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The Royal Reporter Volume XLV | ISSUE XII | Rosary High School | Fullerton | February 2011

Harry Potter Day: A Magical Success

The whole campus participated, even teachers!

Our New Masterpiece


The remodel of the front of the school is complete.

The grand entrance adds beauty to a concrete parking lot. By Milan Aguilera Staff Writer Not only are we accepting new teachers, a new principal, new students, a new lacrosse team, new food business, and many other interesting new things here at Rosary, but the newest addition to our school and most noticeable is the new front of our school. During the summer the handymen got to work on our front parking lot, and even part of the front of our school. It took time for them to finish the project, but they did a very good job. Even though the front parking lot had been worked on during the day of our special Rosary Day, we were fine with that and knew that it was eventually going to be best at the end

of the finished problem. The change between now and how it used to be is very different. We used to come to school before this year and just see a parking lot with many more needs to it, and it didn’t look alive. It looked like a bumpy parking-lot with no flowers or any liveliness. Our entry was a fence. Today if you look at our front parking lot, you see trees, plants, lights, and a sitting wall. This year when girls have to wait after school for their parents, they can just go to the front of the school where there is seating. It is very relaxing to just sit there and hang out with your friends after school. I talked to junior Tayler Dragoo, who says “The new front

of our school looks way better, it makes our school look more presentable.” I think we all will agree with her on that one. Everyone wants to look at a school right away and think good things, and when you look at our new front of the school you will have a great first impression. Many say that the drop off is a lot more organized this year because of all the changes. Last year there was clutter; so many cars, and people all over. This year it is more opened up and less busy for people trying to leave the parking lot. It was a very good idea to change the front parking lot and try something new for our school. Change is something we are facing a lot this year here at Rosary and it is all for the better, which makes Rosary a great community for all. Mrs. Zaleski seems to be very impressed about the beautiful new masterpiece. She says, “It is great to see the girls sitting on the wall while waiting for their rides after school. Walking through the new entrance is a wonderful way for the Rosary women to start their day – it is inviting, attractive, and inspiring. The motto on the wall reminds us of what we hope to accomplish at Rosary High School – Standing in Faith, Standing Together, Standing Tall!”

select their house by picking from a hat, which is completely fair. The Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen were grouped into Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Ms. Gavin, the advisor of Rosary’s Invisible Children Club, used all her creativity and immense passion for Harry Potter to assist the leaders of the club in making this day as enchanting and successful as it could possibly be. Ms. Gavin proudly stated, “We raised a lot of money for a great cause, and we had fun doing it.” Rosary was transformed into an incomparable Hogwarts Academy. Cont. Page 2

Christmas in the Karcher PHOTO BY DANICA HAYS


First annual event benefitted Invisible Children

By Melissa Padriezas Staff Writer Harry Potter Day, an exciting event created to raise money for the Invisible Children organization, was an incredible fulfillment. Rosary was overflowing with excitement to help the Sacred Heart School in Uganda by competing for the house cup of Hogwarts with penny wars, acting well in classes, buying unique treats from the bake sale, and paying a couple of dollars for free dress. The school was divided into four separate houses. The Invisible Children Club had a simple yet efficient way of assigning each class to a house; they had a representative from each grade

Santa made a guest appearance. By Megan Montgomery Staff Writer Everyone knows that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear; however, this year Rosary decided to offer students another option. On December 17, students, teachers, alumnae, and parents were given the opportunity to capture the Christmas spirit right here at Rosary! Organized by Mrs. Natalie Benson, Christmas on the Green featured Christmas movies, arts and crafts, music, food courtesy of the water polo parents and our very own Santa Claus to listen to everyone’s Christmas list. Christmas on the Green was mainly geared towards alumnae and their families as a way to reincorporate them into the Rosary community, students were also welcome, Cont. Page 4





1. I Solemnly Swear That I am Up to No Good



1. Students donate their change to Invisible Children. The competition between the classes added an incentive. 2. Death Eaters roamed the halls of Rosary High School. 3. Two P-p-p-professor Quirrels, Ms. Andrea Barclay and senior Emily Wikle, have a magical discussion. 4. Kreacher the house elf (also known as seniors Claire Thompson and Natasha Tran) were seen scowling around school all day.

Cont. from Page 1 Ms. Gavin couldn’t agree more. She said, “It was incredible to see the entire Rosary community get involved: students, teachers, administrators, and staff.” Everyone was either dressed according to their house colors or their favorite character from the Harry Potter series! Junior Kaylin Fleming worked very hard along with other officers to make the fundraiser effective. She happily said, “We are hoping to make Harry Potter Day an annual event for Rosary since it was such a big hit.” Not only was it a spectacular experience, but it created intense competition between the classes- especially Slytherin (Seniors) and Gryffindor (Juniors). However, the winner of the house cup was Ravenclaw (Sophomores). Kaylin stated, “It was a big shock to many that they won, because most students expected either the Senior or Junior class to win since they were very determined to take each other down in this contest.” The results showed that the Sophomores mainly dominated in the penny contest. Many upperclassmen claimed that they were so intense in the Seniors versus Juniors competition that they completely forgot about




Be careful, the staircases tend to change...especially at RHS on Harry Potter Day! their other competition- the Sophomores and Freshman. Rosary High School is very proud to announce that we raised an astonishing amount of money. Liz Pennock, Junior, proudly stated, “We ended up raising $1,118.49 with this event. It was a lot of hard work and dedication from the club members, so it was very exciting when we discovered what a large contribution we are making.” Ms. Gavin is so proud of the Invisible Children Club, not only for their dedication to Social Justice for Ugandan students, but for their creativity and uninhibited big thinking. This contribution to the Sacred Heart School will give the students much joy and help provide the things they need. Ms. Gavin said, “To paraphrase the great Robert F. Kennedy, ‘There are those who look at the way things are and ask why?’...The Invisible Children Club dreamed of Harry Potter Day, and asked why not? So just wait until next year!” Because this was such a marvelous way to give what we could to the less fortunate of Uganda, Rosary High School should be expecting an even more incredible Harry Potter Day in 2011.







(Above) Rykiah and the other pageant participants shine their pearly smiles at the camera. (Left) Rykiah is crowned Miss. Teen Beach.

By Emily Zapata Staff writer Rosary has an actual Royal on campus. Sophomore Rykiah Parks has been competing in pageants since the fourth grade and has won many titles such as Miss Southern Cali USA, Junior Miss SoCal USA, little Miss SoCal, 1st runner up National American Miss and 2nd runner up International Junior Miss but her most recent title was won just this past November. Rykiah recently competed in the Miss Teen Long Beach Pageant and took home the grand title. “I was so excited,” says Rykiah. “I would’ve been

Royal with a Crown Rykiah Parks wins Miss Teen Long Beach Pageant

fine just winning a runner up prize but of course I wanted the title!” And that’s exactly what she got; Rykiah is now Miss Teen Long Beach 2011 and is ready to fulfill her duties. “My favorite part about being Miss Teen Long Beach is being able to represent my city and going to all the amazing events in my community,” she says. Rykiah, a transfer from Millikan High School in Long Beach, has a lot on her plate . Not only is she a Pageant Princess, she is also a part of Rosary’s JV dance team, so she has to balance dance competitions, pageant appearances and

events, and of course, school. “It’s a lot but I’m pretty good at keeping it all together,” says Parks of her busy schedule. “There’s always something to do or somewhere to be.” Life is never boring for this Royal. Rykiah also has some secret talents that she has put in time and effort to master. She is an amazing violinist and can sing opera like a pro. “Most people don’t know that I can sing or play violin,” says Rykiah. “I like to shock people with my talents.” Being so diverse gives her some edge on the competition. When asked why she loves pageants she answered, “I love

‘Tis the Season

performing in front of people, being on stage gives me an unexplainable feeling.” Since she’s been dancing since she was four, being on stage is no problem for her. “From a young age I loved to perform,” said Parks. “I don’t get nervous on stage, it’s more of excitement.” Representing Long Beach just isn’t enough for this go getter. “I want to represent all of California,” says Rykiah. “I’m going for the California State USA title.” Rykiah is ready to represent her state, school, and maybe even nation. There’s no stopping this Pageant girl. She’s going all the way.

By Ashley Gasparian Staff Writer There comes a time once a year when everyone begins to get into the spirit of the holidays by giving. As a community, we Royals contributed to help others in need. Different groups have gotten together to help those that are less fortunate. Campus Ministry decided to help teen mothers who don’t have the basic necessities by giving gifts they wished for for Christmas. These moms asked for the things we take for granted, such as a blanket and face wash. It broke every heart in the room when Ms. Lisa Nollette and Mrs. Eileen Kearns told us that these girls were kicked out of their homes because of the obstacle of being teen mothers. Many of the Rosary girls were so touched by these girls and decided to get them two gifts instead of one. Senior Lily Chapin was very much impacted


Rosary students discover the true meaning of Christmas

Campus ministry gets invovled in Christmas charity. by the stories of the girls: “I Every student in each class was so touched and wanted to contributed ten dollars for help them as much as I can and children who weren’t going to asked my grandma to make a get any presents from Santa this rosary so I hope she enjoys it.” year. Senior Stephanie Godinez Mrs. Kearns, along with wanted to help these kids and other religion teachers, also spent her own time shopping inspired their classes to spread for them so they can have the some Christmas generosity. best Christmas they’ve ever had.

She said, “Some kids only asked for a race car or a toy airplane, it’s crazy how the smallest thing can make them so happy.” Joseph’s Kitchen also contributed to the Christmas cheer this year. They made dozens and dozens of beautifully decorated Christmas cookies. Not only did they have a great time making the cookies but they brightened up other people’s days. Junior Sarah Berbos snuck a couple cookies herself and said, “They were better than my mom’s.” Key Club, Campus Ministry, and religion classes collected money and presents to donate for the Christmas Party held on campus on December 18. The families who attended the party appreciated the kindness and were astonished by how generous everyone was by helping them so much. The children were so surprised by all of the presents and by Santa. ‘Tis the Season to Give!





Servite develop leaders through the Priory program By Daniel Becker The Spokesman Staff Writer For Servite students, eighth period is dedicated to Priory. Twice a week, when lunch ends, students leave the tables and meander their separate ways to their assigned classrooms, where they spend 45 minutes participating in activities designed to mold them into faithfilled leaders. Said activities range from watching and reflecting on videos to discussing drug abuse to playing dodge ball with their classmates. These are decided upon by Priors—senior

students who apply for leadership positions in the program. “There are many ways that students these days are given opportunities to learn about leadership – books, conferences, videos, etc.,” said Priory consultant Mr. Weir. “But in our opinion, you can only learn to lead by actually getting in the trenches and leading.” “The leaders are given rough guidelines,” said Mr. Weir. “But beyond that, it’s entirely up to them to develop and implement a plan for each period.” Similarities between Priory and Hogwarts are undeniable. The student body is divided into eight priories: Alexis, Amadeus, Bonajuncta, Bonfilius, Hugh, Mannetus, and Sos-

tene, much like the houses of Hogwarts and by performing various tasks, students can earn points for their priory. At the end of a year there’s even a priory cup for the priory with the most points. Five years old, the Priory system draws varying opinions. Some students are concerned with the lack of productivity. “We do absolutely nothing,” said junior Xavier De la Piedra. “I’m not a fan of the priory system,” added junior Tillghman Tuebner. “I think it’s a waste of time and I feel like I could be spending my time more proactively playing lacrosse.” Others feel that the leadership program is both

beneficial and enjoyable. “I kind of like it actually,” said Senior Rodrigo Hernandez. “You get to relax and hang out with people from each grade and have fun for 45 minutes.” “It’s fun because you get to meet the new freshmen,” added sophomore Jack Baggott. The administration hopes that priory will teach students how to lead later in life. “Our hope is that … the rest of the students in the Priories receive more and more opportunities to lead themselves,” said Mr. Weir, “regardless of whether or not they hold a specific leadership position during their time at Servite.”

white snow, this was not possible due to unexpected rain. Not having snow was a major disappointment for many, but, of course, the show did go on. “I was really excited to go play in the snow, but

decided not to go since there wasn’t going to be any. I heard it was still a lot of fun though,” says junior Brittney Smith. The venue was changed from the field to the Karcher Center and the rest of the festivities

went off without a hitch. Sheltered from the rain outside, families were able to watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Frosty the Snowman” in a beautiful Karcher Center, decorated with ornamented Christmas trees and an inflatable snowman globe. Even Santa joined in on the festivities and the children were given the opportunity to tell him just how good they’ve been all year. Christmas on the Green was a really exciting way to celebrate the first night of Christmas Vacation. Christmas on the Green is intended to be an annual event at Rosary and Mrs. Benson explains, “This is a great community building activity. We hope that it continues to get bigger and bigger in future years.”

Cont. from page 1 Overall, these activities were a great way for the Rosary community to celebrate the holiday season with friends and loved ones. This event took a lot of careful planning in order to become a reality. Mrs. Benson headed the development and arranged for all the activities that took place at Christmas on the Green. Prior to this event, Mrs. Benson expressed, “I really hope that it will be fun so we can keep doing this in the future!” The organization of the parents and the intended making of snow required a lot of preparation, but the end result was definitely worth all the trouble. Although Christmas on the Green boasted the possibility of a field filled with glittering

Looking ahead...

JAN. 31-FEB. 4: Catholic Schools Week


Santa at Rosary

Little Abby Tice sits on Santa’s lap at Christmas on the Green.

FEB. 3-5: TriSchool’s Dracula

FEB. 4: Student Appreciation Day

FEB. 14: Valentine’s Day

FEB. 20: Winter Formal

FEB. 21: President’s Day NO SCHOOL



Harry Potter: Hero or Hoax?

ROSARY HIGH SCHOOL Royal Reporter FEBRUARY 2011 By Sarah Pontius Staff Writer The movies that make kids go crazy; the face that makes everyone want round glasses; and the school that makes 11-yearolds cry when they don’t get their letter of acceptance (me included!), Harry Potter is an important part of many Rosary girls’ lives. He shows kids how to be courageous and strong and that being different is a good thing. For some Rosary Royals, Harry Potter consisted of most of their childhood. Senior Brooke Zeigler said, “The movies started when I was in elementary school and ended now, when I’m 17. It’s cool that I grew up with Harry.” The lessons that come from Harry Potter are worthwhile and are needed for each Royal’s future. Harry Potter shows kids how to stay strong through their adversity. Liz Pennock ‘12, says “I’ve learned all of my most important life lessons from Harry Potter. I feel that I’m a better person because of it.” Courage is a great thing to have for the future. Through Harry facing Lord Voldemort

each and every novel, students are able to face their fears with confidence. Unlike Miley Cyrus or Lindsay Lohan, Harry Potter is an actual role model who helps us face our fears and become confident in ourselves. Besides the amazing quality of courage, children learn real Latin. The spells that Harry learns contain Latin roots and without even knowing it, readers are learning Latin. I can recall a spell called Accio which means “I summon” in Latin, so if you say “Accio,” the object of your desires will fly into your arms. Try it on your dog, I dare you. Also, if you are feeling extremely nasty toward a fellow friend, you can state “Crucio,” and torture will ensue upon the person because the literal meaning of “crucio” is “I torture.” Now go and tell your mom that you learned Latin today; I’m pretty s u r e

she will cry tears of happiness. Another amazing thing that Harry Potter teaches the Rosary Royals is the importance of imagination. Nicole Murphy ’11 says, “Harry Potter has changed my life because now I have learned to believe in magic!” The Harry Potter series has brought in over a billion fans and the fan base is still growing. The boy that attends a magical school and learns magic himself teaches us all a lesson about how much imagination is needed in the world. Without the gift of imagination, there would be no creativity or uniqueness in our world today. Sophomore Nicolet Luebke states, “Harry Potter has expanded my imagination so much!” Imagination is a necessity in this world and the magical boy that is Harry Potter helps us believe in the impossible and teaches us to believe in our dreams as well. Though many people, including Emily Wikle, may try to destroy the amazingness of Harry Potter, the majority of the people in the world today see the positive effects of Harry Potter.


By Lord Voldemort Dark Lord

When was the last time you were able to cast a Wingardium Leviosa charm? When did you last ride a hippogriff, speak to a snake, or take a sip of Felix Felicis? JK Rowling has, over the past decade, created a tangled web of lies that has absorbed and strangled our generation. Ms. Rowling’s fantasy world had us stunned at the first Petrificus Totalus, of course, but kids are going just a phoenix’s tail-feather too far to imitate their idols of the wizarding world. By-products of this epidemic range from all extents of physical harm to prolonged and chronic emotional damage. Please, let this truth be your Hagrid in a sea of Flitwicks; a beacon of how Harry Potter has ruined our lives. Accio my first point: the Harry Potter series has given children false hopes and dreams of casting spells and flying on broomsticks. Through all of the disappointment that these novels bring, kids have lost their sense of magic. Senior Tanya Bouyounes recalled a time when Harry Potter actually meant

something to her: “I aspired to start a Quidditch team. So I went on my roof to practice flying, but, to my dismay, crashed to the ground. Thanks, Harry Potter, for crushing my dreams… and my ribs.” Tanya, however, is not the only perfectly sensible person to be devastated. Individuals such as Jessie Gaston, senior, have been waiting for years for their Hogwarts letters, with disastrous and detrimental results. “I didn’t get one when I was eleven,” she explains, “because London is really far away, and it got lost in the mail. They’re just going to cast a magical spell on me which will implant all of the knowledge I would have learned at Hogwarts, and I’m gonna be a wizard.” This sheer obsession is not only painful to poor Jessie, but also to everyone around her. Alohomora, and my next point is unlocked! There is a severe cultural gap between the

world depicted in the Harry Potter novels and our modern American lifestyle. Reports of kids throwing confetti into fully ablaze fireplaces and leaping in, anticipating being teleported to Diagon Alley, have been widespread and rampant. Fans of the novels, such as senior Emma Walswick, have too frequently used the excuse, “my portkey wouldn’t activate,” after showing up tardy to class, resulting in recurring detentions. All-in-all, life would be better off without the Harry Potter series. JK Rowling’s cold, sinister heart sought not to enrich the lives and imaginations of children everywhere, through writing these books, but, instead, to profit off of their naivete and dreams of magic. My advice: take a Basilisk’s fang to your copies of the books and save yourself from any further heartbreak. If you keep reading these novels, you might as well call me, the Dark Lord, to cast the Avada Kedavra curse on you. After all, it would be a quicker and less painful death than suffering through these lies.




Producers: the 411

Meet our 2011 Red and Gold Producers!

Danica Hays

Buisness Editor Rachel Fobar

Managing Editor Katie Stephens

Photo Editor Emily Wikle

Staff Writers

Milan Aguilera Tara Campbell Kaitlyn Daly Veronica Dato-on Mary Kate Domino Bridget Faley Meghan Farrell Ashley Gasparian Joanna Henry Kirby Jackman Adriane Jarminski Shirley Lahr Victoria Longtin Jessica Monnig Megan Montgomery Amanda Nielesky Melissa Padriezas Sarah Pontius Hanna Schade Angela Urmanita Jade Vega Mary Walker Emily Zapata


Mr. Tom Tice

and Vanessa Hudgens- only when they’re in a relationship.) Already a volleyball star at a young age, Rachel attended St. Cecilia’s Catholic School. Club volleyball, schoolwork, and hanging out with her little brother Ryan always fit perfectly into her schedule. She came to Rosary along with many other Zebras in the fall of 2007 and fell right into the swing of things. Rachel played on both the volleyball and tennis teams. Rachel was a Mock Trial team captain this year, and presently serves on Campus Ministry. Excited about being producer, Rachel said, “It’s exciting to have this opportunity and to work with really awesome girls.” Her previous Red and Gold experience includes both dance and drama. Rachel has been a member of the Gold Team since freshman year. She hopes to end up at Santa Clara University next year, but doesn’t want to leave her three best friends Veronica Dato-on, Isabella Lee, and Diana Phan. Black and white movies, James Dean, and vintage “stuff ” captivate Rachel. She loves Jack Johnson and her slick black Range Rover, Benny.


Editor in Chief

starred in a professional production of Evita. Naturally, a smart independent girl like Patty saw Rosary High School in her future. She left her past as a Trailblazer at Travis Ranch Elementary and Middle School to become a Royal. Patrice wasn’t completely new to the school, however; her mom, Cathy Haller, is a Rosary alumna. Patrice has definitely made her mark at Rosary: she is Editor in Chief of yearbook this year, and just last year, Patrice served as a Red Fashion captain. She says, “There’s a big difference between fashion captain and producer, but I’m definitely excited and I really love my teammates so far. I think Red can win it again!” In case you’d like to have a friendly conversation with her when you see her in the hallways, Patrice loves purple, sparkles, ballet, and all types of soup but split pea. You can probably catch her in her blue Toyota Highlander jammin’ to the Black Eyed Peas’ latest and greatest: “Time (Dirty Bit).” On February 27, 1993, a giant Filipino family welcomed baby Rachel into their lives. The 23rd cousin on her mom’s side, Rachel has grown to love things like Hello Kitty and Zanessa (that’s Zac Efron




The Royal

By Bridget Faley Staff Writer It’s that time of year again! We unofficially kicked off the 41st annual Red and Gold right before Jesus’ birthday. The super sneaky White Team members had been keeping an eye out on 96 soon-to-be captains weeks before the December 17th revelation. Snow Leopards, Wolves, and Zebras eagerly anticipated the end-of-the-day announcements. I’m sure you guys know who most of the captains are, but of all the girls who were selected this year, two were remarkably nervous; Patrice Lozano and Rachel Elido received the spots of Producer. In case you aren’t familiar with these two fabulous ladies, I’ve done some research. Meet your 2011 Red and Gold Producers! Patrice Ellen Lozano entered the world on April 1, 1993, along with four other beautiful babies. April Fool! She isn’t a quintuplet. However, Patrice did have an unusual birth; she was delivered on the living room floor of her old house! Ever since that day, she’s had a natural inclination towards wood floor. Patrice has been dancing for nearly fourteen years. In the second grade, this super diva

Painting Patrice

Ranging Rachel





Rosary’s smart cookie

The Real Life of Alex Gay By Mary Walker Staff Writer I’m sure you’ve seen a super tall, brown-haired beauty roaming the senior hallway, but you may not know who she is. Let me tell you that her name is Alex Gay, and she is awesome. If someone were to ask me who my role model is, I wouldn’t think twice about saying that Alex is. Why? Because the girl can do just about anything. Alex’s good friend Katherine Rocha sums her up best by saying, “I love Alex Gay! She is a trail blazer and a true inspiration to all who meet her. Not only is she extremely polite and willing to lend a helping, friendly hand to those in need, but she also is charitable, smart, talented, and dashingly good looking.” First and foremost, Alex is extremely intelligent. Not only is she taking AP Calculus BC, AP Literature, AP Spanish, and AP Government, but she has the awards to prove it.

Last year, she was chosen as a National Merit Commended Student and she received the prestigious Rennselaer Medal Award for science and math. One of the coolest things she’s probably done with her genius is apply to go to Notre Dame for a week to attend the Global Issues Seminar; of course, she was chosen. Alex said about the experience, “I fell in love with the campus, met really interesting people, and had the distinct privilege of being serenaded by a nice young man from Florida…no joke.” Her academic prowess has definitely helped when it came to applying to colleges. She applied to a few UCs, Stanford, Yale, Santa Clara, and Notre Dame. In fact, Notre Dame is her number one choice. Luckily, she got accepted! But Alex will be the first to tell you that there is more to her than being smart and really good looking. She is also dedicated

to serving the community. She is a member of NHS, CSF, and O’Connor. Alex also volunteers for an organization that collects used books for foster kids in Los Angeles. Her big heart will come in handy in the future because she wants to be a pediatrician and work for UNICEF. Did I mention that Alex Gay is super athletic? She is a pro at tennis, basketball, volleyball, snowboarding, wakeboarding, super competitive ping-pong, ultimate Frisbee, and lyrical figure skating. In fact, she displays her athletic skills on the Rosary varsity tennis team. But don’t let her active lifestyle fool you. Alex is a closet couch potato. She loves anything and almost everything on television. She says her favorite shows are 30 Rock because Tina Fey is her hero; How I Met Your Mother because it stars her future husband, Jason Segel; and last but not least, all the Real Housewives seasons.

New Jersey and Atlanta are two of her favorites, but her all-time favorite housewife is NeNe because as Alex says, “NeNe is my girl!” Lastly, Alex has some very special talents. She is also a musician. She is an expert at playing the drums. One of her other talents seems to be meeting celebrities. She has rubbed elbows with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Gene Simmons, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Verne Troyer (Mini-Me from Austin Powers), and super hottie Ryan Philippe. So, if you see Alex around the campus, don’t be afraid to say hello. In fact, senior Brianna Masciel said this about Alex: “Alex Gay is loved by all because I don’t think she could ever say something mean about anyone. She is such a sweetheart.” Trust me when I say that Alex is a true friend to all Royals past, present, and future.

Three things she can’t live without...

The Real Housewives Show





Iced Tea






Maria: The Come Back Kid

Three things she can’t live without...

Maria likes to cuddle with her cat, Timmy,

her own ACL along with a cadaver’s hamstring. These reoccurring injuries most definitely affected her soccer career. Maria knew that she had to stop playing and “focus on rehab and leave the Rosary soccer team behind for a while.” But not to worry! Roughly 1 year and 10 months after her first injury, Maria returned to her favorite sport. Senior soccer captain Chelsey Patterson stated, “I admire Maria so much for all the hard work and time she put into get back to playing soccer!” After all the rehab to recover, Maria is extremely thankful to be back playing. This year, Maria is on the varsity soccer team and can’t wait for the season to start. When looking to the future, Maria knows that she wants to play soccer in college, but her focus is mainly on academics. Her ideal college is Georgetown with a major in biochemistry. But these are not the only things about Maria. She also volunteers at St. Joseph Hos-

pital as a Candy Striper. Her job is to discharge patients and assist nurses. She is also on the hospital’s “ASB,” where she is the awards coordinator. Maria plans banquets and socials for the volunteers. The French Club is an activity Maria enjoys being in. She has taken French as a foreign language for the past three years. This past summer, Maria attended a Lead America conference in Washington DC. She was able to observe the CIA and learn about this super-secret organization. She exclaimed, “I was so fortunate to have this experience. It was the most exciting part of my summer!” Overall, Maria has been enjoying the trills of being a junior. Her favorite part of being an upper classwoman was receiving her ring at Rosary Day. She is also excited to attend prom this year. But her main focus is on the future and what it is going to bring!

Friends have a special place in Maria’s life.


By Hannah Schade Staff Writer Imagine tearing your ACL. Now imagine tearing it three different times. This is exactly what happened to junior wolf Maria Cebula. During both her freshman and sophomore years while playing soccer, this sports tragedy struck three times. When Maria first came to Rosary as a freshman, she was placed on the varsity soccer team, an amazing accomplishment for any freshman. But Maria tore her ACL freshman year at a soccer practice. She did physical therapy and went back to playing soccer. Again, Maria injured her same ACL during a club soccer game at the beginning of sophomore year. Once again, she rehabbed it back. Finally, a third time, she tore it again -- this time at a Rosary morning six a.m. practice sophomore year. She had surgery shortly after, where doctors took her hamstring and grafted it to


She may have been sidelined by injuries, but watch out, because Maria is back in business.

She loves to feast on Panda Express!




San Diego Bound Jacquelyn Machado’s Life after Rosary

that no one cares what you really do,” says Jacquelyn, “unlike Rosary where you had a lot of rules to abide by. Here you are truly independent, deciding how much you are going to study vs. party. The teachers don’t come find you to retake tests; you have to take that action first. And the professors expect a lot more out of you.” In college, we are given a sense of freedom -- here, we are constrained to make decisions on our own, like doing our homework, studying for a test, or doing your project instead of going out with your friends. “You really are on your own. The other crazy thing is that most of the teachers don’t really assign homework that you have to turn in,” Jacquelyn declares. “It’s more of a ‘do it so you understand it’ concept, which is all good, until you realize your grade is made up of 2 midterms and a cumulative final. So if you bomb one midterm, you’re kinda in trouble!” Machado proclaims, “Rosary set me up for college, despite the having to pick out your clothes and get ready everyday…”

Jacquelyn says dorm life is “pretty sweet.” She exclaims, “Lucky for me, I am rooming with one of my best friends that I met in grade-school. However, I do have another roommate who is nice but doesn’t do anything! In our dorm we have our own bathroom -- sink, toilet, and shower -- which is quite convenient. But we don’t have a maid service...meaning we scrub it all by hand, well I scrub it all by hand!” We’d all think our dorm was for studying, but Jacquelyn tells us the dorm is all about relaxing and sleeping. Homework and studying is for the library or the coffee shop down the street! We are probably all wondering, what does Jacquelyn want for her future? She says, “In the PHOTO BY JACQUELYN MACHADO

By Adriane Jarminski StaffWriter She’s beautiful, smart, owns the track, and is one of the best Red and Gold hip hop dancers known to Rosary… Our one and only Jacquelyn Machado! Graduating in the class of 2010, Machado excelled in everything she did here. She worked hard, and it has definitely paid off for her. She now attends the University of San Diego and absolutely loves it there. Jacquelyn is studying to be a biology major, but is beginning to realize she wants to major in business. She states, “I was planning on being a biology major but I really don’t enjoy it that much so we will see how I like my upcoming semester’s biology class. As of now though, I am planning on being a Business Administration major.” We all know college life is completely different from Rosary life. I mean, come on now, ladies; we will have boys, teachers who could care less if we show up to class, living on our own, and parties galore! “But in all seriousness, the most specific thing I can think of is

future I hope to travel abroad to Spain, graduate from USD in 4 years, attend graduate school for 2 years, probably at USC, for physical therapy, get my practice going, find a hubby, pop out a few kids, and live happily ever after!” Seniors we all know senioritis is swarming around like bees, and a lot of us are trying to hide from it. Want some advice? Well, Jacquelyn intelligently states, “Seniors I know you really don’t care about school right now and you just want to get by with what you can, but seriously don’t mess up now! You are so close! And the college experience that you are going to have is going to be amazing if you just stick with your work for a little while longer! Good Luck!” Jacquelyn (center) and her new friends, Tenaya Miller, and Siena Pugnale, enjoying the San Diego lifestyle.

Label: Asthmatic Kitty

Label: RCA

Album Reviews By Victoria Longtin Staff Writer It is official – I have found the most wonderful and comprehensive album of 2010. I know, I know, it’s a huge responsibility, but this album most definitely rises to the occasion. The Kings of Leon’s Come Around Sundown is pure genius! This album’s spectacular vocal harmonies, bluesy undertones, and instrumentals are an absolute marvel. The band’s fifth album, it is slightly different from their darker, grungier style in previous albums and comes out much more “beachy” and “chill” according to drummer Nathan Followill. In this album, the Tennessee-bred quartet has reverted back to their original sound of southern rock and blues while melding in their more recent alternative tendencies. What I found most incredible about this album is that while each song is undeniably its own, they all blend together flawlessly creating this amazing mood and feeling in the music. The standout tracks are “Radioactive,” which was the first single to be released, as well as “Pyro.” Then there is “Back Down South,” a delightfully bluesy testament to their roots, and the carefree and upbeat tracks of “Birthday” and “Mary.” Also let us not forget the oh so true, “Mi Amigo.” Truthfully every track on this album is a work of art! If you’ve never heard of this band and you’re a fan of The Strokes, The Killers, Phoenix, or even Modest Mouse, you simply must try it; if not try it anyway and you’ll probably still be downloading the first chance you get. By MaryKate Domino Staff Writer The Age of Adz is Sufjan Stevens’s first full length album in five years! However, it is almost nothing like the wispy, mellow, and sentimental music of his past albums. The Age of Adz opens with “Futile Devices,” which is a great song for those of you who are fans of his earlier work; it is much like a song you would hear on the Michigan album. However, like I said earlier, this album is very different, and the rest of the music is magnificently orchestrated with swirling electronics and reverb. The songs “Too Much” and “The Age of Adz” are two of the most intriguing songs on the album. They involve many random beats and sound effects that shouldn’t work but somehow do anyway. The uneven, haunting, filtered vocals on these tracks put you in a trance. Another song, “Vesuvius” starts out slower-paced with very few beats but then slowly grows and grows. This song involves many different tones and beats that interlace with the vocals to form a genius work of art. This album is both mysterious and epic. Stevens takes a daring risk with his new sound and it pays off. The Age of Adz is the must-have album of the new year; the new sound is unlike anything that has ever been done before and you will want to listen to it over and over again.






Harry Potter

1. Sydney Strabala, Paige Catton, and Sophia Mola ‘12 show off their dark marks. 2.Alex Yonkovich and Sarah Pontius ‘11 wait anxiously for the midnight premiere. 3. Megan Montgomery and Marissa Burke ‘12 rep the Potter style. 4. Rosary juniors pose in the movie theatre after seeing the greatest movie of their lives!



By: Meghan Farrell Staff Writer On November 18, anticipation was in the air as well as magic spells. The worldwide phenomenon of Harry Potter was coming to a close with the first part of the final novel in the series. The most loved books in America are coming to an end. Thousands of people showed up at the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, including many of our Rosary students. Freshman Madi Sutherland says “It is an extremely good movie. I even waited hours in line for the premiere due to my obsession.” The movie made a remarkable $24 million in midnight showings alone. This is the highest Harry Potter midnight opening. People waited in line for more than eight long hours; some even spent the night at the theater. Many fans dressed up, such as seniors Lauren Nunez and Katherine Rocha who dressed as Fawkes the Phoenix, and Hedwig. The madness doesn’t stop there. Rosary High School had a full day dedicated to just Harry Potter! People were beyond excited and dressed up just like they did for the premiere. He can save the world, survive Voldemort, and go through life with no parents. How do you NOT love this kid? No wonder he is a sensation. People go mad for Potter! Almost all movie reviews gave the seventh installation of Harry Potter an A. Many said it followed the book very well and they barely missed out on big parts. Junior Paige Catton recalls, “I loved Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1! It is my favorite so far and in my opinion was really close to the book compared to the other movies. It was 2 hours and 27 minutes of me being on the edge of my seat with my eyes glued to the screen. The cliffhanger at the end completely has me pumped for part 2! I love HP and will be a Potterhead forever!” Well, fortunately for you Potter fans, there is a part two. In a few months people will be doing the same exact thing waiting for the final and last move of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. All in all, Harry Potter is an amazing character who has been influencing people for years. After seven movies, it has still kept a remarkable fan base. Studies on the fandom have shown that both children and adults are fans, despite J.K. Rowling making the book for kids of the ages nine to twelve. Now that they have finished filming, the Harry Potter actors are moving on. Emma Watson is working on a new organic clothing line. You will soon see Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway and Rupert Grint will be guest starring on a British comedy called Come Fly With Me. The magical trio has moved on with their lives but Harry Potter will always be in their hearts.


Movie Review







Junior Lauren Dooley is dedicated to both perfecting her violin skills and her schoolwork. By Rachel Fobar Business Editor For those of you who know Lauren Dooley, class of 2012, you know that she is a superb student, a violin expert, and a fantastic friend. The way she juggles her heavy load of schoolwork and extracurricular activities seems effortless. Fellow junior Elise Cimino says, “Lauren is a very good friend and a diligent student who will be very successful.” For those of you who do not know Lauren Dooley, let me describe her typical school day. This lovely violinist comes to school bright and early. Lauren loves Rosary because of the “sense of community” and how “everyone is always friendly.” As I mentioned before, she has a full plate of schoolwork: she takes three honors classes

and two AP classes. Her favorite class is Honors Spanish III, taught by the wonderful Mrs. Goldsmith. After Lauren graduates from Rosary, she hopes to attend Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Ms. Ray, who taught her Spanish last year and fondly refers to her as O’Dooley, calls Lauren, “the only girl I know who has earned numerous potatoes.” As a means of explanation for those outside of her class, Ms. Ray had jokingly awarded Lauren “potatoes” for her good grades and as a reference to her Irish heritage. After school, Lauren stays at school and studies until she is picked up around 5 pm. After she goes home and finishes her studying, she practices her violin. Lauren has been playing the violin for nine years. Her fa-


A Master of Strings and Studies

Lauren is enjoying her Red and Gold experience on the Red team. vorite song to play is “La Folia,” composed by Arcangelo Corelli. She currently holds the title of President in her Orchestra class. Lauren’s close friend, junior Eunbi Jeong, admires her talent and drive: “Her passion and love for something that she likes always inspires me a lot.” In her free time, Lauren enjoys going on her laptop and reading. The fact that two of her favorite books, The Kite Runner and Night, were reading assignments for Mrs. Murphy’s class during her sophomore year is a

testament to her dedication to school and to her intelligence. Another unique pastime Lauren enjoys is horseback riding. She says, “Riding horses has been a hobby of mine since I was really young. I enjoy it a lot!” With her impressive résumé, Lauren will certainly get into the college of her dreams. Since Spanish is her favorite subject, Lauren hopes to study foreign languages in college. “I think learning foreign languages, particularly Spanish, is interesting and I am interested in a career



Three things she can’t live without...


Twilight has Nothing on Dracula The beginning of the vampire obsession ... By Emily Wikle Photo Editor TriSchool Theatre is putting on Steven Dietz‘s Dracula, and, oh yes, there will be blood. Adapted from the classic novel by Bram Stoker, this play has more blood, guts, and gore than is appropriate for your average audience. If you’re in search of a thrill, this weekend, look no further than the Servite theatre. Rosary’s own Amanda Brown steals the show through her performance in the lead female role, Mina. Other royals include senior Claire Thompson and junior Jacqueline Cisneros, who

are maids in this morbid tale. The story follows the chaos and darkness that erupt from the infamous manor of Count Dracula (Matthew Galligan). The life-eating maniac Renfield (Albert Maldonado) narrates the entire show. Shortly after her fiancé, Jonathan Harker (Austin McElrath), leaves on a business trip for the mountains of Transylvania, Mina’s best friend, Lucy (Amaya Santamaria), falls mysteriously ill. When local psychologist John Seward (Spencer Fovell) cannot diagnose her illness, he calls upon his old professor: Abra-

ham Van Helsing (David Kane). Other royals involved in the production include Danielle Carr, who studied hard as an understudy to the maids and vixens. Senior Jessie Gaston makes her production debut as the show’s stage manager, and senior Leean Gill is the show’s assistant director. Junior Chandra Bernd operates the flies behind the scenes. Seniors Holland Enke and Molly Lehman take care of the show’s fabulous costumes as well as clean up any spilt blood that they may come in contact with. Sophomore Sennecca Ulloa

works her magic with makeup. Junior Katie Bowen as well as sophomore Mel Gonzalez and freshman Madison Galligan worked diligently on the production team to ensure that the show went off without a hitch. So what are you waiting for? With a dream team like this, backed by so many Royals, Dracula is sure to be a show to remember. If you’re looking for some fun, this weekend, why don’t you stop by the Servite theatre and see for yourself ? TriSchool Theatre’s Dracula is a true case of horror that really bites.





Bringing Down the Gavel

Molly Cook questions the stubborn defendant.

By Angela Urmanita Staff Writer The Rosary Mock Trial team brought on the heat in the courtroom. This year’s case was definitely an interesting one. Addressing the increasing problem of cyber-bullying in schools across the nation, the case was about an eighth grader, Angel Sterling (Sarah Pontius ’11), who was constantly bullied and eventually accuses Jesse Woodsen (Joanna Henry ’11) of

hitting her with a brick. To prove that Jesse was innocent, the Defense team needed to make clear that eighth grade thug and Angel-hater Madison Jackson (Angela Urmanita ’11) was the obvious perpetrator. The Prosecution and Defense teams prepared strong arguments that would be presented in the courtroom against an opposing team. For a few months, these girls’ lives evolved around Mock Trial. Every other night the team practiced for hours running through the entire case. Senior Kat Schweitz, a prosecution attorney, said, “We practice often and work diligently, but the best part is definitely the bonding. We get distracted very easily, and the food is definitely

the highlight of the night!” The attorneys prepared opening and closing statements and direct and cross examinations, while the witnesses practiced adding personality and attitude to their characters. Junior Marione Tamase, the courtroom clerk, adds, “In the end it’s all worth staying until 8:30 pm for.” The nights were long and tiring, but they still managed to have fun. On competition days, the girls headed to the Santa Ana Courthouse to compete against other schools. The hard work really paid off; the team was undefeated 4-0 and moved on to the first round of finals. Junior Angela Colunga, a defense witness, says, “I love seeing all of our hard work coming together in

By Veronica Dato-on Staff Writer Junior State of America was created for students who are interested in politics and government, foreign affairs, the law, and education. JSA allows for an exchange of ideas through stimulating student debates, thought talks, problem solving, and peer discussion. JSA also provides a wonderful chance to meet and make friends with scores of other bright, involved students who have similar interests. One of these students is none other than sophomore Valerie Edwards, who is the Vice President of our Rosary chapter. Last November, Valerie stepped into the Fall State with a head full of ideas and opinions. By the end of the weekend, she walked away


Valerie’s Voice

Valerie Edwards shows off her Best Speaker gavel.

with a Best Speaker gavel, certainly making Rosary proud. Valerie won this acclaimed award on her remarks about the death penalty. She didn’t have a formal speech prepared, but she did not hesitate to share her thoughts when a subsequent speaker was called for. For example, one of the points she made was, “When you think about the concept in the grand scheme of things,

it is an illogical, ineffective way to punish those who are worthy of such punishment as mandated by various courts of law within the state of California. It is a waste of tax dollars to invest in something that accomplishes nothing. Two rights don’t make a wrong.” She is excited to enact her love for public speaking for upcoming debates. JSA President Sara Murray admits, “Valerie is a great ad-

the courtroom. It’s really intimidating on the witness stand, but it’s really fun getting into character.” On the night of finals, The Rosary Defense team was paired against the Canyon Prosecution team. Ms. Patton thought “it was really intense watching the girls in the courtroom. I was really nervous because you couldn’t tell what the judge thought or if the girls were going to win, but they all did a fabulous job.” The scorers and judge praised Rosary for their amazing performance, but the girls fell short by 6 points. Even though they lost, the girls were happy to make it that far and had a blast throughout the whole season. The Rosary community is definitely proud of all of their accomplishments!

dition to JSA. Not only is she professional, but she’s also caring and smart!” When asked what her favorite thing about JSA is, she immediately responds with, “I don’t have one favorite thing about JSA because I like it all.” With positions on the JSA cabinet as Head Fundraising Lobbyist, Rosary tennis and swim teams, volunteer work, and a part time job, she is bound to do wonders for the community. Valerie values hard work; “I love working and being in a work environment because I feel as though it teaches valuable lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.” A bright and successful future is bound to be on her way as she pursues her dream of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.



ROSARY HIGH SCHOOL Royal Reporter February 2011


Star Athletes

Cont. page 14




1. Jordan Felix,Junior CoCaptain, proudly sports Servite’s (bedazzled) crest 2. Senior Captain Alex Yonkovich gets ready to break it down. 3. The Varsity Dance Team prepares to begin their routine by striking a fierce pose.

3. Kicking off the Dance Season By Jessica Monning Staff Writer

well because they have a monthly girls hangout. “We will go to lunch or do something small outside of practice,” she says. The dance team then went on to perform at the USA Winter Fest where they once again met face to face with their rivals. This time junior varsity competed as well. Being nervous yet excited to perform for the first time, JV went out on the dance floor and gave its audience and competitors an outstanding performance. They excitedly received first place and screamed with enthusiasm at their first win of the season. Varsity then performed and wowed its audience even more than the last time. Alexandra Yonkovich exclaims, “Our first competitions have gone really well and I can’t

wait for the rest of the year.” This team is known for always accelerating and getting closer and closer to perfection. They all know that nationals are only around the corner and their practices have to be nothing short of complete determination and hard work. This attitude they give toward practices is shown through their performances and is known for intimidating their competition. Dance team has always impressed everyone and proudly wears the crown on their heads as Royals. With a few more competitions left until both dance teams return to nationals, they are really cutting down on every move and making sure their dance is flawless.

Dance team kicks off their season with a new bang. With JV and Varsity both holding national titles, this season is not going to be easy. They have been practicing for four months making sure every pom motion is identical to the person next to them. They work long hours and are true perfectionists. Senior Alexandra Yonkovich and junior Jordan Felix lead varsity. Sophomore Bella Pinel and junior Kelsie Mattingly lead junior varsity. Sweating bullets and running their routines over and over, varsity hit the floor at their first competition. They performed at El Toro High School, giving a performance that earned them first place against some of their local rivals. With six new members on the varsity level, they were all so happy they had come together and really delivered a performance. Senior Melissa Metz exclaims, “I was so happy to be a senior on this team and help everyone unite as one. After I came off the dance floor I was so excited at how our team did.” Junior Mary Kate Domino says that their team is so close and can perform together so So talented these dancers are, that they were able to freeze while staying in the air! PHOTO BY MR. TERRY REINGBOLD

By Shirley Lahr Staff Writer We’ve got a triple threat on our hands -- Alex Yonkovich has it all: beauty, brains, and talent. Alex is one of the most gifted dancers ever to prance through the halls of Rosary. Alex is a fourth year varsity team member and is also the captain. Junior captain Jordan Felix says, “She is a great role model and an amazing dancer; she is someone I look up to very much.” She has been dancing at The Dance Spot for 14 years; this commitment has formed her into the dancer she is today and has secured the passion she has for the sport. In addition to dance, Alex is a member of ASB and is a diligent student. Teammate and senior Kristen Larsen says, “Alex always works hard in everything she does, especially dance; I know all her hard work is paying off.” Alex has been accepted to the BFA programs at Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach, and the University of Texas at Austin. The University of Arizona has also welcomed Alex into their highly competitive BFA program. Alex is one of 25 who were accepted. In addition to her acceptance, she has received a Fine Arts Scholarship of $4,000 per year. The University of Arizona dance program is often ranked 2nd to the performing arts school, Julliard. Though she does not know where she will be going to school next year, Alex plans on majoring in Dance at whatever university she attends; she will pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts.




A-Yonk: Triple Threat






Star Athletes






1. Tricia Supan drives past Mater Dei’s Vaioletama. 2. Amanda Nielesky controls the ball against Orange Lutheran. 3. Tara Campbell attacks the basket against JSerra.

Alex cont. This extraordinary dancer has been a Red and Gold Dance captain twice, but this year she wants to try something new -Drama. She has decided to do this because of her future plans of becoming a triple threat++: singing, acting, and dancing. She has been further inspired in her quest to become a triple threat by her favorite show, Glee. Alex states, “I dream every night about someday being on Glee.” Another one of her goals is to star in a Broadway musical. Alex’s personality is unlike anyone else; she is nice to everyone and has a wicked sense of humor. Lifelong friend and senior Rachel Wolfe adds, “Alex is super goofy and fun to be around. We are always laughing when we are together. She is also very positive; that is why she is a great Red and Gold captain.” We know this amazing dancer and friend has so much to offer, we are confident that she will succeed in whatever she does.

best decision, to prep the new comers to play with JV. This was no obstacle because little did they know that this team, altogether, has the mentality and dedication to play like varsity. Junior Kelly Woo shares her experience being first time captain of JV: “I was really honored when I was asked to step into this position, and I’m glad that I have these girls on my team; they’re wonderful.” With Kelly’s leadership, JV is expected to have a great season. Humming to the sweet tune of “All I Want for Christmas,” Tara Campbell exclaims, “All I wanted for Christmas this year was a CIF ring and I plan on doing everything it takes to get there.” With our spirits high, we think your team has the skills and luck to hopefully win this year, Tara! Along with the


Tara Campbell Staff Writer Over the past seasons, our Royals have taken pride on their defense and memorable teamwork. And with good reason: It has carried them to greater heights and winnings for every new season in their careers on the Royal court. But by the start of the 2010-11 season, Coach Richard Yoon faced a whole new level of excitement in the kick-off to a new basketball season. With a new theme, “Step Up”, and new faces, this season is something worth screaming about! The most glaring change was the construction of the JV team. With only a few to fill spots on the frosh/soph team, Coach Yoon, Coach Nate Babcock, Coach Matt Raya, and Coach Mike Rodriquez made the

Rosary Baketball is all about team!

seniors Tara, Maya Arellanes, Amanda Nielesky, and Nicole Chang, and junior Tricia Supan, new players to varsity such as Isabel Serrano, Samantha Hernandez, Shannon Boulger, Julia Bradbury, Sarah Berbos and Rachel Pau’u share the court in their new Nike sneakers and sponsored UnderArmour sportswear. “These girls are my sisters, they complete the team and I love them!” shares Amanda. There’s so much excitement to push these girls through the season while varsity still has 10 games to go until CIF. Being the first RHS basketball team to ever place in three tournaments (2nd place in the Garden Grove and Fullerton tourney and 3rd place in their Arizona tourney), the Royals have made Coach Yoon very happy. Beginning a new season calls for a new theme; this year’s being “Stepup.” As Coach Yoon explained, “The theme is about how in basketball we need players at different times to do different things. As usual, defense will be the staple to what our attitude and focus will be. Our identity has to be one of toughness and strong mental attitude in order to overcome some of the other talented teams in our league. It’s going to take a team effort to achieve our goals this year.”


Basketball Sisters Dominate!

Maya Makes Her Mark Katie Stephens Staff Writer It’s safe to say that she is impossible to miss. She hustles up and down the court with outstanding athletic ability and a natural stride, and tops it off with one heck of an outside shot. Any Rosary basketball fan knows that senior Maya Arellanes rocks the house. Maya’s basketball career started at the age of four, with continuous training and an early love of the game. She attended St. Mark’s Lutheran in Hacienda Heights for middle school, and went on to be one of two, along with senior Lin-



ROSARY HIGH SCHOOL Royal Reporter February 2011


Star Athletes

Soccer Endures


Team Strikes Again in Tough Trinity League

Tara Campbell Staff Writer If you haven’t heard about the Rosary soccer team this year I will give you a heads up: THEY ARE BEYOND AMAZING! The 6 a.m. practices, bleachers, and Chelsey sprints paid off and it shows in the box scores. The Royals are 7-6-4 which is the best start to the season that soccer team has had in years. Nothing seems to be stopping these girls as they run over opponents like Connelly with a 6-0 win and Calvary Chapel in a 5-1 win. Senior Natalie Perez shared her excitement over the win against Clavary Chapel and said “It was a strong win going into the next couple games. Our team is doing well and I can’t wait for league.” Captain Chelsey Patterson describes her team as the “underdogs.” Rosary seems to be the dark horse in the county. Head Coach Sean Melendez believes that they can get in the top ten in the county. His effort put into the program is definitely proven through the strength of his team. Even the team’s losses have helped them improve their game. Chelsey goes on to say that, “with the games that we’ve played we have pin-pointed our weaknesses and strengths and are able to work on them.” A

hard-fought win against Huntington Beach clearly proved the aptitude of the Royals. In a more recent win, Rosary defeated Laguna Hills 3-1 with junior Tayler Dragoo scoring two goals, junior Stephanie March knocking one in as well, and Chelsey Patterson making it possible with two assists. Meanwhile constant soccer stud, junior Tori Hernandez dives for saves left and right to defend the goal. As for the outcome of league, the team is aiming to improve upon last year’s third place. With Santa Margarita ranked second in the county and Mater Dei number eight, the Trinity League proves to be the toughest league in the county and possibly in the state. The Royals’ crucial wins will be over Orange Lu-

theran and JSerra and they will definitely give Mater Dei and Santa Margarita a tough game. Junior varsity soccer stars are pumped for the season as well. Freshman Kenley Harrington expresses, “The season is starting out well and our new coach is fantastic. The soccer team welcomes a new coach, Ms. Jennifer Cefalia, due to Mrs. Jennifer Murphy’s maternity leave and Ms. Andrea Barclay moving up to assist varsity. The Rosary soccer team is stepping up and the team seems to have their eyes on the prize, especially seniors Chelsey and Natalie. I foresee CIF playoffs in the future for this team. So as a good Rosary student and fan, come out and support the team. They are making their mark.


The beautiful senior Maya Arellanes poses for the camera. (cont.) Linling Navarro, to make varsity basketball as a freshman here at Rosary. Throughout her years here, Maya has fully lived up to the potential that Coach Richard Yoon saw in her three years ago. She has high hopes for the conclusion of the season, saying that her number one goal is, “To come in…..second in league” (Just throwing it out there that the Mater Dei girls’ basketball team is #1 in the nation. Second sounds pretty good.) Arellanes has also taken interest in track and field in recent Junior Tori Hernandez saves the game with her amazing years. She runs the mile, mile and goalie skills. a half, and has participated in the 4x1 relay. Track teammate, senior Bridget Faley, (with awestruck and admiring eyes) states, “Maya is FASSTTT!” With college just over the horizon, Maya’s academic goal for senior year is to “Just finish strong”. Her plans for next Team ends the season on a high note. year are either attending Cal State San Marcos, or UC Santa Kirby Jackman missioner, has been trying to ever been! I love all the team Cruz, both to pursue her dream Staff Writer publicize games because, “It is bonding. We always have a and continue playing basketThis season water polo is really nice when we have people great time playing together ball. One of these lucky teams off to a tough start. During at the games cheering us on. It in the games and in practice.” is about to uncover a real gem. the pre-season they played ex- definitely improves our game!” Junior Noelle Herrera is tremely tough competitors like And the games are also excit- one of the team’s leading scorCorona Del Mar, who rank very ing, to watch, freshman Rachel ers this year and has been on highly, and Santa Barbara who Pauu exclaimed, “They’re re- varsity since her freshman year. is in the top five of Division ally good! It’s so cool how they So far this season she has had 1. But hopefully this tough can throw the ball and swim over thirty goals. Noelle is pre-season helped to prepare at the same time; I was so im- one of the hardest workers on them for the regular season, pressed. The game is also re- the team and never gives up. and so far it is doing just that. ally intense and fun to watch.” Overall, this season began Water polo has a competitive Junior Miranda Barrigas com- with a rough start, but now season ahead full of strong com- mented, “We are a really young they are bringing it together petitors such as Mater Dei and team this year with only three and winning more includSanta Margarita High School. seniors on the team, Rebecca ing an amazing victory at J. Also they have played in mul- Louwers, Colleen McConnell, Serra 11-9. The team won tiple tournaments. In the most and captain Bernadette Bevins. the Silver division of the recent tournament, Varsity But we have a lot of potential Los Osos Tournament in late came back from being down 5-1 for the future. So I’m excited January, winning four games to tie the game 10-10 against to see what we will accom- in a row. Despite dropping Poway High School! And from plish this season and the next!” league matches to Mater Dei there they went into an intense Another junior star on the and Santa Margarita, a victory overtime and won the game 12- team is Sydney Strabala, a over Connelly will send Rosary 11. Water polo games are always defensive specialist. She com- to the playoffs. Currently, the very exciting and entertaining. mented, “Out of three years of Royals are a top 25 OC team. Maya Arellanes (11) Junior Savhanna McClaf- playing water polo at Rosary Congratulations Water Polo! dominates the court. ferty, also ASB Athletics Com- our team is the closest it has PHOTO BY LYNN CAMPBELL

Water Polo Heads toward Playoffs



ROSARY HIGH SCHOOL Royal Reporter February 2011

Dear Mary Want advice? Just ask Mary! Dear Mary, My girlfriend goes to Rosary, and I need to know what’s up with this whole food obsession. I mean, is it physically possible to eat as much food as she describes? Pondering about Potlucks Dear Pondering, In a word: yes. It is possible to eat as much as she lets on. At Rosary, eating isn’t so much an obsession as it is a habit. There is always food around. How can you not be obsessed with food? Women are hunter-gatherers by nature. It’s just in our blood. What is wrong with you? I can’t believe you would even question your girlfriend’s ability to love food. If we could, we would be state champions at eating. If there were such a thing, we

would all have CIF rings for potlucking. Sorry we’re not good at football or stupid stuff like that. Sincerely,

Mary, Bridget, Katie, and Emily Dear Mary, I have a huge in-class essay for English, and I haven’t even opened the book we were supposed to read! How can I get an A, or even a passing grade, if I have no idea what the book is about? Stressing in Section

your English teacher probably doesn’t know, as of now, that you haven’t read the book. That being said, why not try to have a little bit of fun with this essay? Think of it this way: if you haven’t read the book, your opinions and interpretations of the text will be completely unique from everyone else in the class. Your teacher is sure to admire your original ideas! Unless it is Mr. Powers; he’s going to come and hunt you down. Now read your books! Best of Luck,


Dear Stressing, My first piece of advice would If you need advice, come write be to relax. Take a deep breath your question on the whitein, let it out, and remember that board in Lab 206

Can you guess who our mystery Royal is?

By Joanna Henry Staff Writer This issue’s mystery student is one busy Royal. She is actively involved with a variety of activities and clubs at Rosary. One of her favorite Rosary events is Red and Gold; one friend says, “I already know she has started collecting things for Red and Gold. It’s her favorite time of year!” A few of her nicknames are: Wikki, Chipper, and Water Lizard. Her hobbies include reading, coloring, getting a tan, playing cards, and photography. English and History are two of her favorite school subjects, but she is also interested in home design and architecture. Her future goals in life are to be married with lots of kids and to build her dream home (which


Mystery Student

she has already designed). Believing in the power of the Rally Monkey, this Royal is a huge fan of Angels Baseball. Tim Salmon and Brandon Wood are two of her favorite Angels. Some of her favorite sports include water polo, swimming, volleyball, baseball, and college football. She also enjoys sailing, kayaking, or just hanging out at the beach. I wonder if all of these water sports and activities relate to her nickname “Water Lizard”… Want some interesting facts? Well, here you go. Our mystery student has over 50 first cousins. Imagine how chaotic those family get-togethers must be. There have also been over 20 members of her gigantic family to attend LMU. Another intriguing tidbit: she habitu-

Last Issue’s Mystery Student: Sarah Coleman

Celebrity Sightings By Amanda Nielesky Staff Writer Jessie Gaston and Molly Lehman saw The King’s Speech stars Colin Firth and Guy Pearce on Hollywood Boulevard while taking a picture with them, while Colin Firth was receiving his star. Juno star Michael Cera was seen by our very own senior Angela Urmanita at the Passion Pit Concert. James Pickens Jr. (or “Chief Weber” from Grey’s Anatomy) was sighted by freshman Paige Hines-Walker at Balboa Island. While in the tropics of Hawaii, senior Claire Thompson saw Dwayne Johnson, better known as “The Rock”, getting a tan on the beach. Grooving the Grove, senior Jade Hernandez met the Pop sensation Justin Bieber.

ally rewrites all notes taken in class and color codes absolutely everything. She is described as “super organized, and she has the neatest handwriting I have ever seen!” Our mystery student is fond of the TV shows Dexter and Glee, and like many other Royals, she admits to being a “gleek.” Some of her favorite songs come from musical genres such as Classic Rock and Country. Her top three movies are: Pearl Harbor, White Christmas, and Cinderella Man. Paul Walker (The Fast and the Furious), Josh Hartnett (Pearl Harbor), and David Boreanaz (TV: Bones) are some of her favorite celebrities. Can you guess who our mystery student is?

Lounging on the beach in Laguna, senior Nina Gutierrez saw Laguna Beach’s very own Kristin Cavallari. While dining at “The Palm” restaurant in L.A, lucky freshman Ali Colvin met two of the many Kardashians, Kris and Khloe. Mary Walker spotted The Dark Knight, aka Christian Bale, sunning himself on the beaches of Hawaii.

Royal Reporter February Issue  

By the Rosary High School Journalism class