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==== ==== Enjoy using these amazing telescopes.. Buy with confidence from Amazon ==== ====

There are thousands of telescopes for sale at any one time including those available on eBay, from department stores and various online retailers. All of those are sales channels where you are unlikely to get qualified advice from a knowledgeable salesperson so you are running an enormous risk with your purchase. Unfortunately a lot of those telescopes are rubbish and they are unlikely to encourage anyone into the world of astronomy. In fact there is much evidence that the worse the experience the more likely the budding astronomer is to turn their back on astronomy altogether. Here are a few things you need to understand to help you with your purchase if you cannot make it to a specialist store to speak with an experienced user or to help you if you are seeking a bargain online. The good news is there are some bargain telescopes available and sites to help you pick them out from the rubbish too. Refractors tend to produce better images than reflectors though can get heavy and expensive at larger apertures. They use lenses rather than mirrors, require little or no maintenance and perform well in the city or suburbs where you have light pollution to deal with. Reflectors tend to be cheaper and because of their relatively large apertures can allow you more magnification to bring those deep sky objects closer. They need a little maintenance but nothing dramatic and are extremely popular with amateur astronomers who view from good dark sky locations. Catadioptric telescopes are a sort of mix of refractor and reflector in that they use both lenses and mirrors. These are popular with astronomers who have upgraded from a beginner scope though are often purchased by beginners too particularly those who can afford the computerised versions. Don't get sucked in to the trap of advertising that shows you colour pictures of faraway nebulae and detailed planet landscapes. These often come with claims of "600x magnification" or other nonsense. These are usually the ones to steer clear of! If you would like some more info or specific recommendations for beginners then check out the links below, they point out some real telescopes that are going to delight the budding astronomer.

See my Squidoo lens for more on Telescopes for Sale for specific recommendations and some real bargains. Alternatively check out

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==== ==== Enjoy using these amazing telescopes.. Buy with confidence from Amazon ==== ====

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