Stanislaus alumni receive a 10% discount on rental fees!

1]\bOQb;]\WQO2]ZZOb '$$%!'!jeeeQacabO\SRcDS\C

Health Care â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Signed into law, it is flawed, complicated and promises to be expensive. Expect several technical corrections bills as the law phases

in over the next ten years. Expect regulatory changes. The US Chamber held a conference call with chambers on April 21, 2010. If you would

like more information or a timeline provided by the US Chamber, please

contact the Modesto Chamber. For specific information please contact your insurance, legal, tax and actuary experts.

Banking and Finance â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Expect some banking reform legislation. Education and Training â&#x20AC;&#x201C; No Child Left Behind has morphed into the

Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Does not need reauthorization this year, but is on the table.

Immigration Reform â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Do not expect anything this year although desperately needed.

Estate Taxes â&#x20AC;&#x201C; No current law, but will revert back to 41% - 55% tax rate on estates beginning at $1 million.

Budget and Deficit â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Will consume much of the remaining time in session.

Confirmation of Supreme Court Justice â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Next to the budget, this will occupy most of the remaining time in the Senate.

The audience engaged in a lengthy discussion of the federal governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

education policy and the US Chamberâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s position. As a follow up to information we received at a briefing with the US Chamber in Washington, members of the business community expressed frustration

with the policy and its disconnect with employers. More information will be forthcoming on the proposed new bill.

Finally, the group discussed the upcoming 2010 off-year elections, targeted seats in both houses of Congress and the effect redistricting may have in 2012. There is no report of the prognostication by the audience.


Progress 5.2010 Modesto Chamber of Commerce


With good health... kids just do better! Look no further for affordable low-cost health coverage for kids. Health Plan of San Joaquin offers truly affordable health, dental, and vision coverage. You’ll also have your choice of hundreds of doctors, access to most hospitals, and prescription coverage for your kids.

Plus, you’ll have access to programs and useful tips including: • A Free 24-hour Advice Nurse Line • Nutritional Tips for Kids • Childhood Safety Tips • Information on Diabetes and Asthma • What shots your kids need as they grow   Call today to find out more about our plans and see if we have the right plan for you. Eligibility guidelines apply  

1-888-936-PLAN Affordable health, dental, and vision coverage for kids!

Ec onomic Development

People On



Children’s Hospital Central California has

announced Gordon L. Alexander, Jr., MD as its new

President/CEO. Dr. Alexander will begin his role

this summer. Alexander comes from Fairview Health Services in Minneapolis, MN where he served as the Gordon Alexander, Jr., MD

President of the University of Minnesota Children’s

Hospital and University of Minnesota Medical Center.

In his tenure, he instituted a performance management system which

resulted in strong financial performance, and a strategic planning process which improved quality and patient safety and expanded access for services to children. (559) 353-8610,

Dr. Gaither Loewenstein has accepted an offer

by the Yosemite Community College District Board of Trustees as president of Modesto Junior College

effective July 1, 2010. Loewenstein is currently VP of Norco College in the Riverside Community College

District. He has over 16 years experience as a college Dr. Gaither Loewenstein

administrator, 11 in the California community college

system. Loewenstein also has Central Valley roots. He was the Dean of Instruction, Humphrey’s College, and worked in the planning field for San Joaquin County and the City of Escalon.

Oak Valley Community Bank (NASDAQ:

OVLY) announces the promotion of Peter Brown to Vice President Commercial Loan Officer. Brown

has been with Oak Valley for two years as an AVP Commercial Loan Officer. He is based out of the Peter Brown

Bank’s Oakdale Branch and serves the commercial

banking needs of Central Valley businesses. Brown has

over ten years of commercial banking experience. He currently resides in

Oakdale with his wife and their two children. For more information, call (866) 844-7500 or visit us online at

Commerce Title Company of Modesto names Kim Arivett their Branch Business Development

Coordinator. Real estate industry veteran Arivett

brings her mortgage and marketing industry expertise to this new business development role. Arivett will Kim Arivett

help lead the Modesto Commerce Title branch through its high growth period and help expand its role in the

local real estate industry. Arivett will work with the team led by Erin Muir, Branch Manager and Senior Escrow Officer. Contact (209) 235-9580, 220-G Standiford Avenue, Modesto, CA 95350. Continued on page 24


Progress 5.2010 Modesto Chamber of Commerce

Community Development

Leadership Custom






Leadership Modesto classes learn about many aspects of the community, some dealing with serious issues such as public safety and infrastructure

and land use, but they also learn about the cultural facets of the community

which stoke the heart and soul of Modesto. Day Chair Christine Almen,

Stanislaus County Chief Executive Office, said, “Planning the day was really fun, I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about our community and share with the class.” Modesto has many different cultural offerings noted by Almen, “The most difficult part of planning the day was deciding what to focus on, there is so much!”

Hardwood flooring installation, refinish & repair. Tile, granite & laminate sales & installation. Showroom located at 823 N. Emerald Ave, Modesto, Ca. 95351 Phone (209) 571-8583 10% Chamber Discount *max value $500.00

Financing Available

Modesto’s cultural scene is full; spending their time downtown, the class learned about the art scene at the State Theatre, Modesto’s history through

a tour of downtown visiting McHenry Mansion and Museum, and visited the new cultural hub, the Gallo Center for the Arts. Patricia Ward, Wild

Signs, noted, “The peek into Modesto’s architectural past was intriguing. I think it should be talked about more, made more relevant to local people,

to understand what history their town actually holds. I think it helps foster civic pride and a better community.”

Kate Trompetter, Center for Human Serves, enthusiastically shared in the appreciation for Modesto: “I loved this day! It was such a great celebration of some of the music, art and culture created by people within

our community. Our community should celebrate and acknowledge these things and people more often.”

Almen thanked Fuzio Universal Bistro for providing “a wonderful meal and meeting room for our lunch.” The Leadership Modesto program requires

Local Feel. Global Expertise. Small Business or Fortune 500 - we have you covered!

these are just some of them: Doug Holcomb and Greg Edwards provided

local artist CDs; Sam Pierstoph, poet, signed and donated a copy of his

book; the Modesto Nuts donated t-shirts; and Stanislaus County Economic Development provided drive tour CDs. Leadership Modesto thrives with participation from Chamber and community members.

Since 1913


sponsors like Fuzio, and contributors who give of their time and resources,


Access to the expertise of over 135 employees Dedicated claims department advocating on your behalf

Minnie’s News Bites

© Never Boring Design Associates •

Unparalleled Risk Management services

Save the date, Thursday, May 13 for the Chamber’s 6th

Free legal and HR advice

annual Business-to-Business Trade Show at the SOS

Club. This high profile annual event is the place to be Marc O’Neil

to see and be seen! New and existing members will

Jeff Quinn

Minnie Dodge

exhibit their company’s products and services. The

event features hourly demonstrations, prizes, food,

beverages, and great networking. Bring your managers and your sales team

and invite your customers. Come see for yourself what your fellow members 1100 14th Street Modesto (209) 529-3480


Progress 5.2010 Modesto Chamber of Commerce

have to offer! Event hours are 3pm to 7pm. See you there!

Economic Development

New Member Profiles In 1982, George Collier took and passed the certification and became

a member of the United States Professional Tennis Association. Since 1979, I have been a tennis instructor and coach in the Modesto area. I reside within the city of Riverbank but conduct tennis activities as far as San Mateo and

Foster City. During the winter, I am at the Ritz Carlton Resort, Naples, Florida. Please call me at home (209) 869-3948 or on my cell at (209) 7520492. My email address is

expertise in Engineering, Business and Organizational Development. The

team consults throughout the Americas and Europe and boasts two local founding partners, Leslie Pickering and Dr Scott Ellis. We benchmark producers of goods and services and design strategies to reduce costs and improve productivity. We implement the strategies and train our customers

to continually improve without us. In short, we show businesses how to do

Mar-Lite Optical Suppliers was founded in January 2009. The principals are Ken Martin, President, and Tom Olson, Vice President. Ken and Tom were the previous owners of Martin Optical Service in Modesto.

Martin Optical Service was founded by John A. Martin, Kenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s father, in 1954. Mar-Lite is a wholesale optical laboratory serving eye care professionals

throughout Northern California. We are dedicated to providing our eye care professionals with a quality product and a quick turnaround time. We can be reached at (209) 521-9308, Mon-Fri 8-5.

P2 is a Seattle-based team of improvement professionals with

the right things right. Visit us at or contact Whitney at (425) 922-6436.

Seniors Helping Seniors is a non-medical in-home care service for

seniors by seniors. Seniors want to remain living independently in their

home, but may need a little help from a friend. Seniors Helping Seniors provides that help by matching caring and compassionate seniors to those

seeking companionship, light housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping, transportation, yard work and handyman services. We provide services

throughout most of Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties. (209) 573-0291,


Š Never Boring Design â&#x20AC;˘





Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress 5.2010


Economic Development

Announcements Candlewood Suites is another new Silver

Level President’s Club Circle of Influence member.

members of the Northern California Chapter of Certified Residential Specialists

Chairman Kathy Halsey is Cathy Bludau, Jolene

Association of Realtors share information to help homeowners maximize

Accepting the President’s Club plaque from

Saldivar and Carol Ann Rangel. Candlewood Suites is a new full-service hotel in Turlock located

Candlewood Suites

Deni Royer, Realtor, CRS with Prudential California Realty, met with other

at 1000 Powers Court. If you need short- or long-

term accommodations for family or contract employees, this is the place to go. The Chamber appreciates all of its President’s Club members, and is pleased to

(CRS), to hear Bob Hart, Chairman of Green Task Force for the California

the value of their homes and save money on their energy costs. For more information on how homeowners can save money on energy costs, increase their

home value and take advantage of tax credits and rebates, contact Deni Royer at

welcome new ones.

Sarah Palin to speak at California State University,

Stanislaus’ 50th Anniversary Gala. Former candidate

Mercer Foods is also welcomed as a Silver Level

for Vice President and Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin

President’s Club Circle of Influence member. Accepting

will serve as the guest of honor at CSU Stanislaus’ 50th

the President’s Club plaque from Chairman Kathy Halsey is Pam Denney. In business for over 25 years,

Mercer Foods is a recognized leader in the freeze-drying Pam Denney

industry. The Modesto Chamber of Commerce utilizes its President’s Club member dues to better advocate for all

of its members in the business community. Call the Chamber to find out more about the additional benefits of being a President’s Club Circle of Influence member, (209) 577-5757.

Rob Ellett, a veteran Realtor with PMZ Real Estate, earned the prestigious Certified Distressed Property Expert

(CDPE) designation, having completed extensive training

in foreclosure avoidance, with a particular emphasis on short sales. At a time when millions of homeowners are Rob Ellett

struggling with the possibility of foreclosure, the skills and

education amassed by Ellett will help benefit Modesto area

residents and communities. Rob says, “I learned that a short sale is a dignified way to avoid foreclosure.” For more information, contact Rob Ellett, (209) 5484532,,


Progress 5.2010 Modesto Chamber of Commerce

Anniversary Gala on Friday, June 25. Mrs. Palin recently Sarah Palin

released her bestseller autobiography “Going Rogue:

An American Life.” She is also a Fox News political

commentator. The black-tie fundraising event will begin with a reception at

6 p.m. followed by a five-course dinner and dancing. Tickets are limited, call (209) 667-3131.

Modesto City-County Airport announces Harrah’s Laughlin has

added two additional flights to the 2010 schedule. Package trips are set for Monday, August 9 returning Friday, August 13 and Tuesday, September 21 departure returning Friday, September 24. Interested parties can call Harrah’s

Air Reservations at (800) 315-9113 to book the flight package. Parties who are not members of Harrah’s Total Rewards loyalty program, the August and September leisure charter packages are available for $169 per person and include round-trip air, hotel accommodations, and an airport hotel transfer.


Patty Lea Downtown Branch Manager Dorian Predes Premier Client Services Officer Greg Reis Customer Service Supervisor

Safe, Sound and Always Around Rabobank. For a secure future. The next time you’re at a horse show, a neighborhood fundraiser or a business luncheon, keep an eye out for a community banker from Rabobank, N.A. Our friendly team of bankers is dedicated to serving our customers and serving our community. When you see us in your neighborhood say hello. We’re safe, sound and always around.

Stop by and see us today. 1407 I Street, Modesto • 557-8888 1400 Standiford Avenue, Modesto • 576-2599 2190 W. Monte Vista Avenue, Turlock • 632-6065 1861 Bellevue Road, Atwater • 357-7438 731 E. Yosemite Avenue, Merced • 725-1375 2000 M Street, Merced • 726-3650 1451 W. Pacheco Boulevard, Suite H, Los Banos • 827-8490 1305 Main Street, Suite B, Newman • 862-0111 Rabobank, N.A. • Member FDIC

Community Development




Founded in 1984 by twelve Central California dairy families, Hilmar

Gary Plummer, former President and CEO of the

whey products. The business began in Hilmar, California and a second

an award from the Western Association of Chamber

Cheese Company has grown to be a global leader in processing cheese and

Modesto Chamber of Commerce recently received

manufacturing site in Dalhart, Texas opened in 2007. Still privately held,

Executives (WACE) for his 30 years of service doing

the company employs almost 1,000 people. An active educational and community partner, Hilmar Cheese Company contributes to hundreds of local events and charities and operates a Visitor Center with dairy education exhibits hosting thousands of school children each year.

Ernie Villanueva, Prudential California Realty,

Chamber work. Gary worked for our great community Gary Plummer

Chamber business.

The Modesto Chamber of Commerce

2009. On January 29, 2010, Villanueva received the

Board of Directors are pleased to announce that Linda

Chamber of Commerce and on February 5, 2010,

Ambassador for the 1st Quarter of 2010. Linda won

Member of the Year Award from the American Canyon

Curtis, Kelly Services, Inc. is the highest performing

he received the Realtor of the Year Award from the

American Canyon Association of Realtors. “It brings

me great joy to congratulate Ernie on his momentous achievement,” said Craig C. Lewis, President/CEO. “He is a valuable asset to the organization.”

English Oaks Nursing and Rehabilitation Center received the

the distinction of Ambassador of the Month for both Linda Curtis

January and February. She achieved this award by

consistently working as an Ambassador at events and

interviewing Chamber members. The Chamber works with the help from

volunteers like Linda. Talk to her at the next Chamber event to see how you can get involved.

honor of Facility of the Year for 2009 from Generations Healthcare. This

The Modesto Chamber of Commerce Board

who provide outstanding care and customer satisfaction to the residents

Living Modesto for being the Ambassador of the Month

designation was the result of hard work and dedication by staff members

of Directors commend Rebekah Martin, Pacifica Senior

of our community. English Oaks provides comprehensive physical,

for March. This is Rebekah’s first win as Ambassador

occupational and speech therapy services and specializes in developing unique, individualized therapy programs for each resident. English Oaks is located at 2633 W. Rumble Road. For more information or a tour, call (209) 577-1001.


Chamber of Commerce in Illinois. Chamber staff

congratulates Gary for this achievement and for his dedicated service to

received two high honors for his achievements in

Ernie Villanueva

for 5 1/2 years, and is now the CEO of the Springfield

Progress 4.2010 Modesto Chamber of Commerce

of the Month, as she is relatively new to the program. Rebekah Martin

Rebekah won this honor by conducting Ambassador visits to Chamber members and volunteering at our

events. Good job Rebekah!


N e tw o r kin g A n d R e f e rra l s

Business Before


After Hours

Monthly Coffee Hour

Monthly Mixer

Hosted by: Lakewood Memorial Park/Funeral Home Inc.

Hosted by: Funworks Family Fun Company Coffee Provided By:

Lakewood Memorial Park/Funeral Home Inc.

Wine Provided By:

Funworks Family Fun Company staff photos attached.

Founded on the belief of community responsibility and service, Lakewood Memorial Park was created to be a beautiful commemoration for those who served. Lakewood Memorial Park/Funeral Home Inc. 900 Santa Fe Avenue, Hughson 95326 (209) 883-0411

The Funworks mission is to provide a safe, clean, affordable, fun, family centered amusement destination. Funworks Family Fun Company 4307 Coffee Road, Modesto 95357 (209) 549-7888

& Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress 5.2010


Ec onomic Development

President’s Club Circle of Influence Diamond Level

Bank of the West Capax-Giddings, Corby, Hynes, Inc. Doctors Behavioral Health Center-DMC Doctors Medical Center-DMC Frito-Lay Company Inc. Kaiser Permanente Pacific Southwest Container Physician Referral Service-DMC Rabobank Romo & Associates Save Mart Supermarkets Walmart

Gold Level

Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc. Costco Wholesale Evergreen Rehabilitation Care Center Foster Farms Dairy J C Penney Company Memorial Medical Center The Modesto Bee Modesto Irrigation District Modesto Nuts Professional Baseball Post Foods, LLC RACOR, Division of Parker Hannifin Corp. Sysco Food Services Taco Bell

Silver Level

5.11 Tactical Inc. AAA AAA Locating, Inc. AT&T Acme Construction Company, Inc. Ambeck Mortgage Associates American Chevrolet American Medical Response Applegate Johnston, Inc. Aramark Uniform Services Atherton & Associates BBVA Compass BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse Basic Resources, Inc. Brandman University Part of Chapman University Brown, Fink, Boyce & Astle, LLP Bunge Oils California State University, Stanislaus Candlewood Suites Central Valley Medical Group Children’s Hospital Central California Children’s Hospital & Research Center-Oakland Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino Citibank Clark Pest Control Comcast ConAgra Foods Construction Management Corp. Courtyard by Marriott Covenant Village of Turlock Curtis Legal Group Damrell, Nelson, Schrimp, Pallios, Pacher & Silva


Progress 5.2010 Modesto Chamber of Commerce

Days Inn Del Monte Plant #1 Delta Sierra Beverage DirectLine Technologies, Inc. DoubleTree Hotel English Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation Hospital External Resources Inc. F & M Bank Galletto Ristorante Georgia-Pacific Gianelli & Associates Gilton Solid Waste Management, Inc. Great Valley Center Grimbleby Coleman CPAs, Inc. Grover Landscape Services, Inc. Harris Moran Seed Company I.J. Larsen Pumps, Inc. ITT Technical Institute Institute of Technology International Paper Company J S West & Company Kaplan College McHenry Medical Group, Inc. Mercer Foods Mocse Credit Union Modesto Commerce Bank Modesto Toyota Mraz, Amerine & Associates Nestle USA Oak Valley Community Bank O’Brien’s Market, Inc. Oldcastle Glass Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Panelized Structures, Inc. Pepsi-Cola Bottling Group Prime Shine Express Raley’s Rizo-Lopez Foods Inc. San Joaquin Valley College Seven Up Bottling Corp. Solecon Industrial Contractors Solid Networks, Inc. SpringHill Suites by Marriott Stanislaus Food Products Co. Stanislaus Surgical Hospital Stantec Consulting, Inc. Storer Coachways Sutter Gould Medical Foundation Turlock Irrigation District US Bank Valley First Credit Union Valley Lexus-BMW-Infiniti Versa Cold Logistics Services W.H. Breshears, Inc. Warden’s Office Products Center Wells Fargo Bank Winton, Ireland, Strom & Green Insurance Agency Yosemite Meat Co., Inc.

Modesto Chamber of Commerce

Work In Progress a series spotlighting some of our area’s most innovative and successful companies

At O’Brien’s Market, Customers Are Number One O’Brien’s Market has been a staple in the

out there that wants it, and we’re here to provide

Modesto area since the opening of its first

it for them.”

location in 1978. Since that time, O’Brien’s has added two more stores – a Riverbank location

He also points to his store’s large selection

in 1994 and another Modesto location in 2002 –

of health food options as another way that

and become a popular choice for those looking

O’Brien’s addresses the needs of its customers.

to buy their groceries from a locally-owned

“There’s a growing segment of the public


high-quality items deigned to meet the various needs of his customers. As an example, he notes that O’Brien’s uses only the freshest produce, which is bought locally whenever possible. He also cites the presence of the area’s only old-fashioned meat counter as

that’s looking to eat healthier,”

“ There’s a growing segment of the public that’s looking to eat healthier.

- Chuck O’Brien

he notes. In response to this growing need, O’Brien’s has





created a separate section


designed to feature healthy


and all-natural foods, many

Business to Business Trade Show May 13, 2010 3pm - 7pm SOS Club, 819 Sunset Avenue Call Minnie at 577-5757 to reserve your booth

of which were requested by customers. All of these specialty products are offered in addition to an expansive selection of standard grocery items. So whether you’re looking for

a way that O’Brien’s provides superior quality

local produce, healthy choices, fine cheeses,

and service.

or just doing your normal weekly shopping, O’Brien’s Market has the items you need.

Progress magazine is the voice of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce, and the leading business publication in Stanislaus County. For more information or advertising info call (209) 526-9136

O’Brien’s is also the area’s premier provider of a wide spectrum of cheeses and wines. “The Dale Road store, in particular, has the finest cheese selection around,” he says, “There’s a clientele

due to the wide selection of

• Thank you notes are just as important for businesses as they are for weddings. Make sure your clients know you appreciate their business. • With six graphic designers, Never Boring Design can create anything from logos and letterhead to wedding invites and websites. • All-inclusive is great for businesses and honeymoon travel. Never Boring Design can be your all-inclusive Graphic Design, Web Design, Marketing, Film, and Commercial Sign destination.

that the success of his stores is

(Courtesy of Never Boring Design Associates)

© Never Boring Design

Owner Chuck O’Brien believes

Service When You Need It

This story can also be found at

Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress 5.2010


N e tw ork i ng And Referrals

Ribbon Cuttings

Nifty After Fifty CareMore Health Plan 1234 McHenry Avenue Modesto, CA 95350 (800) 499-2793

Labor Finders 5642 Pirrone Road Salida, CA 95368 (209) 551-6201

DeHart Technical School 311 Bitritto Way Modesto, CA 95356 (209) 523-4578


Progress 5.2010 Modesto Chamber of Commerce

Maxx One Security 121 E. Orangeburg Avenue Ste. 7 Modesto, CA 95350 (209) 480-2100

Vintage Faire Nursing & Rehabilitation Services

Lakewood Memorial Park/Funeral Home Inc. 900 Sante Fe Avenue Hughson, CA 95326 (209) 883-0411

Orient House Restaurant

3620 B. Dale Road Modesto, CA 95356 (209) 521-2094

609 Tully Road Modesto, CA 95350 (209) 577-2099

The Pampered Chef


Modesto, CA (209) 996-8764

1234 -D McHenry Avenue Modesto, CA 95350 (209) 544-1108

N e tw o r kin g A n d R e f e rra l s

New Chamber Members Affordable Transport 24/7 Michael Shaw 1449 E. F Street, Suite 101E – PMB 154 Oakdale, CA 95361 (209) 606-5607 ph Transportation

Bella Tours Limousine Service John Shores 5007 McHenry Avenue Modesto, CA 95356 (209) 495-0550 ph (209) 544-9290 fax Limousine Service

Black Bear Diner – Modesto Tim Thurman 2200 Plaza Parkway Modesto, CA 95350 (209) 529-1440 ph (209) 529-1774 fax Restaurant


Brad Hawn 1030 11th Street Modesto, CA 95354 (209) 996-6340 ph Engineers-Structural

C’est Joli

Nancy Hawn 1031 11th Street Modesto, CA 95354 (209) 324-7111 ph Womens Clothing & Accessories

Evergreen Professional Hypnotherapy James Rightmire 1111 J Street, Suite G101 Modesto, CA 95354 (209) 622-3837 ph (707) 428-2556 fax Hypnotherapy

Dr. Irit Goldman

Irit Goldman 1604 Ford Avenue, Suite 1 Modesto, CA 95350 (209) 605-9626 ph (209) 577-3412 fax Marriage, Family, Individual Counseling

Modesto Itex Kim & Chuck Bethel 451 Meadow Creek Patterson, CA 95363 (209) 247-2225 ph (209) 892-3738 fax Barter Exchange

Oodles Frozen Yogurt, Inc.

Ron Dickerson 3430 Tully Road #42 Modesto, CA 95350 (209) 324-2077 Yogurt

P2 (P Squared LLC) Scott Ellis 1100 SW 29th Street Renton, WA 98057 (425) 985-8508 ph (425) 873-5453 fax Business Consultants

Seniors Helping Seniors

Jim Toal 1713 Seven Falls Drive Modesto, CA 95355 (209) 573-0291 ph (209) 572-3544 fax Home Health Services

Walpole & Co., LLP Layla Edmonds P.O. Box 51 Ceres, CA 95307 (805) 569-9487 ph (805) 569-9542 fax Accounting Software

Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress 5.2010


Ec onomic Development

People On



Continued from page 12

Ash Gokli, M.D., was named Chief Medical Officer

for Sutter Health’s Central Valley Region. In this role, he will collaborate with physicians and facility

leadership to improve all aspects of care delivery by enhancing quality and patient safety. Additionally, Ash Gokli, M.D

he will lead efforts to improve, develop and enhance

existing clinical programs throughout the region.

“By focusing on quality, patient safety, service excellence and clinical programs, we will become the provider of choice for the communities we

serve.” said Gokli. For information, contact Catherine Larsen, 525-3106 or

The COMPASS® is your guide to better health. Come in for a ZYTO COMPASS® assessment.

Premier Valley Bank welcomes Geri Lewis

to our team. She is a great addition to the working environment we have established throughout the years. Geri has worked in the banking industry for 20+

years. She is an active mother of two, and an influential Geri Lewis

individual in our local community. Geri comes to Premier Valley Bank from the Modesto Chamber of

Commerce. We would like to welcome her with open arms and applaud her

accomplishments and involvement in our community. 300 Banner Court #2, (209) 523-4811.

Rosie Avina joins Merced-based BrightDart bringing

with her over 20 years of experience. As Sales & Marketing Consulta nt, Ms. Avina will focus on bringing

in new business, managing client relationships and promoting the company’s unique array of marketing Rosie Avina

services. Ms. Avina’s career includes time spent with

local as well as national media organizations. Founded

in 2006, as a Veteran and Woman Owned business, BrightDart has earned its reputation in the marketplace by providing cutting edge marketing, printing and design services, including personalized direct mail services.

Struck Employee Benefits announces the addition of Melodie Pereira as head of Client Services

and Human Resources. Melodie brings a broad range of skills and experiences, having spent over seven years with HR departments in a diversity of settings, Melodie Pereira

and joins the firm at a particularly strategic time as Struck launches new areas of client support. Melodie

has a gift for translating client questions into action plans that underscore

the firm’s commitment to personalized service. Contact Melodie at (209) 524-2893 or


Progress 5.2010 Modesto Chamber of Commerce


Prime Shine Express presents:

LAND OF OPPORTUNITY ...a series spotlighting entrepreneurial achievement

Robert Marks, President Rogers Jewelry Co. In 1937 a young jewelry salesman, Harry Marks, and his partner, Dr. Robert Moon, a practicing optometrist, founded Rogers Jewelry Company in Modesto. It was the midst of the Great Depression, but opportunities were to be Robert Marks found no matter the state of the economy. The company quickly expanded throughout the Central Valley and to Reno, NV. For Harry, 1937 was a year to name things “Roger” since both his store and his son were so christened. Roger Marks fittingly chose a career at Rogers and is currently its CEO. With Robert Marks as the company president, the family business is in its third generation and each has found new opportunities to fulfill the company mission to “help its clients celebrate their stories of love, and success, and commitment through the joyful marking of milestones that are best expressed by the giving and wearing of beautiful jewelry.” What changes has the company experienced since it was first established? Over the years we have transitioned from downtowns to malls to freestanding superstores. These changes involved more than just location, but demanded new inventory, advertising, personnel and service strategies. With four times the square footage of a typical mall store, our superstores enable us to offer our clients greater selection, greater convenience, and a much more comfortable environment. Our new stores have amenities such as private viewing rooms, computer design centers, stores within a store (featuring the top brands in the industry), and in-store jewelry manufacturing facilities. In addition, they have comfortable lounge areas, satellite television, fireplaces, childrens play areas and complimentary beverages. Due to the available space, we are able to stock a much larger selection of jewelry than we could in a typical mall store. What have you done in the past that has led you to where you are now? When I was in high school and college, I worked part time in our store. There I discovered what a pleasant profession the jewelry business could be. For the most part, we are in the business of helping people satisfy their needs or desires at happy times in their lives: they are getting married, they are having a birthday, they are celebrating a promotion, or they simply want to express to someone else, in a tangible, maybe even extravagant way that they are loved. At other times it is a business of rescuing poor, bewildered guys from the dog houses they have thoughtlessly found themselves domiciled. What a great job!

But, I’ve always had a natural proclivity toward math and science. There are not many opportunities for such aptitudes to find expression in a jewelry store, so I went off to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and earned a degree majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in computer science. Upon my graduation in 1979, I was pleasantly surprised to find an opportunity that merged my past experience in the jewelry industry with my new found college degree. At that time, jewelry specific software packages were not commercially available, so I landed a job as a software program/designer for Rogers Jewelry Company. In a coincidence worthy of a Dickens novel, this happened to be the very same Rogers Jewelry Company that was founded in my very own hometown and run by my very own father. What challenges have you had to overcome in your professional life and how have you achieved that? I’ve been through a few recessions, the current being the most severe. One might suspect that jewelry sales, as “luxury” purchases, would wane in such times. However, in good times and bad, people still fall in love, get married, and have reasons to celebrate. The size of their celebration may be diminished by their financial circumstances, but their desire to celebrate is not, and there is a unique, personal item of jewelry available in anyone’s price range. While many of our competitors have been contracting, we’ve seen this as an opportunity to enhance and reconfigure our inventory to fit the changing needs of our clients. Our strong position in the jewelry industry has enabled us to take advantage of the opportunities present in today’s economy. Do you participate in any community outreach efforts or clubs? I have been a member of Modesto Rotary since 1999. “MoRo” is a superb service organization made all the better this year by the great leadership of its current president, Larry Dempsey. I’ve been involved in a variety of church groups, but my primary role in the community is as arm-candy for my wife, School Board Trustee Cindy Marks, as she attends the social functions of the many organizations in which she serves. What advice do you have for business people when it comes to achieving their goals? When you are in a management position, don’t be afraid to hire people that are highly skilled, intelligent, and maybe even a bit of a handful. This may seem obvious, but I’ve known managers who were too intimidated to have someone more talented than themselves working for them. Rather than safeguarding their own careers, they were guaranteeing the mediocrity of their results.

Prime Shine Express is proud to present The Land of Opportunity. Each month this series provides a forum in which to showcase the entrepreneurial achievements of a Stanislaus County business owner. Prime Shine Express is proud to recognize the entrepreneur’s ability to overcome obstacles and to honor their successes in their industry and in the community.

Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress 5.2010


N e tw o r ki n g A nd R e fe rra l s

Chamber Calendar M a y 2010 13

Coffee Hour: Samaritan Village Location: 7700 Fox Road, Hughson Time: 7:30 am – 8:30 am


Business-to-Business Trade Show Location: SOS Club, 819 Sunset Avenue Time: 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm Contact (209) 577-5757 for sponsorship opportunities


Land Use & Transportation Location: Chamber Conference Room Time: 7:30 am – 8:30 am


Mixer: Modesto Elks Lodge #1282 Location: 645 Charity Way Time: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm


Government Relations Council Location: Chamber Conference Room Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

J u n e 2010 Taking Care of Good Employers


Coffee Hour: Stanislaus County Free Library Location: 1500 I Street Time: 7:30 am – 8:30 am


Land Use & Transportation Location: Chamber Conference Room Time: 7:30 am – 8:30 am


Mixer: Galletto Ristorante Location: 1101 J Street Time: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm


Government Relations Council Location: Chamber Conference Room Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Just Ask. Group Health


Workers Comp




Home Owners




Business Insurance

Giddings, Corby, Hynes


Progress 5.2010 Modesto Chamber of Commerce

Lic. # 0144783

Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress 5.2010




as recent immunizations, future appointments, and many lab results can all be accessed online. And, these days, that’s just about anywhere. You can even e-mail your child’s doctor. Just another way that we at Kaiser Permanente help you to live well and thrive. To learn more, go to

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Progress May 2010  

Modesto Chamber of Commerce's magazine, Progress. May 2010 issue