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Know Air Conditioners before choosing it for your House

House with Cross Ventilation You can Reduce cooling load with a well-insulated and weatherized home with efficient lighting and appliances You can Save up to 30% on operating costs

Look for the Label: Energy Star

Choose the Right Size Â

When you install central air conditioning Size matters An oversized air conditioner turns on/off and it uses more energy, raising your bills

Know your AC Capacity

How to calculate your house cooling needs

• Don't hire a contractor who wants to size your unit based solely on the floor area of your house The contractor measures your house, notes the window area and the direction the house faces, and measures insulation levels

Compare bids from different Contractors

• Ask your contractor to size the air conditioner based on the latent cooling load (humidity of the air) as well as the sensible cooling load (temperature of the air) for your home

• Install for ease of Maintenance Make sure the inside coil can be reached for cleaning. • The coil should be cleaned every two years.

Leave plenty of room for free air flow on all sides • Place the outside unit on the north or east side of the house, out of direct sunlight, but don't add shade for it • The air conditioner draws a lot of air through it. So lot of space is needed than for it to be well shaded.

Safety Considerations for Your Air Conditioner Weight Get help when carrying and installing the unit as it is generally heavy Noise Although newer units are much quieter than older models, be prepared for some additional noise in the room

Always unplug the unit before doing any maintenance Installation and Maintenance AC problems can be easily avoided with simple maintenance

Keep the filter and coils clean or replace them as recommended by the manufacturer Remember filter maintenance alone will increase your AC's efficiency.

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Know Air Conditioners before choosing it for your house  

Know about Air Conditioners before choosing one for your house. Before making a buying decision you should be well aware of the cooling need...

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