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A fully integrated property and facilities management software solution developed through working partnerships with customers and property and facilities management experts.




An organisation’s property portfolio is second only to its staff in terms of financial resources. This is impacting on how organisations both public and private view their property and asset portfolios, especially in times when resources are limited. There is a fundamental requirement for any organisation either in the public or private sector to improve efficiencies and achieve the maximum return on their investment in order to stay competitive or to improve service delivery. Property portfolios often have a highly diverse and complex mix of buildings and land, including freehold, leasehold tenure, buildings of varying age and condition, various business and legal structures with a mix of financial and audit regimes. To effectively manage such a diverse portfolio an organisation requires a single software solution enabling flexibility in the way that data can be captured, maintained and analysed for effective decision making.

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OVERVIEW OF MODULES Core Module (Immoveable Assets / Property Register) Forming the ‘core’ of the system, the details of the property portfolio is captured in a hierarchy structure. It serves to link all the other modules in the system logically. All data associated with properties, sites, land units, buildings and even mobile units can be recorded and reported as required. Information may be imported to the property register from any existing databases during implementation.

Asset Register (Moveable) The moveable asset register enables the collation of data on all moveable equipment, alongside it’s physical attribute data. The information held in the asset register, such as condition, warrantee periods, average life expectancy, manufacturer and supplier information, as well as financial information, including depreciation records, allows for the effective management of the moveable assets in the portfolio

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Prevention is always better than cure, and the PPM module can lead to vast savings in time and capital as regular service and maintenance checks can be set against any part of a building, from a roof to a window, or against any individual asset, from a boiler to a photocopier. Checks on work being currently performed, maintenance scheduled for a specific date, and uncompleted orders that need rescheduling

Reactive Maintenance (Helpdesk) The reactive maintenance call centre module of the system lessens the likelihood that a drama will turn into a crisis. The module allows reactive maintenance calls to be logged into the system as they are taken. An operator may then assign the job to an individual or contractor, raise a works order and place an urgency rating on the task. It includes comprehensive reporting to ensure effective management.

Contractor Details When a job has been completed, invoices can then be read, costs may be split, payments, solutions, staff hours, downtime and contracts all logged - the whole 'lifecycle' of a task may be dealt with from a single, central system. A wealth of information on contractors may be held within this section, including approved contractor lists, contact details and maximum order values to name but a few.

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Project Management Project management provides the tools to assist the user from the early stages of project initiation and planning phases, through the tendering and contract process, the monitoring of progress and quality right through to the final stages of successful completion. Strong links to the Financial module assist in monitoring budgets and commitment, to ensure the objectives of delivering on time and within budget are met.

Service Contract Management and Monitoring Essential in monitoring performance as part of the maintenance functions in the system, this tool is also invaluable to management on a day-to-day basis enabling completed reactive and planned maintenance tasks to be traced back to the contractor to whom they were assigned.

Conference Room Booking This multi-functional, diary-based tool takes the hassle out of booking conference and meeting rooms, including required equipment such as projectors, as a one-off or for recurring meetings.

Financials This module makes the various financial functions that exist throughout the system accessible from a single point within the system. The module covers orders, invoices & payment, cost centres, budgets, funding and schedule of rates, and allows a variety of reports to be run from within the system, as well as integrating with a number of existing financial systems.

Lease Management This module enables efficient management of properties that are leased out or leased in and provides evidence from which to make objective decisions on rent levels, space requirements, evaluating current lease agreements, and development requirements.

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Space Management Space management provides the tools to assist the user to effectively manage space allocations, space standards, space requirements and report on the use of space. This allows for effective planning throughout the portfolio and assist with relocation decisions, optimizing of space and identifying excess space that can either be leased or sold.

Asbestos Management Provides for all the legislative requirements to identify, manage occurrences and the disposal of asbestos containing materials in the portfolio. Also provides for monitoring activities and the recording of survey readings. Integrates into the maintenance modules to warn of occurrences and advise on safe working practices.

Condition Monitoring Monitor the condition of the portfolio at both building and elemental levels. Building condition assessments are high-level assessments based on the age, life cycle, use and level of investment. Elemental condition assessments are based on physical inspection, maintenance history and performance history of the major elements and systems, cost estimates for repair or replacement allows for long term planning.

Reporting A large number of standard reports are available in the system. Access to management information at every level is available to ensure more efficient management of assets and people, and enhances customer service that advances overall organizational productivity. Additional reports can easily be added as required. Reports can easily be exported to common formats such as Excel and PDF.

CAD Interface The system can display existing CAD drawings through a web-based viewer. Direct data interfaces from CAD drawings can update data fields in the system, and vice-versa. This is done using an automatic synchronisation process, saving valuable data entry time. Such data interfaces can be set up using attributes and blocks in the CAD system that conforms to our standard data block requirements.

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FEATURES AND BENEFITS Internet / Intranet solution that is accessible from anywhere / anytime Based on international best practice / industry norms and standards User definable views to allow easy access to data depending on the users job function or the requirements of every client Housekeeping functionality to enable clients to configure the system meet their own requirements Comprehensive security and user management Fully integrated Reports viewer with the ability to add or customise reports User friendly and intuitive design accommodating web design guidelines Client – Server technology based on SQL Server, Microsoft. Net technology Link electronic documents and images to entities within the database, such as properties, buildings, employees, contractors etc. Full CAD and GIS integration allows users to navigate textual and graphical data with ease. Local (South African) development and support

EXISTING CLIENTS RainProp / EDC – The Department of Trade and Industry campus in Sunnyside, Pretoria. The system manages the total facilities management requirements of the Public Private Partnership Corporate Facilities Managers – The National Prosecuting Authority Headquarters in Silverton, Pretoria BuiltCare – Immovable Asset Register for the Western Cape Regional Government

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