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Daniel Goldstone

Daniel Goldstone is a consumer law expert who enjoys reading about cases and keeping his finger on the collective pulse of his discipline. Consumer rights and consumer protection laws are very interesting topics, because we are all consumers, even if we hail from a diverse background.

Consumer Law in General Consumer rights and consumer protection laws are designed and implemented to provide the means for people to fight against questionable business practices. These laws were developed to provide tools for the public to hold the sellers and services with questionable services accountable. These organizations take advantage of people who do not have all the information they need to participate in credit transactions which may violate their important rights.

Common Cases The most common form of bad business practice is when the consumer becomes financially vulnerable. Being in debt and falling behind on bills are two of the most frequent examples. If a company or service learns about this vulnerability and exploits it, it is likely considered bad practice, and the company in question can face serious consequences. Common culprits may include banks, debt relief services, or even services providers.

Federal Trade Commission More than 100 years ago, the United State Congress passed a legislation that ended up being the main cause behind the creation of the Federal Trade Commission, an organization dedicated to fighting anti-competitive business practices. With time, their activities were expanded to cover other issues as well, including customer rights disputes.

Daniel Goldstone is widely regarded as an industry expert who possesses a vast knowledge of consumer protection laws and regulations.

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